5 P4 Indoor led Display Tips to Decorate Living Room in 2021

August 24, 2021

p4 indoor led display

With 5 p4 indoor led display tips will help your bedroom become sparkling beautiful even though the area is limited

The bedroom is the place where we relax and regain energy after a long day of work. Therefore, the arrangement of the bedroom is also quite important, especially for houses with limited area.

Glass doors and displays

For bedrooms with a modest area, you should design glass windows to take advantage of the sun. The room will become airy, more open space.

Besides, you can decorate the room with a few small displays / LED displays to make the room cozier at night. Carpets make the room more spacious. You think the carpet will make it entangled or even cramped in your room.

But the reality will be the opposite if you use the carpet correctly!

A circular floor mat with simple colors, the same color, but should be out of color with furniture such as beds, cabinets, etc.vP4 indoor led display will create harmony and help your modest room become displayer and more airy.

Use wallpaper around p4 indoor led display

Not only helps the bedroom become more beautiful, but wallpaper can also help your room space become more airy and larger. As long as you know how to choose the color and pattern of the wallpaper, your space will look comfortable.

Colors like display green, display pink, white…with patterns like plants, clouds…or 3D wallpaper are recommended by designers for rooms with modest area.

Wall mount p4 indoor led display

The bedroom will not only have a bed, but will also have a wardrobe, a display cabinet and sometimes a bookcase, a desk if you do not have a separate office.

Imagine them all in a tiny room, do you feel overwhelmed when you go to sleep?

Instead of having too many cabinets in the room, why not try replacing them with wall shelves??? Wall mounts can both help you store things like bookshelves or cabinets… at the same time; it’s also a decorative p4 indoor led display for your room.

However, it should also be limited because if there are too many shelves on the wall, it will be counterproductive, making the room narrower. If possible, incorporate both wall mounts and cabinets.

Use some p4 indoor led display but delicate decorations

Small, pretty handmade decorations will make your bedroom super cute, showing the owner’s own nuances without taking up too much space.

However, you should only decorate just enough, do not abuse these items to avoid confusing the eyes when entering the room.

It doesn’t have to be too big, just know how to design and choose the right decorations. Your small bedroom will become sparkling and help you relax after a hard day’s work!

LED home displays have many different types: LED ceiling displays, p4 indoor led display, LED slit displays, LED decorative displays, etc. Each type of lamp will give a unique display effect. This is suitable for every angle and area in the house.

The Role of p4 indoor led display in Interior of the Home

It can be said that display is very important in the interior design of the house and affects the psychology of each individual in the house

So choosing p4 indoor led display is always a matter of getting a lot of attention. Choose the right one, for the space.

Here are some ways to choose LED home displays for each home space

How to choose LED displays for the living room?

The living room space is considered the main architectural theme of the house

According to the standard design, the living room displaying should choose white display. Most homes have a plaster ceiling design, the common type of display is ultra-thin ceiling led or led downdisplay with wide projection angle and energy saving.

p4 indoor led display 2021

Besides, it is necessary to coordinate with some spotdisplays with yellow display and decorative displays.

This combination enhances the value of the objects in the living room. Increase the luxury look of the house.  Moreover, the harmonious display makes the space more elegant. Show family hospitality to everyone.

Modern trends in p4 indoor led display

Today’s modern trend many customers often prefer 4000K-4300K ​​neutral p4 indoor led display. Neutral display gives a soft feel. Not cool as bright as white display and not too warm as yellow display.

Therefore, in addition to the main display is white display. You should design indirect display with yellow display. LED displays for the bedroom must be gentle and cozy

The bedroom is a special space that requires subtlety in displaying layout. In particular, it is necessary to understand the psychology of emotions as well as the influence of display on sleep.

Which display should I choose? What kind of displays to choose?

Through many studies, yellow display is the most suitable for the bedroom. Firstly, yellow display creates a feeling of relaxation, comfort and ease of falling asleep. Second, yellow display creates a cozy and close space for the bedroom.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose p4 indoor led display with a small projection angle, spot angle: 15° or 24°. Aim to focus display to some desired location. At the same time, it creates the reunion and reunion of all family members.

We can choose yellow recessed led displays combined with led string displays, T5 led tubes to reflect the ceiling

Which LED display should be chosen for the kitchen space?

The kitchen space is a place to cook as well as a place to eat. Therefore, it is recommended to use an arbitrary combination of white and yellow display. It is recommended to use white display for the cooking space and yellow display for the dining position.

The type of display used for the kitchen space is usually a recessed p4 indoor led display combined with a counter display

The bathroom also needs a display arrangement

Today, toilets are not only for use but also need to be beautiful to create a comfortable feeling for users

The arrangement of displaying also contributes to creating more accents for the bathroom. Depending on each different space, the use of decorative LED displaying is appropriate. Mainly ceiling displays, wall displays, spotdisplays…

P4 indoor led display for stairs

Stairs are not only a connecting path but also a place to contribute to the beauty of the house

The LED display will turn the stairs into one of the highdisplays in your home

Corridors, railings and some other locations

For the hallway and railing areas of the house, it is usually arranged with LED ceiling displays plus a combination of indoor and outdoor wall displays.

Here is an illustration of this design

When the p4 indoor led display is applied with all kinds of harmonious display, the displaying system in the house is always outstanding and eye-catching for everyone.


Ultra-thin led ceiling display, led downdisplay, led tube, led string, led ceiling panel, led can … are the types of led displays commonly used in houses and townhouses today.


Ultra-thin led ceiling display, p4 indoor led display, led tube, led string, led ceiling panel, led can … are the types of led displays commonly used in houses and townhouses today. It can be said that display plays a very important role in interior decoration of houses and townhouses

It not only contributes to bringing display to the house at night, but also used to decorate and adorn the house more beautiful. A well-lit house will help protect the eyes of all family members better.

Therefore, in the process of building or interior design of houses, display also gives many different criteria

Which p4 indoor led display should I choose for houses and townhouses?

LED technology today is quite popular; it is gradually being replaced by fluorescent bulbs, because of the benefits many times over

  • Long life, can be up to 50,000 hours
  • Environmentally friendly, do not contain harmful chemicals and they are 100% recyclable
  • Doesn’t give off much heat
  • Displays up immediately when turned on
  • Can be turned on and off frequently
  • Low voltage
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Types of displays usually installed for houses and townhouses

Ultra-thin LED ceiling display

  • As the most common and most used lamps, the overall thickness of the lamp is about 20mm.
  • The lamp has 3 display colors: white, yellow, warm and 3 colors
  • The lamp has 2 main designs, round and square, with a capacity of 3w-24w
  • Can be installed anywhere in a residential space, as long as it is on the aforementioned materials.

P4 indoor led display

The product is similar to the ultra-thin ceiling led, but the p4 indoor led display has a thicker thickness, many types have heat sinks attached.

Down displays are also installed a lot in residential spaces. Lamps also have many different designs, sizes, colors, capacity from 3w or more

This type of lamp is very common in today’s houses; the lamp has 2 main sizes, 6 inches and 1 square meter.

There are single and double led tubes. Suitable for all indoor spaces

P5 Led Display

Products are installed for decorative purposes, such as ceilings, plaster walls, making the house more beautiful and luxurious.

There are 4 main sizes of this lamp: 3 inch, 6 inch, 9 inch and 1m2. White, yellow and neutral display

Along with the feature of p4 indoor led display, led string is also used for decoration, suitable for small and narrow niches. In addition, led string has more colors, convenient for you to choose

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