4 Best Outdoor led Video Display Suppliers Secrets for Branding

September 29, 2021

The hospital is a crowded area. People who come to the hospital while waiting for medical examination and visit often tend to look for pictures or information to entertain. Furthermore, this is the reason why hospital advertising is preferred by many brands and businesses. Therefore, you need reliable Outdoor led Video Display Suppliers for marketing.

Outdoor led Video Display Suppliers

It is when they want to communicate and promote brands and products. In addition, so what are the forms of advertising at the hospital? What is the outstanding advantage? Along with us following article to understand than offline.

Main Contents of; outdoor led video display suppliers

  • 1 Types of Hospital Advertising
    • 1.1 1. Advertising Pino, Billboard
    • 1.2 2. Lightbox Billboard Advertising.
    • 1.3 3. LED, LCD And Frame Advertising
    • 1.4 4. Advertisement Via Phone Charger Booth
  • 2 Advantages of Placing Ads at Hospitals
    • 2.1 1. Reach The Largest And Target The Right Potential Customers
    • 2.2 2. Diversity of Advertising Forms
    • 2.3 3. Brand Advertising 24/7; outdoor led video display suppliers
    • 2.4 4. Ease of Implementation and Mass Deployment
    • 2.5 5. LasCost Saving, Suitable for Many Businesses

Types of Hospital Advertising; outdoor led video display suppliers

Following are the main types of display suppliers

1. Advertising Pano, Billboard

Not too far back, billboard advertising is also a form that is applied a lot at the hospital. Additionally, with the advantage of large size, outdoor installation, the number of customers to reach is very high. Normally, advertising panels will get design on HI flex canvas and then stretched outside the metal frame.

It is installed on the side of hospital buildings. As for billboards, these billboards are easy to erect around the hospital campus, where many passersby gather (in context of outdoor led video display suppliers)

2. Lightbox Signboard Advertisement

Advertising light box signs are easy to install outside pharmacies, canteens, or the front of existing hospital buildings. This form helps businesses attract customers both during the day and at night (with a led light system inside to help the advertising image stand out).

3. Advertising LED Screen, LCD And Frame

Advertising LED, LCD and Frame screens bring very impressive communication effects. With this form, customers will attract and remember the brand thanks to TVC clips (LED, LCD) and vivid projected images (Frame) in 15-30 seconds. Businesses can take help of outdoor led video display suppliers.

4. Advertisement Via Phone Charger Booth

This form is often applied in large hospitals. The phone charging booths here both support free battery charging and cleverly promote the brand through TVCs and interlaced images. Crowded areas such as waiting areas, main halls… are priority places to place phone booths.

Advantages When Placing Ads at Hospitals

1. Reach Out to The Largest and Target the Right Potential Customers

Every day at the hospital, there will be hundreds and thousands of people coming and going (not to mention people undergoing long-term treatment), so placing ads here will help attract a huge number of potential customers. Furthermore, customers at the hospital are diverse:

  1. from young and old, men
  2. women with all occupations.

When common outdoor led video display suppliers, they come to the hospital for the purpose of treating and taking care of the health of the sick. self, family. Therefore, the hospital is the place to help brands of pharmaceuticals, functional foods or fast-moving consumer goods… reach the right potential customers easily.

2. Outdoor led video display suppliers.

As mentioned in the first part, it is easy to see that the form of advertising in hospitals is very diverse. In addition, brands can choose one or flexibly combine many forms to bring optimal communication efficiency.

3. Brand Advertising 24/7; outdoor led video display suppliers

The forms of advertising at the hospital are almost always active and can reach customers 24/7, 7/7 days. With such continuous and frequent operation, hospital advertising is easy to attract customers’ attention, remember the brand and bring high communication efficiency. Additionally, go for outdoor led video display suppliers.

4. Easy Implementation and Mass Deployment

The forms of advertising at the hospital are implemented quite easily. Almost hospitals nowadays often invest in upgrading physical and technical facilities (elevators, LCD screens …). Moreover, so businesses can take advantage of them to advertise.

The number of hospitals is quite large (including private and public hospitals), covering the whole country. Furthermore, brands can simultaneously book many locations and deploy in large numbers to bring high efficiency.

