Top 7 Segment led Display Manufacturers in 2021

October 25, 2021

1. Introduction to outdoor advertising solutions

1.1. What is outdoor advertising?

7 Segment led display manufacturers Outdoor advertising (also known as OOH advertising, OOH Advertising, Out-of-home Advertising …) is a field of communication deployed outside the living space of people. With the process of formation and development centuries ago, so far outdoor advertising has developed all over the world, including USA.

Outdoor 7 Segment led display advertising is essential for every business

The term “Outdoor Advertising” has also been changed to “Out-of-home Advertising”. And it is popular as another name for outdoor advertising. Hence, there are several forms of indoor advertising that we classify as “Outdoor Advertising”.

1.2. The most popular forms of 7 Segment led display manufacturers advertising

OOH ads reach close to many viewers when they step out of their homes, helping to spread the brand’s image widely. This is also a communication channel with many diverse forms. This is easy to deploy in many different locations on the street with all sizes and different quotes.

7 Segment led display manufacturers

Therefore, businesses will have a lot of options to bring their brand closer to a large audience and still fit within the budget. 7 Segment led display manufacturers is also a communication channel with many diverse forms. We can use in many different locations on the street with all sizes and different quotes.

Outdoor advertising is classified into the following forms:

  • Therefore, businesses will have a lot of options to bring their brand closer to a large audience and still fit within the budget.
  • Big billboards: Pano, Billboard, Trivision Billboard, market sign…
  • Low-level outdoor advertising: Lightbox signs, bus shelters, hanging banners, banners, advertising banners…
  • Advertising on means of transport: Taxis, buses, cars, trams, airplanes, trains, passenger cars, trucks, motorbikes, double-decker buses, bicycles, hot air balloons
  • Advertising on DOOH digital screens: LED, LCD, Frame
  • Forms of event organization, Roadshow (Luxury Roadshow, motorbike, bicycle, car, human billboard)
  • Outdoor advertising at specific locations: Airports, commercial centers, supermarkets, cinemas, high-rise buildings, bus stations, schools…

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor advertising

Advantages of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is a communication solution that helps businesses accurately reach potential customers. Thereby, it increases awareness and increasing sales significantly. 7 Segment led display manufacturers advertising images appear continuously for a long time.Moreover, it helps passersby observe many times without being able to avoid them.

Who can access 7 Segment led display manufacturers?

The number of people who had access to the maquette during the entire campaign is impossible to calculate. Outdoor advertising also increases the urban beauty. Furthermore, this makes the space more vivid, eye-catching, and modern. Pedestrians will also have more inspiration and a happier mood when traveling on routes with many beautiful advertising images.

Enterprises can choose from many different deployment locations

Advertising costs per impression are not expensive because the number of viewers can reach millions or more. It is not to mention those who have observed many times. Therefore, it is required that businesses create their attraction, the more unique and creative the better.

Disadvantages of outdoor advertising

However, like any other form of communication, the field of outdoor 7 Segment led display manufacturers advertising still has certain disadvantages such as:

  • quite expensive costs
  •  need more time for effective results

The popularity of the outdoor advertising industry is increasing day by day, so the competition between brands has also become much fiercer.

2. Which 7 Segment led display manufacturers suitable for?

Usually, we will see brands deploying outdoor advertising campaigns that last for months, even years. Smilarly, but some companies only carry out the package within a few days. So how is the outdoor advertising channel suitable for media campaigns? Is there a limit to the number and time of deployment?

To answer these questions, we would like to classify the most common communication purposes of outdoor advertising channels as follows: For businesses that are aiming for this goal, it will be very suitable to launch long-term campaigns, at least a month or more and as wide as possible.

2.1.  Outdoor advertising builds brand awareness with customers

It also requires businesses to have a certain budget available. Similarly, it is easy to meet t because the cost is a rather large number. 7 Segment led display manufacturers Advertising images present in the eyes of passersby for a long time will help them remember and leave a certain impression on the brand. Many people even take it as a highlight

2.2. 7 Segment led display manufacturers events

Communication campaigns with this goal will be suitable for short-term OOH advertising forms, only conducted for a few days to create surprises and impress viewers in a short time. The cost of implementation will also depend on each type because although the implementation is not long.

