9 Reasons to Install P16 Outdoor led Display Price Board

August 26, 2021

P16 Outdoor led Display Price Board

Using a p16 outdoor led display price channel to promote your business is not only a fashion statement but also an important business tool. Outdoor LED displays have been proven to attract more attention than conventional signage. This means that they increase sales and public awareness.

What is external p16 outdoor led display?

An external LED display is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have the budget to spend on advertising. The LED display will become an excellent business card for your store, cafe, supermarket, and at the same time it will cost much less than classic advertising tools.

With this dynamic and powerful tool, your business will always be at the forefront.


1. Bright.

Many business owners use p16 outdoor led display price because it is much brighter than other types of outdoor advertising. The bright displays attract more attention from passers-by and are visible at long distances.

2. Independence

Initially, the cost of purchasing an LED display can be more expensive than a conventional advertising sign. But, in the long term, this high cost pays for itself in full. How? Yes, at least the question of changing the commercial.

 It can be roughly divided into 2 stages, in which you no longer need outside help: creating new content, placing it on the screen (broadcast).

In many cases, having certain skills, you can independently, without resorting to the help of professional designers, think over and create new video content. Accordingly, moving on to the second part, launching new content – here you just need to use a PC to replace the old video with a new one.

3. Long service life of p16 outdoor led display

Outdoor LED screens are much stronger and more durable than other advertising platforms. This is due to the fact that they are made of shock-resistant materials, and LED elements have a huge reserve of resource-hours of work. The average service life of such elements is 100,000 hours of continuous operation.

4. Flexibility in operation.

Unlike traditional p16 outdoor led display price advertising, which takes a lot of money and effort to replace, LED displays can update their content instantly. In this case, all changes will occur in real time, which contributes to their quick correction.

5. External appeal.

Dynamic images and effects look more attractive and informative than static images. They also improve the external aesthetic perception of the place. This is why LED displays are often common in public places. Such as shopping centers, train stations, and sports arenas.

6. Economical consumption of p16 outdoor led display price electricity

LED displays use a lot less electricity compared to conventional static billboards. Those who use neon or tungsten lamps for external illumination of their advertising canvas in the dark. In this way, you are contributing to the protection of the environment. All Adaptive A-Series LED displays are UL Energy Verified.

7. Adaptive ad change.

LED displays can be configured to display advertisements based on the time of day or day of the week. It will only show content that is relevant to the time and place. In which the display itself is located. Thus, your target audience will always be aware of the latest innovations and offers of your business.

8. Personal approach to the target audience.

Depending on the situation around, you can customize your LED display for specific population groups. Whether it’s football fans or parents with children, you can always provide them with relevant and interesting information.

9. Recognition of p16 outdoor led display

Admit it honestly, but you don’t remember even half of the ads that you saw on standard media. Whether it’s a sign or a billboard, in a modern city they have become more of a part of architecture than something isolated and unique. The same cannot be said for p16 outdoor led display price. Their constantly changing content attracts the attention of all segments of the population.

And the uniqueness, against the background of other advertising platforms, will remain in the memory of your customers for a long time. You just have to develop a unique design for your advertisement, and the LED display will take care of conveying it to everyone.


Despite the fact that in USA the LED screen as an advertising medium has not yet managed to gain the popularity and demand that it enjoys in the USA, Europe and some Asian countries, today we can safely talk about the prospects.

The screen is not afraid of weather changes, the content is loaded and changed in a few seconds, plus prompt service and round-the-clock surveillance … In general, and the advantages of LED media over static advertising structures allow us to predict an increase in demand and demand for LED screens in outdoor advertising.

Advantages and Disadvantages of led display

But even with all its advantages and advantages, the screen is only half the battle. Why does information posted on expensive equipment do not bring the expected effect, while videos broadcast on a relatively inexpensive screen increase sales several times over? Why it happens?

 The answer is obvious – the point is the correct presentation of information. That is, in the content that is shown on the screen.


First, you should refrain from curly fonts and gradient color transitions. These things look good on plasma monitors, but will only ruin the picture on p16 outdoor led display price. For such equipment, strict straight fonts, contrasting colors and the absence of small details are good.

P16 Outdoor led Display Price Board 2021

Second, don’t oversaturate your content with text and frame rates! The fewer variables in one video, the better and more fully the average person viewing this video perceives the information. Frequent frame changes, a lot of text and pictures – all this reduces the advertising effect.

Thirdly, the duration of the p16 outdoor led display video

Content, laid out in 15-20 seconds, is perceived by a person better than the same information stretched out to 30 seconds. This result was shown by studies carried out in one of the largest European chain stores.

Finally, you should not broadcast only advertisements from the media screen. Entertainment p16 outdoor led display price content increases the loyalty of the average person to commercials and reduces the annoying factor inherent in advertising.

 This way, the content looks more memorable and less intrusive, and therefore less repulsive. The right balance between advertising and entertainment content gives the best effect, which, of course, cannot but affect your business!


Over the past year or two, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for digital media screens and their use in completely different industries.

If earlier such displays were more often rented for “special occasions” (a big concert, presentation, grand opening of an enterprise, etc.), today digital screens in various forms are common almost everywhere – at airports and train stations, in hotels and restaurants.


Digital technologies do not stand still. If earlier digital screens were bulky structures, today it is possible to choose the desired size and configuration.

The second no less weighty and important reason for the increase in demand is the democratic prices. Manufacturing p16 outdoor led display price a few years ago was quite expensive, so buying or even renting a small screen was unprofitable.

Today, when the production of such equipment is not so expensive, the prices for the finished product are so democratic that even the owner of a small shop can afford an attractive LED sign that will attract buyers and pay off in a short time.

What should be the weight of p16 outdoor led display?

By lightening the weight, LED designs have become more practical to use. Ease of assembly and disassembly, relatively low weight and small area occupied by the disassembled structure, as a result – convenient transportation. These qualities are very convenient for rental LED screens, as well as for touring theater groups.

Among other things, digital signs and advertisements look very presentable, while consuming a small amount of electricity.

All these factors contribute to the widespread use of digital screens as advertising media, decorations, information boards, etc.

The Role of Digital Technology in p16 outdoor led display

Today, keeping up with the times and using digital technologies are practically the same thing. This applies to both everyday life and business. The hospitality business is no exception.

A person gets common to the convenience that digital technologies invariably provide, and the primary and main task of every hotel owner is to provide maximum comfort to his clients. Therefore, p16 outdoor led display price in a hotel are not a luxury, but a means for successful business.


And this is not only plasma in the room or TV in the lobby! They are also digital monitors with background information, hotel guide, list of services and even digital registration. Why is this necessary if there is a qualified staff whose work maintains the hotel’s reputation?

 Firstly, digital technologies allow avoiding queues, and secondly, the screens show complete and detailed information that every visitor sees. Simply put, LED screens with informational content are really convenient!

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