8 Points to Check before Buying P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen

May 16, 2021


Each P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen has its own indicators of electrical energy consumption and brightness. They depend on the scanning mode, that is, on how the display or module is lit. The ice module contains microcontrollers, microchips are attached to them.

They drive LED lines that are connected to diodes. The scan mode will determine how many LED lines will turn on at a specific time. Each chip has 16 pins, so it is only capable of driving 16 led diodes.

What does the scan mode affect?

  • electricity costs
  • brightness level
  • Refresh rate of the picture.

The lower the scan rate, the lower the refresh rate, energy consumption, and brightness. Therefore, when choosing an ice display, it is important to pay attention to this scan rate depending on the conditions in which the LED equipment will operate and the goal set by the buyer.

Currently, the 1/16 scan mode is considered the optimal middle for the average screen: on the one hand, there is no overconsumption of power. On the other hand, the P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen image brightness is quite high. But this indicator is not used in all cases.

Buying P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen in China

Many, probably, have thought more than once about how to save money and go to China on their own to the manufacturing plant for the LED screen. Or choose an inexperienced manufacturer who has set the lowest price. Let’s see if everything is so simple in this matter and how can the Chinese market be dangerous for newcomers? 


The most important point, since the choice of manufacturers in China is so wide that having received hundreds of commercial offers, it is almost impossible to choose from them. 

 One problem with many types of screens is glare in bright sunlight. It becomes impossible to see what the display shows. This problem is especially noticeable when watching videos, ads on street video panels. The picture looks faded on LCD panels. P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen shows a brighter image, but still their brightness does not exceed 7000 cd / m2. m. In a strong sun, this is not enough.

 In addition, and this is important, the LCD has a bezel, and therefore the image will not be complete when using multiple monitors on the same screen.


This is a market with its own strict rules and if you are not in partnership with the plant, then the price will be much higher + expenses for flights, accommodation, consultations, etc. In any case, ordering from a dealer is cheaper. 


Example: You arrived at a factory and requested a video screen of a specific model. It is impossible to predict which product you will receive in the end, because there are MILLION NUANCES that need to be negotiated and must be specified in the contract; otherwise the plant reserves the right to change P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen components for cheaper ones. 


Everything is simple here, if you are not a lawyer in international law, then you should conclude an agreement only after consulting a qualified specialist, since there are a lot of pitfalls in Chinese agreements that play into the hands of NOT YOU. 


Paying for your order is very difficult for both a legal entity and an individual. A legal entity needs to have a foreign currency account and be able to work with foreign economic contracts. Correctly draw up a contract and all payment documents.

 It is impossible for an individual to smuggle such an amount across the border, and withdrawing from accounts is huge commissions + 30% of the amount – duty. 


P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen 2021

Naturally, you will have to use a transport company to deliver the LED screen to the final point. It is also very difficult to choose it. When choosing a non-professional company, you can face a violation of delivery times, damage to goods during transportation, unnecessary costs for downtime and warehouses, as well as with a complete loss of goods. 

7. P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen import regulations

You need to know all the nuances of P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen legislation. Or hire a good broker. Otherwise, instead of a pleasing advertising panel, you can get courts and legal problems.


Separately, mention should be made of the companies that are buyers in China and declare that they will be able to buy and bring any product. Of course, they will save you from many problems, but they will not be able to choose a high-quality screen and control the processes of its production. 

This is too technologically complex a product for anyone to understand. 


For an advertisement to attract the attention of a consumer to a service or product, it must be modern and of high quality. Attempts to get a client by hackneyed means are doomed to failure. Promotion technologies are developing rapidly now. The leader among them today is P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen advertising. What are its advantages?

  • Full video display
  • High-quality image
  • Clear sound.

Research conducted by marketer shows that people remember dynamic ads better than static ones by 90%. In this case, the size of the displayed advertisement does not matter. This can be a small sign in a shop window or a huge media facade.

 It’s all about the movement of the picture. So is it worth investing in outdated types of promotion? Wouldn’t it be better to use LED signage and signage to attract customers?

P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen and showcase

Conventional posters and signs are gradually replacing LED shop windows and screens. But in order for them to work, you need to think carefully about the advertising. It shouldn’t be banal, corny. The eternally smiling family, eating breakfast with gusto in the morning, has already set consumers on edge.

 To attract the attention of the client, you need unusual, memorable P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen videos. Those that evoke emotions will be imprinted in the memory. In addition, research has shown that vivid lettering on video display cases grabs consumers’ attention 40% more than conventional mannequins.


  • Informativeness. The text and picture on the video panel can be seen from afar. A person easily reads information about discounts, promotions in the store.
  • Efficiency. Movement, frame changes, brightness – all this attracts the attention of people passing by the LED screen.
  • Stable color rendering. The picture on the LED panel is clearly visible regardless of the time of day and weather conditions. In the afternoon, in the evening – the video will be clearly visible The distance from which the picture is visible is 150 – 200 m.
  • Full time job. Ice panels do not need rest; they can work around the clock without interruption.
  • Low power consumption. The average power consumption of LED displays is 300 W / sq. m.
  • Any sizes. The screens are assembled from modules, so their sizes are not limited by anything.
  • Work at any temperature. The equipment can be used in regions with different climates; it is capable of functioning in the temperature range -40… + 50 ° C.
  • Long service life. LED displays are rated for 100,000 hours of operation.

Main Features of P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen Quality

How a person perceives the information broadcast by the led screen largely depends on the image quality. The displayed picture can alienate the layman or completely capture his attention. Thus, we can conclude that the effectiveness of advertising depends on the quality of the content.

To understand which image will give the desired effect, you need to focus on the indicators of its quality. They often depend on the technical parameters of the P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen screen:

  • Resolution;
  • Brightness.


The opinion that the higher the resolution of the device, the higher the image quality will be, is not always true. It is necessary to choose the resolution of the ice panel depending on the tasks it performs. For an LED screen installed in an open space, high resolution is impractical. 

If a person needs to see the picture from afar, it is better to choose equipment with a low resolution. If you are buying a led display for indoor use, you must choose a panel with a high resolution.

P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen Brightness

When choosing an LED screen for this indicator, it is important to consider exactly what tasks the equipment will perform, under what lighting. It is wrong to say that the higher the brightness is, the better.

 A display that is too bright will cause eye strain. It causes annoyance, which causes people to refuse to watch ads, which should not be allowed. When broadcasting information in rooms in dim lighting conditions, a screen with a brightness of 1000 candelas is sufficient. In bright light, a screen with readings of 1500 – 2000 candelas is required.

As for the ice panels installed outdoors, it should be P2.5 Indoor HD LED Screen equipment with a high level of brightness – 5000 – 8000 candelas. In this case, the more illumination at the installation site of the led screen, media facade, the brighter it should be.

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