4 Benefits of Installing p10 Led Display Board in Commercial Areas

May 16, 2021

p10 Led Display Board

The world market is not yet so overloaded with p10 led display board, but we cannot deny their growing popularity. These vibrant advertising designs are an easy way to grab the attention of pedestrians and passengers.

Due to the size, dynamism and simplicity of changing the advertising message, LED video screens have conquered the world’s megacities.  And if your business is also in the capital, it is important to clearly understand whether you need to order an LED screen. Otherwise, you can miss the chance of success, or even completely lag behind competitors.

Where to use p10 led display board screens?

There are several types of business where LED screens are definitely indispensable. We recommend to get acquainted with the information! It will take no more than five minutes. What if your line of business is also there?

Shopping, entertainment and business centers

Media facades and transparent LED screens in the shop window are some of the best advertising installations. It is beneficial to place videos of brands, advertising messages, and mesmerizing installations on them, as well as inform guests about promotions and sales. 

P10 led display board screens have become part of the architecture of shopping, entertainment and business centers. And visitors are very loyal to them, perceiving videos as a pleasant addition, and not an intrusive advertisement.

  •  Railway stations, airports and bus stations

Where there are passengers and vehicles, an LED screen is always needed. Thanks to the information on the screen, people will find out information about the arrival or departure of a particular transport, the start time of check-in for the flight, and so on. By the way, in some countries, video monitors with a sensor replace the help desk.

Social events p10 led display board

Concerts, festivals, sporting events and conferences – all these events require an LED screen. Thanks to the broadcast through the monitor, people who are far from the stage or from the place of the event can watch what is happening in real time. Recently, even theaters have been actively buying video screens, because “come to life” scenery looks more effective than static ones.

  • Boutiques of any theme

Selling perfume, underwear or e-cigarettes? It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have. If you want to focus on the sophistication and luxury of the establishment, be sure to order a p10 led display board. Show beautiful advertisements or spectacular installations on it; place the screen on the wall, near the cash register or near the shop window. 

If you want to impress your audience, hang a transparent LED screen on the showcase: it allows you to see what is happening inside the store and simultaneously broadcast a video. 

Why are LED screens great?

  1. LED screens have not yet fully occupied the capital, so you can stand out from other companies and competitors.
  2. High efficiency due to dynamism. Are you also more interested in watching videos than images?
  3. Versatility. It is possible without any problems to choose a screen of the right size and design that will fit into your interior or exterior.
  4. Simple change of advertising message. And no team is needed to change ads! You can do it yourself in a couple of clicks.

If you want your advertising on the street is easy to notice from afar, do not choose static advertising surfaces. Outdoor LED screens are where 85% of passers-by, drivers and passengers will notice your ad. 

The p10 led display board is superbly visible from a 10-meter distance, in bright sunlight and in bad weather. Before ordering the production of a screen for advertising, let’s get acquainted with this view.

What is p10 led display board screen?

Street ice screens are a type of outdoor advertising, which is a colorful monitor with dynamically changing information. The broadcast image is changed using a computer in a couple of clicks.

The monitor consists of diodes of three colors: red, green and blue. We recommend using LED screens for the street, developed using SMD technology. Their RGB diodes are located under one lens. Thanks to this, advertisements will be broadcast in Full HD quality.

Important characteristics of screens:

When ordering production from an advertising company, consider these parameters. So you will definitely not go wrong with your purchase. 

Pixel pitch

p10 Led Display Board 2021

Distinguish street ice p10 led display board screens by pixel pitch (distance between pixels). 10 mm is considered optimal. This step will allow you to broadcast high-quality video over an impressive distance. However, you can order an LED screen, the production of which is designed for a distance of 6 mm or 8 mm. The picture will be of better quality, but the price will also be more expensive.

Degree of p10 led display board protection

Advertising screen (outdoor, not indoor) must have a high level of protection. It is affected by the sun, air temperature, rain, snow or fog. Choose a monitor with a tolerance range of -40 to +50 degrees Celsius. Pay attention to the indicator of the protection level: we recommend IP65.

Power and quality of diodes

Led screens for outdoor advertising are reliably taken with a power of 450 W per square meter. The optimal number of colors is 16, 7 million. Also, do not forget to clarify the service life of the LEDs: it must be at least 100 thousand hours. Compliance with all these parameters guarantees a long service without interruptions and malfunctions.

Ice screen for advertising: where to place and what to broadcast?

Since this advertising medium is large, many entrepreneurs get lost and do not know where to place it. The First Advertising Company has collected tips. Use it and don’t forget to share with your colleagues.

Place the led monitor on:

  • Hotels and hotels;
  • Shopping and entertainment centers;
  • Concert halls and cinemas;
  • Stadiums and gyms;
  • Large stores.
  • equipment dimensions;
  • display installation height;
  • distance from the viewer to the ice panel;
  • message color.


When choosing the color of an advertising message, it is necessary to take into account not only the aesthetic component, but also the distance between the person, the screen, and the coverage area. Each color has its own level of visibility. For example, red shades are visible from afar, easily grabbing the attention of consumers.

As for the size of the p10 led display board scoreboard, the farther it is installed from the place from where people will read information, the larger it should be. The font size should also be such that the words are clearly visible from a distance convenient for the reader. When calculating the minimum height of the led panel, you must use the formula and color coefficient to select a color.

H = L * K, where

H – required character height (minimum value);

L is the distance to the LED screen from the coverage area;

K is the color coefficient.

Color coefficient values:

  • red, green – 2;
  • yellow, white – 2.1;
  • blue – 2.2.


How long the line turns out to be depends on what information the screen will display. Practice shows that it is most convenient to read running lines containing 10 – 12 characters at the same time.

Different types of fonts have different proportions of characters in height and width. This must be taken into account when choosing a font, which will be used to write an advertisement.


Choosing a screen for your main signboard is not worth saving. If you buy a display that is too small, it may go unnoticed by passers-by. It is desirable that the sign screen be at least 1 sq. m.

When buying an advertising screen, you need to pay attention to the color. It is better that it be full color. Advertising on such a display looks more impressive.

For the p10 led display board to work it is not enough to assemble it, you need to install software with which you can set the content release schedule. Also, the software allows you to protect the system from hackers and ensure control over the operation of equipment.


  • Broadcast quality. What matters is the quality of color reproduction, the ability to set the brightness level, screen resolution, and reproducible formats.
  • Availability of the function of setting the time of content release
  • Keeping a log of logs, which reflects information about the operations that users make.
  • The presence of a menu.
  • Protection from hackers and inconsistent display of videos and other information on the screen.


LEDShow TW is an easy-to-use program for working with video screens. Software advantages – support for Linux, Windows, different languages, user-oriented interface. The program allows you to manage content through a personal computer, as well as add animation, text information.


HD Player is software that allows you to control the p10 led display board screen from a PC. The advantage of the program is red prompts that make it easier for the user to choose options for moving to the next stage. The downside of the software is the need to manually calibrate the video screen, which is not easy for a non-specialist to do.

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