9 Most Viral P3.91 rental led display Marketing Trends

May 16, 2021

The most viral outdoor advertising in the world

P3.91 rental led display

Outdoor viral advertising – what is it and what makes it go viral? If you have been wondering how to get your outdoor advertising photographed for social networks, discussed in posts and mentioned in conversations for a long time. We have collected for you the most successful examples of viral outdoor P3.91 rental led display advertising in the world.  

Take a look! Maybe one of these options will inspire your own viral idea.

P3.91 rental led display: A mannequin that breathes

Before the release of Altered Carbon, Netflix shocked Americans with unusual ads at bus stops. In citylights, Netflix placed naked mannequins who breathed in respirators. The first townspeople who met this advertisement were either frightened or touched and then photographed. A million photos appeared on social networks, and the series itself was appreciated by a record number of viewers.

Smash the advertising sign – win money

To show how resistant the bullet-resistant glass of the Canadian company 3M is, the brand’s marketers equipped it with outdoor advertisements and put a bunch of dollars inside. Real dollars! Unfortunately, it did not work to break the glass. But the goods themselves went for a sum many times more than they tried to pull out of the city light.

P3.91 rental led display Clock pens in buses

P3.91 rental led display advertising works great on public transport. A little creativity and your idea will definitely go viral. IWC, for example, made straps in the shape of the Big Pilot’s Watch on the buses in Berlin. Everyone who held on to the handle automatically tried on the watch. 70% of this model was sold out at the start of sales.

Nail polish that hangs in the air

Attracting a female audience is getting harder and harder every year. London-based brand store installed nail polish that was suspended in mid-air. Varnish sales increased 10 times! The production of such an unusual type of outdoor advertising showed not only a creative approach, but also the fact that the varnish is durable and dries up in 3 minutes.

Adidas Ferris wheel

Adidas asked renowned photographer Johann Sebastian Haenel to design an outdoor ad that would appeal to both children and adults. The photographer came up with this original Ferris wheel. The P3.91 rental led display advertising sign was seen by more than 500 million people, most of them on the Internet.  

A vacuum cleaner that will swallow everything

How to originally declare the power of the vacuum cleaner? Miele has produced a whole series of interesting billboards. In the first, the vacuum cleaner absorbs the balloon. On the second, it eats up a satellite, and on the third, a helicopter. A group of people even appeared on the Internet who took pictures and listed what else was absorbed by this powerful technique.

P3.91 rental led display Live photos by car

Kleenex teamed up with ad agency JWT to come up with an inexpensive yet impressive P3.91 rental led display concept: they put advertisements on cars and added fluttering fabric to the boot. When the car was driving, it seemed as if a person was blowing his nose into a handkerchief. Photos and public attention were not long in coming.

Beer mugs on poles and trees

Outdoor viral advertising doesn’t always require huge budgets. For example, the Munich City Hall before Oktoberfest placed images of beer mugs on poles and trees. How many photos with them appeared on social networks! Everything ingenious is simple.

What you need to know before buying the Currency Exchange LED display?

Currency exchange LED display is an important design for banks and currency exchange offices. Since the exchange rate changes daily, and sometimes even several times a day, it is necessary to promptly display relevant information. Otherwise, the client can count on one amount, and as a result receive another. Disorder! To prevent this from happening, it is better to buy P3.91 rental led display information boards. 

Indoor and outdoor LED displays

The first thing you need to decide on is whether you want to buy an LED-display board to exchange currencies for the facade or for the premises. 

P3.91 rental led display 2021

Although the First Advertising Company makes universal boards that we can place outside and inside the institution, some Kiev manufacturers use boards with materials of inferior quality for the premises. They justify this by the fact that there are no precipitation and temperature fluctuations in the building. Of course, indoor conditions are better, but this is not a reason to offer inferior quality!  

We manufacture universal LED currency exchange boards for Kiev and Ukraine! All of them are made of robust and durable materials with first-class lighting elements. As our clients say, LED boards shine brighter than the sun.  

What to consider when ordering the “Currency exchange” board

  • Number of courses displayed

We offer a display of 3 to 6 currencies. 

  • Single sided or double sided design

We make P3.91 rental led display boards with one and two working sides. The cost of a one-sided LED display board currency exchange starts at UAH 6,450. Bilateral – from 12 900 UAH.   

  • Color spectrum

There are 5 colors available for the LED currency exchange board: red, green, white, blue and yellow. The colors on the scoreboard is easy to change. 

  • Board control

The most popular and convenient for today is using the USB Wi-Fi module. We connect a laptop or computer wirelessly to the LED display, load special software on the PC, and you can change the data in a couple of clicks. 

  • Moisture protection

This is especially important if you want to order a street currency exchange LED board. We recommend choosing installations with a degree of protection IP65. 

  • Dimensions (edit)

The currency exchange LED display is to make in any size, with any number of currencies and colors. Standard suggested sizes start at 640×640 and end at 960×1280. If you need a custom-made design, the 1RK team will make it without any problems.   

Why buy P3.91 rental led display screen?

Outdoor LED displays in 2021 will conquer the capital of Ukraine by leaps and bounds. If you’re not a fan of these bright LED designs, it’s time to take a fresh look at them. We do not claim that after the article you will want to buy an LED display and place it on the facade, but you will definitely think about the benefits of LED screens for advertising. 

Reasons to order an outdoor LED display

1 – Dynamism

Is it more interesting to watch a picture or a video? On video, of course! Dynamic outdoor advertising is 3 times more effective in attracting the eye of the consumer than static. Billboards with a static picture have long been of no interest to anyone. P3.91 rental led display marketing 2021 requires movement, rhythm, speed. The world’s best brands play commercials on LED displays. Do not lag behind and you!

2 – The juiciness of the picture

The advertising video on the LED screen is perfectly visible in any weather, day and night, near and at a distance. Thanks to high-quality light elements – the First Advertising Company uses such elements – the image turns out to be rich and bright. Famous artists would envy such rich colors.

3 – Ease of use

An advertising surface that does not create problems – this is what entrepreneurs need in Kiev. Changing videos on LED displays is quick and easy. You can easily replace the video sequence with a new one yourself! In addition, it can even be done remotely.

4 – Economy P3.91 rental led display

If you think that because of the LED screen you will receive huge electricity bills, we hasten to reassure you – they will not. Such screens, even the largest ones, consume ten times less energy than the same lamp boards and other light signs. 

5 – Durability

Outdoor LED displays last at least 10 years. Our team makes structures of impact-resistant materials that can withstand extreme temperature changes and bad weather. In addition, we use the best LEDs – their life is up to 100 thousand hours, and continuously. 

6 – Adaptive ad setup

No other outdoor advertising setup will allow you to change ads based on the day of the week or time of day. With the help of the P3.91 rental led display, you can twist information about promotions and sales on weekends, and in the evenings on weekdays you can launch spectacular videos about new collections and the like. 

7 – Memorable ads on P3.91 rental led display

LED screens stand out from the urban environment, so people are more likely to watch and remember ads on them. Displays look modern, technologically advanced, in line with the times. Billboards have become boring, have become a part of the metropolis, they are affected by “advertising blindness”. 

To calculate the ROI of P3.91 rental led display screen, you need to calculate the advertising revenue for the month and the cost of the device. From the amount received, you must deduct the cost of electricity and Internet for the month. On average, it turns out that it will be possible to recoup the purchase of a led display in a maximum of six months.

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