9 Perfect Flexible Led Screen Marketing Tips to Apply in 2021

September 25, 2021

Currently, at commercial centers, we can easily encounter flexible led screen of various types. Curved LED screen is also one of the most popular types of LED display today. With a curved shape, easy installation, resizing, curved screens have become the trend of LED screens in the market. Let’s learn more about this screen line with us .

Table of contents

Introduction of curved LED screen

1. What is a curved screen?

2. Difference between curved LED screen and flat LED screen

3. Is the price of curved LED module higher than straight LED module?

4-Advantages of curved LED screen

5-Application of curved LED display

6-Criteria for determining the quality of curved LED modules

7-List of components included in the curved LED display

Introduction of curved LED screen

1. What is a curved flexible led screen?

Flexible led screen is a type of display that is made up of curved modules. With flexible curvature, easy to bend, LED screen gradually becomes more popular. Curved LED display with outstanding advantage it can be placed in any location.

We can see in rough places, with convex faces or at the base of columns in many different locations. Even with many curved shapes, the image of the curved LED screen is still clear, sharp, and high quality.

2. Difference between curved LED screen and flat LED screen

Compared to the flat LED screen, the curved LED screen has some differences that bring its special and outstanding features such as:

Curved LED display can be installed in rough, hard-to-install locations where flat LED screens cannot.

Need skill, high technical diagram because it needs meticulousness in the installation process to avoid causing gaps between joints. In addition, if not careful, it will cause roughness on the surface of the LED screen.

Curved screens have a wider viewing angle than flat screens. In particular, when sitting in the middle of the screen, viewers will see the entire scene and this is the widest viewing angle.

Curved LED screens produce sharper images, with greater depth and realism than flat LED screens.

3. Is the price of flexible led screen module higher than straight LED module?

Each type of module common to install different types of screens will of course have different prices. And of course the price of curved LED module is higher than straight LED module.

Because the flexible led screen module needs to be carefully designed, using durable materials. Curved LED modules are made from materials that can withstand heat, withstand heavy forces when bent.

In addition, the manufacturing process of curved LED modules is also a process that uses modern and advanced technology to produce quality modules. Therefore, the curved LED module costs more than the flat LED module.

Advantages of curved LED screen

Curved LED screen has many outstanding advantages that make it special and famous in the market:

Flexible led screen display is famous for its versatility. Because it is designed to be curved, this screen can be common in any position, even if it is bent or bumpy.

With a rubber design, their characteristics are very light. This will make the transport from the place of supply to the place of assembly faster.

Curved LED display is durable. Although it is thin and light, this curved screen can be folded and bent without any damage.

  • Curved screens are easy to repair.
  • No noise during use.
  • Easy to control and use.
  • Provide images, videos, text with wide viewing angles for the convenience of viewers.

Application of curved LED display

Flexible Led Screen

Flexible led screen are now widely common and popular throughout the market. This can show us that this screen has a lot of applications.

  • Installed at stock exchanges, real estate trading floors.
  • Curved screens are also installed in bars, karaoke, cinemas.
  • This screen is also widely common for brand advertising, product advertising.

Placed at major roads with many vehicles passing by for advertising purposes because this is a location where many people pass by. Use as the stage screen of different big and small shows.

In addition, curved screens are also common at bus stations, piers, railway stations, airports, schools, stadiums, etc.

Criteria for determining the quality of curved LED modules

1. Value brought

When setting a price for an item, the manufacturer always relies on the production process, the price of the component to give the best price. This means that a high-priced item means high quality. Therefore, the price of curved LED screens can be higher than flat Flexible led screen.

However, the value it brings to consumers is much higher than that due to the installation structure as well as the use it brings. Therefore, we should choose to invest in a monitor with a high value that is compatible with the quality value it brings to the consumer. Investing in our work is completely worth it because it can bring more benefits than we expect.

2. Specifications of Flexible led screen

Before buying electronic gadgets, buyers need to carefully consider and have a broad view of these gadgets. For curved LED screens, too, buyers need to learn the specifications to be able to make the right choices. Check the brightness before buying to see if the monitor placement and screen brightness are compatible.

In addition, for curved Flexible led screen you need to consider the bending limit of the screen to be able to choose the right type where you assemble. This will prevent the screen from breaking.

In addition, the screen needs to be paid attention to the light balance effect to monitor the clarity and color of the image. Therefore, when buying a curved screen, customers need to be careful to avoid unnecessary deviations.

What is P4 LED display?

P4 LED screen is a screen with a pixel pitch of 4mm. Made from many LED pixels put together to form a large screen. The screen is common for many different presentation purposes such as advertising, weddings, conferences, seminars, etc. P4 pixel pitch LED module 4mm.

P4: LED Display Types

P4 screen  divide into 2 types: indoor LED display and outdoor LED display:

  • Indoor P4 LED screen: common with sheltered places, low light intensity often appears at conferences, weddings, etc. events that take place indoors.
  • Outdoor P4 LED screen: designed somewhat differently from indoor P4 Flexible led screen, it has a good anti-glare waterproof design suitable for music shows, product advertising, etc.

Application of P4 Flexible led screen display

With high definition and the screen can be large and small, so it can be applied to presentations with many different spaces:

  • Making advertising LED screens at commercial centers, supermarkets, restaurants, airports, …
  • Making LED screen projection at halls, conferences, schools, businesses, …
  • Common as signboards in stages, hotel lobby, high-class restaurants.
  • Run introductory videos for businesses and products.
  • Making advertising screens at bars, luxury karaoke.
  • Shows at football cafes with a large number of people.
  • Stage LED screen at events, large and small outdoor festivals.

Stage Flexible led screen uses LED module P4.

Advantages and disadvantages of P4 Flexible led screen

1. Advantages

  • P4 LED display for sharp images thanks to the pixel density and high resolution up to > 62,500 dots/m2.
  • P4 with a long life of 100,000 hours, so it is very durable, not only that, but also has a wide viewing angle of up to 120 degrees.
  • Thanks to the design from small modules, it is easy to install into many forms, designs and easily remove the cover.
  • The screen is run with low voltage, so it rarely explodes when common.
  • The monitor supports many connection formats such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc.
  • LED P4 does not use harmful substances such as mercury, so it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Professional sound processing, clear.
  • Slim, lightweight optimized design.

2. Disadvantages

  • The resolution is not as high as other indoor LED screens such as P3, P2.5… so it is not suitable for viewing at close range. However, if viewed at a reasonable distance, it still produces sharp images and vivid colors. With the advantage of low cost, this is a great choice to help reduce costs.
  • For indoor P4 there is no anti-glare water resistance.

Frequently asked Questions for Flexible led screen

On the market, there are many price lists of P4 Flexible led screen, so many customers do not know whether they buy at a high price but still have the same quality. We guarantee to bring our customers quality products for the money you spend. Below is our price list for your reference.

Display feature of P4 . LED screen

  • Connected to camera systems, amplifiers, speakers, K +, laptops, so it is very easy to control with users.
  • Display file formats of windows, VCD, DVD, MP3, MP4
  • The P4 screen is easy to do partition and split screen to show more content, and can also be combined to show the most important special content.
  • The display is easy to set to match the given content
  • Auto projection time can be set.
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