2.3. Outdoor advertising in certain geographical areas

For businesses that are looking to reach potential customers in a certain geographical area to bring an image to cover the market there, outdoor advertising can also meet. Local advertising forms such as billboards, means of transport, hanging banners, banners, etc. can easily attract the attention of people in that area.

2.4. Outdoor advertising is a fertile ground for creative businesses

Outdoor advertising with a variety of forms and locations is also a fertile ground for businesses and brands. It is to unleash their creativity so that their brand image must become the most unique and outstanding.

Businesses can design moquettes with realistic tones, fonts, images or use 3D embossed mockups, 7 Segment led display manufacturers, etc. to achieve better visibility effects.

2.5. Outdoor advertising for humanity, honor, commemoration

Besides the role of helping businesses reach potential customers, outdoor advertising is also common in communication campaigns for humanitarian purposes, honoring, celebrating holidays, people, events… People traveling on the road will observe daily media images and imprint them more deeply in their memory.

2.6. Outdoor advertising for events, government policies

State events and policies such as propaganda, elections, Party congress… of the state are also communicated very effectively on outdoor advertising media (mainly billboards, LED screens, etc.). This is a way for outdoor advertising to prove its role and use when helping people better grasp information about the state.

3. Which industry is suitable for 7 Segment led display advertising?

3.1. Outdoor advertising industry fast-moving consumer goods FMCG

FMCG’s fast-moving consumer goods industry is a category that includes many types of urgent items, which are common regularly in daily life and have extremely good coverage in the market. Some products 7 Segment led display manufacturers such as personal belongings, food, beverages, detergents, etc., are widely sold in traditional markets, shops, retail grocery to supermarkets, malls. commercial center…

On the market today, there are many brands in the FMCG industry that have chosen outdoor advertising solutions to bring their brands to reach more consumers. The forms also vary, almost all-inclusive, and are get on the streets and inside public places.

3.2. Outdoor advertising for the real estate industry

The real estate sector is an indispensable name and is one of the most popular outdoor advertising industries. The potential customer segment that this industry is targeting has a decent income or more and needs a reference, buying, investing, or renting real estate to live and do business.

We will often encounter a lot of real estate companies. They deploy outdoor advertising solutions when preparing to launch a new project such as:

  • an urban area
  •  apartment building
  •  ecosystem
  •  in the market

 They will carry out the campaign on nearby locations, close to the project in need.

3.3. 7 Segment led display manufacturers advertising for the insurance industry

Insurance has become an extremely important industry in the life of each individual and every family. It provides effective savings, protection, and investment solutions for each member, so we can trust it.

The insurance industry often chooses the field of long-term outdoor 7 Segment led display manufacturers advertising so that customers do not forget their brand and use its services when needed.
7 Segment led display manufacturers 2021

Some of the most favored outdoor advertising solutions by insurance brands include:

  1. large billboards
  2.  advertising on vehicles
  3.  advertising on digital screen

It is extremely necessary to promote the brand to capture market share and increase awareness.

3.4. Outdoor advertising for 7 Segment led display manufacturers

Besides the industry, the electronics – refrigeration industry are also items associated with each of our lives. We can see in families, companies, offices, public places… to serve human needs. There are many brands providing products in this category in the market both at home and abroad,

And with the advantages of extremely effective communication, the 7 Segment led display manufacturers industry naturally becomes one of the top choices of electronics and refrigeration businesses. There have been many brands deploying campaigns on an extremely large scale. Furthermore, this covers all provinces and cities to affirm their position in the market.

Conclusion 7 Segment led display manufacturers

Ooperating online on the internet, e-commerce applications do not ignore the field of outdoor advertising to be able to reach a larger number of customers in the market. The proof is that a series of 7 Segment led display manufacturers campaigns have been deployed every time a company is about to launch a new promotion or anniversary program.

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