30m2 P2.9 LED Display for Mercedes Benz Expo

July 07, 2021

MPLED helps Dubai Benz conference,It is the brightest jewel in the crown of the German automobile kingdom, and it is the legendary ancestor of automobiles. In the more than 100 years since its birth, every appearance has been accompanied by people’s enviable eyes. It has a pure bloodline and excellent craftsmanship, which everyone dreams of but dare not easily get involved. This is Mercedes-Benz

1.Mercedes Benz Exhibition with MPLED P2.9 led display, 3840hz hgh refresh rate.

2. MPLED display perfectly meet all the requirements from Benz Expo with the external control


 3.Engineer team online remote control configuration to make it light up within 1 hours.

Pre-sale engineer Mr.Huang is over 9 years experience for led display solution proposal and pre-sale drawings.

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