• Indoor HD video wall

    Die casting Aluminium cabinet 500mm*500mm*75mm
    Within 0.1mm gapline between 2 cabinets, excellent than normal standard 0.3-0.5mm.
  • Seamless Splicing 
    and Fast Installation

    RI-500A Series features our innovative 
    Aluminium Magnesium Alloy housing 
    and unique quicklock design that 
    make seamless splicing and fast 
    installation, removal and maintenance.        

  • Super Slim and Light for Multi-fucntion

    Mainly used for fashion shows, expo, 
    weddings, TVStudio, Church, Stage, 
    Shopping mall, hotel, Airport, Railway 
    station, bus station etc. as indoor video wall. Have no limit for the length and height. Especially for indoor live broadcast because of hot spare technology well avoid the signal breakdown.
  • High refresh rate

    The refresh rate is more than 2000hz,the display is stable, no ripples, no flicker, display real and natural.
    Small pitch LED display cable connectors well improved the stability of leds and the whole system.

  • Reasonable Brightness and High Grayscale

    5000:1 contrast ratio acquired with high quality black SMD LED lamp and black mask, providing clearer and more vivid image.

  • Professional Front Maintenance

    We provide full front maintenance for P2.97, P3.91 to save backside space and do quick replacement during events. 


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