7 Best Business to Install p5 indoor led display in 2021

August 25, 2021

p5 indoor led display

2020 turned out to be a successful year for the p5 indoor led display market – there was a steady growth in demand for them all over the world. Therefore, we can say that this marketing tool for advertising delivery is becoming even more popular.

 According to experts, growth will continue in 2021, and the demand for LED screens will grow even more. And even this will not be the limit. Similarly, according to experts from markets, the value of the electronic signage market will grow to $ 30 billion in 2024. More and more companies will choose ice displays for advertising services and goods, decoration of premises.

Where to install p5 indoor led display?

By installing digital signage and p5 indoor led display in retail outlets, businesses will be able to deliver targeted messages to consumers in real time, Markets and Markets said. Entrepreneurs will be able to increase brand awareness, encourage customers to come back again, thereby increasing sales.

From this statement, we can conclude that LED displays are not only an advertising tool; they also help consumers navigate the market.

Top Trends of p5 indoor led display in 2021

What experts expect from 2021:

Availability of premium LED technology. Soon OLED-displays, screens with a resolution of 4K and 8K, transparent surfaces will spread. Advanced LED products are already starting to appear in shopping malls, shops, whereas before they could be seen mainly in exhibition centers. All this speaks about the availability and mass character of LED equipment.

P5 indoor led display technology will be even more advanced. The development of software for LED products does not stop. For example, adaptive technologies will enable the download of an application that will be technically determined if a consumer has visited a store. Interactive ice screens will show the buyer the information that will reflect his interests.

Why are retail stores installing led display?

The number of LED displays in small retail outlets will increase. The rise in prices for rental space has provoked the emergence of small shops and boutiques that will be able to use ice technology not only for displaying advertisements, but also for communicating with consumers.

If you want your store or any other business to remain competitive in the marketplace, buy an LED screen. Our experts are always ready to help you in the selection of equipment. We also deliver and install displays purchased from us at the client’s site.

Which is the best led display for outdoor advertising?

When people discuss cinemas, then in their minds, first of all, stable associations pop up – trailers of new films, cola, popcorn. And yet, the main attribute of the cinema is a large white screen on which films are broadcast.

But the day is approaching when changes will take place in cinemas. The classic white screen and the projectors that feed it will become a thing of the past. Similarly, they replace p5 indoor led display.


  • High definition of the transmitted image
  • Similarly, there are no optical distortions, LED screens have uniform illumination.
  • Possibility to implement various solutions in the field of cinema design.
  • Furthermore, ease of equipment maintenance.
  • Moreover, Long service life.

An example is Samsung, which is already working on various cinema screen solutions. Its Cinema LED panels have installed in Seoul, Bangkok, Las Vegas. After this model of displays came the Onyx series of three-dimensional screens.

 According to journalists, their appearance ended the era of classic projectors. Onyx 3D screens provide 10 times brighter picture, adaptability to the situation.

Modern p5 indoor led display screens  

Modern LED screens are equipment that can be common almost anywhere. Ice displays come to broadcast advertisements, show social videos, and useful information. If you need digital equipment for cinema, other purposes, please contact our company. Similarly, we will select and supply you led screens that suit you according to their technical capabilities.

Advertising over time becomes more acute, exciting, business owners strive by any means to draw the attention of consumers to their brand, product or institution. 

And one of the original solutions was the use of p5 indoor led display with a three-dimensional image. Furthermore, such displays are reminiscent of devices that were previously seen only in films of the fantastic genre.


 The p5 indoor led display surface is movable; it can build three-dimensional figures, while creating a three-dimensional effect. The new screen was received with enthusiasm, and also opened a new era in the world of LED technology.

The application of p5 indoor led display in different Business Places
Another similar miracle of LED technology was installed by the SLS Hotel from Las Vegas. A 3D image of a golden face of an unknown creature looks at visitors from the casino. 

The picture is an optical illusion that makes the display look three-dimensional. Moreover, it came by Daktronics; more than 2 million LEDs were common for its manufacture.
There is a significant difference between the two screens. If the equipment from Coca-Cola common movable led modules, then the display for the SLS is one-piece and only creates the appearance of movement.


It is too early to talk about the widespread use of such screens. They are difficult to manufacture and expensive. But, nevertheless, three-dimensional ice displays are already a reality, which has made it possible to change the appearance of advertising.
If you want to order a LED screen, please contact us. Our experts will help you:

  • choose the size of the screen;
  • Similarly, choose a device with suitable technical characteristics;
  • Moreover, install equipment at the facility.

In the United States, European countries, and many other countries, p5 indoor led display are no longer unusual. But in USA they have not yet become commonplace, the norm of life. Nevertheless, the popularity of led displays in the country is gradually growing.

p5 indoor led display 2021

 In what areas is LED equipment gaining popularity, what prospects does it have in the future?

What experts say about p5 indoor led display?

In America, a study was conducted in which more than 10 thousand people living in metropolitan areas participated. People over 18 were interviewed. What the results of the study showed:

  • 34% of the survey participants remembered videos with advertisements that they watched on media screens in the last month;
  • Similarly, 40% were able to recall the information that the law enforcement agencies – the FBI and the police – provided for broadcast
  • Moreover,  they showed missing people, wanted criminals, catastrophes on the screens;

The statistics obtained show that LED screens really attract the attention of consumers.


Ice panels have such advantages as:

  • a high level of reliability of the structure on which they are installed;
  • ease of installation and further maintenance of equipment;
  • Moreover, resistance of the LED display to adverse weather conditions;
  • the ability to quickly download and change content for the broadcast.

The listed advantages of the equipment confirm that LED screens have prospects. Digital advertising media are our future. In Ukraine, such equipment has not yet reached the peak of popularity, as in other countries, but we also have every chance to increase the growth of the attractiveness of led panels.

What do we offer for led screens?

 Our company is engaged in the production of p5 indoor led display. Our equipment is not inferior in quality to the products of foreign enterprises. Contact us if you want to purchase efficient and efficient LED equipment. 

To do this, contact the company by phone or via the website. The manager will accept the application; help with the choice of the LED screen.

What previous studies say about p5 indoor led display?

A 2008 study found that 30% to 40% of people make a decision to choose a particular brand while in a store. Therefore, we can conclude that the advertising that is placed in supermarkets and shopping centers works. 

How did the experiment take place in past?

The study features following points:

  • type of advertised products;
  • product characteristics;
  • the size of the LED display;
  • the nature of the broadcast content;
  • the frequency of changing information on the screen.

After completing the experiment, a comparison appeared between the sales before and after the study.


As it turned out from the results of the study, in the grocery departments during the operation of p5 indoor led display, an increase in sales appeared. In the departments where non-food products sold, they increased slightly.

 Analysis of sales by days of the week showed that the peak of purchases by consumers fell on weekday evenings, in the morning the number of active buyers was lower.

The Length of p5 indoor led display ad

 The length of the ad, as it turns out, matters too. Broadcasting short videos boosted sales. Content lasting 10-15 seconds increased sales up to 50%, 30 seconds each – by only 8-9%. From the above, we can conclude that the display of digital advertising in stores effective. 


And the main reason for this is that the buyer has the opportunity to immediately get acquainted with the product after he saw its advertisement. 

Our company produces p5 indoor led display of various models. If you want to increase sales in your store, order led equipment from us. Our staff will select for you a display that will be optimal in size and performance for your sales department.

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