7 indoor led screen Pre-Buying Checkpoints before Buying

June 16, 2021

indoor led screen

The technological evolution we are witnessing has made available to companies new opportunities aimed at improving the corporate communication strategy. With this in mind, indoor led screen represent an innovative, original solution with a high visual impact. Let’s see what it is specifically and what the components that characterize this advertising device are.

LED Wall what it is?

An LED Wall is basically an LED screen made up of several modules screwed into a cabinet. The junctions between the various modules that make up the LED giant screen are totally invisible, giving the idea of ​​a video wall capable of covering any space. The cabinet is easy to arrange on the base of any size, in order to make the LED Wall completely customized.

Indoor led screen comes by very high brightness, represents the flagship product of the new form of visual communication born with the development of digital technologies. A large screen placed inside or outside a store is able to raise the corporate identity and improve the level of consumer involvement.

LED Screen outdoor

For this reason, outdoor LED Walls are used for purely advertising purposes, focusing the technical characteristics of the device on very high brightness levels.

  1. Transparent Led wall
  2. Outdoor LED display
  3. indoor led screen

 Unlike outdoor, indoor LED Walls are instead particularly suitable for purposes related to pure customer entertainment or to increase the likelihood of finalizing the purchase or, again, for up-selling activities .

Showcase indoor led screen

An intermediate solution between a high brightness outdoor LED screen and a high resolution device is the LED Wall in the window.

In this case, in fact, we are talking about a screen that has a perfect combination of image resolution and brightness (especially when the window is constantly hit by the sun’s rays).

This tool can improve the aesthetics and effectiveness of the showcase making it a real business tool.

Features indoor led screen

To understand the characteristics of this innovative advertising device, it is necessary to analyze all its components in order to have a detailed overview. In this regard, therefore, let’s analyze the following concepts:

  1. LED;
  2. Pixel;
  3. Module;
  4. Cabinet.

The indoor led screen represents a component capable of emitting monochromatic light when an electric current passes. Compared to other light sources, such as fluorescent lamps or incandescent lamps, LEDs are considerably more reliable and efficient.


Pixel is the smallest unit that makes up an image or video. Each digital image is made up of a certain amount of pixels. The most used Pixel compositions are the following.

1R (1 red): commonly used in graphic animation display, information display, moving message, clock and temperature display;

1R1G (1 red, 1 green): Same uses as the 1R. This pixel can display red, green and their relative shades. In addition, it can also display the combination of shades of red and green. For example, the yellow color comes when the red and green indoor led screen turn on at the same precise moment.

1R1G1B (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue): this is the smallest pixel capable of displaying all the colors that the human eye can perceive. Consisting of the three main colors and all colors is easy to achieve by mixing the shades of these main colors.

Module of indoor led screen

The smallest part that is made up of pixels famous as the module. A module consists of pixels, driving ICs, printed circuit board, plastic body and plastic mask. The quality of each component will be able to greatly affect the quality of the screen itself.

As there are various types of pixels, in the same way we can include different variants of modules. The properties that differentiate the modules are:

  • Pixel composition
  • Pixel pitch ;
  • Driving IC model;
  • Scan mode
  • Virtual pixel support
  • Duplex Service Type
  • Double / single pcb type
  • Cabinet.

5 Advantages of LED Facade

In this article we will cover 5 Advantages of LED Facade. Want to know more? Keep reading!

indoor led screen 2021

When talking about LED facades, the term can be strange for some people, since, generally, a facade is not an environment that usually has this type of technology. However, in recent years, this has changed significantly.

Well, since this innovation appeared, companies have been helped considerably, simply because the indoor led screen is a product that improves their sales results or, at the very least, provides more visibility to customers, so that they always remember your company.

Indoor led screen with facade

However, this fact occurs not only when we talk about the facade with LED, as products such as LED panels or digital showcases also help to leverage these and many other points that can influence your company’s sales.

Therefore, we prepared this article, aiming to show some specific advantages of the LED façade, which can make the difference in your choice for a product as incredible as this one.

Lower costs and little maintenance

When your company acquires an LED façade, the main objective, of course, is to revert this investment in sales.

However, a technology like this can require expensive maintenance. And, if there is a problem, time consuming at the same time. LED Facade has the common technology of products made in LED, which have cold lamps, common characteristics of them.

Show that your company is up to date

Technological innovations happen constantly on the planet. Therefore, confirming this information, just walk through the streets of large cities, where you will see several screens, whether on the population’s cell phones or anywhere else that is in your field of vision. Therefore, having a facade with LED in your company will make you always up to date.

Make your company greener:

Common facades are mostly made of paper or other materials that are harmful to the environment. Having an LED facade, you will be assured that your company takes good care of our planet, as these materials will not be used.

What did you think of the 5 Advantages of the indoor led screen?

Analyzing the reasons to have a facade with indoor led screen for your company, it is clear that having one, your results will be boosted. And of course, an even more beautiful appearance, important then for the image of your establishment.

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