9 Quality Checkpoints of p2.5 led display: Best Guide

May 16, 2021


P2.5 led display

The content of the article

1 1. The plane of the screen surface

2 2. Brightness

3 3. Viewing angle

4 4. White balance

5 5. Refresh rate

6 6. Color depth

7 7. Protection from the external environment

8 8. Cooling

9 9. Inoperative pixels

10 10. The difference in color between modules

11 LED screen characteristics. Summing up:

Important characteristics of the LED screen when buying

P2.5 led display screens, today, is widespread in the world and is gradually gaining popularity. They are used for advertising, in television studios, on touring artists, at sporting events, and so on. And since this is a technically complex product, for most buyers the task of buying an LED screen is not easy. Let’s try to figure out what technical characteristics of the LED screen you should pay attention to.


High requirements are imposed on the uniformity of the front part of the LED screen. The surface must be perfectly flat, deviations over the entire surface of the screen are allowed no more than ± 1 mm, otherwise image distortions and “dead zones” may occur.

Moreover, they are most noticeable when viewing the image at an angle with the greatest deviation. The flatness of the plane depends on the accuracy of the geometry of both the cabinet itself and the modules.

Uniformity of the front plane – characteristics of the p2.5 led display screen


Brightness to measure the brightness of LED screens, use the concept – the output of candelas per square meter (cd / m2). The higher the number, the brighter the screen. Usually, for indoor screens, the brightness is ≥ 800 cd / m2, for outdoor screens ≥ 4000 cd / m2, if the outdoor screen is under direct sunlight, then ≥ 6500 cd / m2, otherwise the image may be dim.

The brightness of the LED screen mainly depends on the LEDs used. We can measure it with a special device – a luxmeter. This device converts light energy into the energy of an electric current, and measures this photocurrent with a microammeter.

Luxmeter, brightness – LED screen characteristics

Operating the LED screen at maximum brightness will significantly reduce the life of the equipment – this must be considered in advance when you want to buy an LED screen. It is more practical to select brightness parameters that exceed the requirements, and then, when using, reduce the excess brightness by changing the settings – this will increase the life of your screen.


P2.5 led display viewing angle – directly affects the number of viewers, and, of course, you need to strive to increase this indicator. It mainly depends on the device of the LED chip. As a rule, for SMD configuration the angle is 120 ° / 120 °, for DIP configuration – 120 ° / 60 °.

Viewing angle – characteristics of the p2.5 led display screen


White balance – the quality of the white color depends on this characteristic of the LED screen. Ideal white will only be when red, green and blue are in a ratio of 1: 4.6: 0.16. In case of deviation from this ratio, white color will have deviations. For example, it can be bluish white or yellowish green.


P2.5 led display 2021

Refresh rate is another critical characteristic, especially for a TV studio. If the p2.5 led display screen has a low refresh rate, then flickering and “beating” of the image will be visible on the screen when shooting video. Basically, this specification is ≥1000 Hz, and sometimes 3000 Hz or more is required.


Color depth: the rich color gamut of modern LED screens comes by combining LEDs of the primary colors – red, green, blue (RGB) and reaches 16.5 million colors. How accurately and reliably the real image displayon the display depends on this characteristic of the LED screen.


An outdoor LED screen must first of all have good waterproofing protection. The enclosure, cables and connectors must withstand any outdoor weather. Be sure to pay attention to the IP layer of the screen.

IP is an international standard for the protection of electrical equipment from external influences, which is also valid. The marking code looks like this: IPXX, where XX is two digits.

The first digit gives an idea of ​​protection against human contact with live parts and protection against mechanical damage. The second number defines the degree of protection against moisture penetration.

8. P2.5 led display Cooling Factor

The p2.5 led display must have a cooling system (in summer, the temperature inside the display can reach 100 degrees or more) to minimize malfunctions and increase its lifespan. Installation of an air conditioner is most suitable for this.


Most often this happens due to a defective cable or poor contact in the connector. If you encounter such a problem, call our technician at the toll-free number: 8-800-700-86-80, we will advise you on this issue.


This is mainly due to poor-quality connections and connectors between modules or due to imperfections in the control system.


Thus, the listed technical characteristics of an LED screen are important points that you should pay special attention to if you are planning to buy an LED screen.

Installation of the p2.5 led display screen, installation features

Modern advertising media require more and more complex design solutions. The latest trend in outdoor advertising – LED screens – is no exception here. What you need to know about the features of LED screen installation?
First of all, it is necessary to take into account all the design features – not only of the screen itself, but also of the place where it will be mounted. As a rule, p2.5 led display screens are delivered disassembled; therefore, before starting work, it is necessary to check the operability of each part.

 LED elements can fail, which is quite natural for individual boards that periodically burn out. Therefore, high-quality installation is distinguished by the possibility of prompt replacement of any faulty structural element.
There are several types of placement of LED screens:

  • Pole mounting. It is used in outdoor advertising and is additionally reinforced with metal structures.
  • Suspended mounting. Most often used indoors, but can also be installed outdoors. LED screens are mounted using stands, cables and a frame.
  • City format. A fairly new type of installation is the installation of ready-made light boxes with LED lamps.
  • A media facade is the most complex and expensive construction, consisting of many boards fixed on cables. The main plus is flexibility, which allows it to take the shape of the building on which the media facade is installed.

What is the cost of p2.5 led display?

The cost of LED screens is much higher than that of ordinary billboards, so improper installation can lead to structural destruction and, as a result, huge losses for you. To avoid this, it is necessary to resort to the help of p2.5 led display professionals who will competently install the equipment and ensure its long service life.

Highly qualified craftsmen, constantly improving their skills and knowledge in the field of LED structures installation, will provide reliable and high-quality installation at reasonable prices.


Image advertising is relatively new. For a long time it was sounding. A couple of centuries ago, heralds walked the streets of cities, informing residents about important events. At markets and fairs, sellers loudly called customers to buy goods.

With the advent of radio, advertising has changed, but its essence remains the same. It’s just that now the sound was pouring out of the speakers. And only about 25 years ago, sound advertising was replaced by visual. These were posters mounted on special structures.

 And for quite a long time, p2.5 led display advertising remained static. But now video advertising is gaining popularity, which is broadcast on various devices, including LED screens.


Studies show that a picture with soundtrack increases the return on advertising by 40%. But at the same time, audio is present when broadcasting on only 2% of media screens. Because of what this happens:

  • installing audio equipment in an open space is a complex, expensive and labor-intensive job;
  • it is always noisy on the streets of cities, which is why it is difficult to make the sound of the video overlap the rumble coming from all sides;
  • The sound of advertisements bursting into the general mass of voices and noise can annoy passers-by, due to which the display of advertisements will not give the expected effect.

Because of these problems, the soundtrack of the commercials is mainly performed indoors. Most often these are places with a large crowd of people, for example, shops, airports, train stations.

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