40sq.m Outdoor P10 for Indonesia National Stadium

July 19, 2021

Project requirement:

1.led display should be excellent humidity resistant near the swimming pool all the time

2.Score system for stadium match

3.MPLED engineer site installation

4.High quality for national stadium  

MPLED solution

1.Totally waterproof P10 with 1/2 scan, nation star led and pure copper wires for high qualiy

1. The back of the module is filled with glue, and the protection level of the back reaches IP65.

2. The power supply uses 3 layers of three anti-paint.

3. The exposed areas on the terminals of the power supply are covered with glass glue.

4. The power cord is changed to a silicone cord, which can work in an environment of minus 40° to 80°. Above 4 points, the screen can work in a 90% humidity environment.

2.Cooperated with nova star company to well developed the score system  

3.MPLED engineer went to Indonesia for installation and technical support

Pre-sale engineer Mr.Huang is over 9 years experience for led display solution proposal and pre-sale drawings.

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