5. Cost Saving, Suitable for Many Businesses

Whether a business is small or large, when implementing a marketing campaign, cost is also one of the top concerns. With the form of advertising at the hospital, brands do not have to worry too much for outdoor led video display suppliers. And, because the implementation cost is quite soft, suitable for the budget of many businesses.

Traditional Market – outdoor led video display suppliers

To be considered as having potential for outdoor advertising, the advertising location needs to meet the criteria of traffic flow, target customers, ease of deployment, etc. And the traditional market is the convergence of many features to suit outdoor advertising.

The form of advertising at the traditional market is always appreciated by businesses

  • Firstly, traditional markets appear in dense numbers in Vietnam, from rural areas to big cities.
  • Similarly, market operates every day with flow of buyers and sellers extremely bustling and busy.
  • Moreover, in a family, the number of members goes to the market quite a lot with the frequency almost every day.
  • Lastly, traditional markets have a large operating time, outdoor led video display suppliers

People who come to the market for outdoor led video display suppliers every day are diverse and crowded. But the majority are still women (grandmothers, mothers, sisters). And those, who are usually in charge of the housework in the family. 

Also, this is also a potential target of brands in the field of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).Above all, health care products, beauty products, etc.

Ideal Traditional Market Advertising Forms for Businesses

1. Advertising billboards on the market

Generally, outdoor advertising will be in front of the traditional market. In addition, this will face the road so all those on the market are seen first. And, outdoor advertising panels usually come with wall panels, rectangular shape and come at eye level for people entering the market to easily see.

2. Organize sampling

Businesses and brands can also reach target customers for outdoor led video display suppliers. At traditional markets by deploying sampling to introduce products, providing trial products for customers to experience directly. Also, this is an effective way of interacting, creating an impression of the product in the hearts of customers.

Advantages of Advertising at Traditional Market

Following are advantages for suppliers

1. Reach out to many potential customers

Traditional markets gather many customers with diverse ages, genders, interests, incomes, etc., giving brands the opportunity to reach many potential customers. Moreover, from there, it contributes to promoting the awareness and actions of the target customers to choose a brand.

2. Easy-to-deploy advertising form, good communication effect

As mentioned above, for outdoor led video display suppliers, businesses can deploy advertising sampling or billboard advertising for traditional markets. In addition, these are all forms of traditional market advertising that are easy to deploy and highly effective in reaching potential customers.

3. Deeply imprinted on customers’ minds

By appearing with a frequency of repetition almost every day, ads at traditional markets make a strong impression on customers in a natural

The bus shelter system is all over

Almost all provinces and cities across the country have been installed bus shelter systems to serve the travel needs of people. Therefore, advertising bus shelters will help businesses increase awareness and promote their brands on a wide scale. Also, the bus shelter system is all over.

Convenient location, access to a wide range of customers

Buses of outdoor led video display suppliers are very diverse, can be young or old, are students, students or office workers, housewives. Moreover, this is many potential customers that businesses are looking for.

Outdoor led Video Display Suppliers 2021

In addition, bus stops are often installed near major roads, near crowded places such as commercial centers, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, etc. Additionally, when advertising here, businesses are not only It can also reach people waiting for the bus, but it can also appeal to people on the street or near the area.

Convey the message, outdoor led video display suppliers

Bus shelter advertising attracts customers while waiting for the bus. In the process of waiting for a boring car, customers will look for something to distract their attention. In addition, at that time, advertising maquettes at the waiting house will come into play.

The whole garage space is not too big, the advertising maquette is attractive, just at the viewer’s eye, customers will easily remember the brand in the most natural way. Lastly, do consider outdoor led video display suppliers.

3D Floating Mockup Ads; outdoor led video display suppliers

Unique and fancy 3D embossed mockups always receive attention and attention from customers. These mockups can be installed on the sides, backrests or on the roofs of bus shelters. In addition, businesses can combine more 3D mockup models, LED lights. Moreover, to make the brand image become new and increase communication effects.

Summary outdoor led video display

Survey and choose the right location for products and brands. For example, if you want to advertise laptops, English teaching centers (English, Chinese, etc.). Furthermore, you should prioritize near universities. Regularly check the lighting system, mica panels. In addition, at the bus shelter for damage; conditions are for outdoor led video display suppliers.

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