9 Tips to Get Best Results from outdoor Advertising led Display

August 25, 2021

outdoor Advertising led Display

The outdoor advertising led display lighting is a delicate job. The light should not only favorably emphasize the architecture of a public building or a private house, but also fit into the environment.

Speaking of a private house, the facade lighting should continue the lighting design of the site. As for the public building, its lighting must meet the norms of the state and harmoniously fit into the” light picture” of the city.

Which outdoor advertising led display to choose?

LED floodlights are an ideal solution for lighting facades. Modern models of such lamps are invisible, only their light is visible. This is a big plus for the beauty of the facade design.

LED lamps give a bright and rich light. Many of them are made of stainless steel, so they are resistant to the influence of the sun and moisture, well protected from mechanical damage.

There are many spotlights for installation in the ground, tile, pool, on the wall. Built-in spotlights are a popular option for lighting the facade, because they can be “immersed” in the material and only the light will be visible.

For wall mounting, outdoor advertising led display with one or two beams are often common. There are also floodlights-columns that are great for highlighting the path of a private plot.

Home outdoor advertising led display lighting

The ideal illumination of the building is obtained only by those who have studied the construction.

  • You need to start small:
  • Find out who the architect is;
  • Find the features of the building;
  • Determine the purpose of the building;
  • Take into account the location and environment;
  • Identify whether this is the main building or “one of the…

Appreciate the street and architectural lighting up close.

If the house is just being built, talk to the architect. Specify what will be special about this building; what is its purpose (sports complex, residential building, etc?

The specifics of outdoor advertising led display lighting a public building

There are differences in the facade lighting of an institution and a private house. Furthermore, you can use different rules and approaches. Find out more in each of the sub-items.

Public building

There are norms for public urban buildings that cannot be violated.

For example, you cannot make the brightness higher or lower than that defined for such facades by the state. It is important that the lighting does not provoke discomfort for drivers, passengers and passers-by.

The project of lighting the facade must be coordinated with government agencies. You must legally confirm that the lighting meets the standards and the urban lighting concept.

Private house

There are no rules and regulations here. But there are the tastes of the customer.

If people pay attention to facade lighting on the street when it irritates the eye, then at home lighting creates an atmosphere. The illumination of the facade in a private house is the embodiment of the owner’s taste.

What is important to consider when outdoor advertising led display lighting the façade?

  • Lighting design of the nearest buildings;
  • Street lighting (for public buildings);
  • Moreover, the architecture of the building;
  • Finishing materials (matt, mirror or glossy);
  • Similarly, electric house project;
  • In addition, design documents.
  • Popular errors in facade lighting

Ignoring the street light

If your building is on a narrow street and you ignore the lights, most likely, the illumination of the building on 1-2 floors will not be the same as stated in the concept. On the facade, instead of the soft light of searchlights, there will be bright spots of lanterns.

Lack of real verification

outdoor led display rental 2021

The use of calculation programs simplifies the work, but they cannot be trusted much. Test real lighting elements on real facades. And it is even better, if you hire a light designer who can recreate a computer image in real life.

What we recommend in outdoor advertising led display?

We recommend ordering facade lighting from professional teams. If you take up the process yourself, it is unlikely that you will achieve a phenomenal result. Facade lighting has a lot of subtleties. Professionals know how to make the lighting of a building as magical as in the most beautiful photos.

It is not profitable to install a TV or an LCD panel than to buy outdoor advertising led display. They say it will be much cheaper. We suggest not to take the word for it, but to check whether the assumption is really true.

Let’s compare the LED screen with the LCD panel and the TV right now. Let’s see who will take the upper hand in this fight!

The cost of LED screens and LCD TV screens

If you look at the cost of an LED screen and a similar-sized LCD TV, the TV, of course, will cost less. At least, if it is an inexpensive brand. But if the desired design size exceeds the standard dimensions of televisions, the LED monitor turns into a more profitable purchase. The cost of large LCD TVs is high, as is the cost of LED screens.

A draw! Both the TV and the LED screen have their pros and cons in the price.

When using a remote control system, the costs that have to be borne when workers leave for the place where we install outdoor advertising led display. On average, you have to spend up to 35 hours a week to go around and inspect advertising structures.

Outdoor advertising led display is not expensive

 Due to the use of the service, expenses are reduced. Due to what this happens – when information about problems appears, the operator remotely restarts the working system, and only when the problem has not been eliminated as a result of the reboot, the masters go to the object. Another advantage of the introduction of a remote control system is the reduction of the cost of training masters.

Previously, specialists needed to learn to troubleshoot scroller systems. Now you need to configure the system only when it is launched for the first time. Specialists do not have to spend time reprogramming it. Remote management of advertising installations with the help of modern cloud technologies provides reliable monitoring of the status of outdoor advertising media.

What is the modern outdoor advertising led display system?

 New systems and services allow companies to significantly save money on equipment maintenance, simplify the work of employees of the company that owns LED screens. Our company offers a wide range of outdoor advertising led display equipment for displaying outdoor advertising.

Contact us if you want to purchase LED screens. Our staff will select a suitable version of the ice panel for you.

The LED screen is an advertising structure that cannot be installed with a godfather or a bosom friend. Installation of an LED screen requires special skills and compliance with safety rules.

There are a number of subtleties for installing a monitor on a facade or inside a building, but only installers know them. By the way, they are unlikely to share advice with strangers, but we will provide you with classified information.

Tip 1: Consider the weight of the outdoor advertising led display

Outdoor advertising led display screens are heavy, although outwardly they may not seem so. They need to be fastened to the most reliable scaffolds, supports and other parts. The requirements for fixing LED screens are much higher than, for example, for billboards or roof signs. Due to the overestimated requirements, the structures are many times more stable.

Tip 2: Put editing in the hands of specialists

You don’t have to be too arrogant and think that you yourself will cope with this task. It is difficult to install LED screens on the facade. In addition, a poor professional or a person with no experience can harm the monitor. As a result, you will have to pay a tidy sum for repairs.

 Let the professional team do the installation of the LED screen! For example, the team of the First Advertising Company will qualitatively install even a large LED screen in one day.

Tip 3: Installation should be phased

Installation of outdoor advertising led display takes place in several stages. Usually, assembly teams work according to the following plan:

  1. Development of a project for the installation of a screen.
  2. Creation of a project for power supply of the structure. 
  3. Delivery of metal structures to the location. 
  4. Similarly, Rent of a truck crane and aerial platform. 
  5. Installation of a metal structure. 
  6. Moreover, Installation of LED modules on a metal structure and connection of additional equipment. 
  7. Connect the power cables to the monitor. 
  8. Furthermore, turning on the LED screen and setting. 
  9. Training the client to work with the media screen. 

As you can see, the presence of all these stages already suggests that independent installation of the monitor on a facade or in an institution is impossible. There are so many nuances, so many subtleties to consider! Besides, this is an unsafe job. Especially when mounted on a roof or façade. 

Tip 4: Think outdoor advertising led display Safety

Outdoor LED display must be protected from moisture, heat, weather. It is extremely important to protect against lightning strikes. Make sure the monitor is equipped with a lightning receiver, a down conductor and a lightning counter.

It is also necessary to make sure that the unit will not fall from strong wind gusts. If the monitor is exposed to the influence of wind, you need to reinforce the metal structure with additional fixing elements. 


The First Advertising Company will make fast and reliable installation of the outdoor advertising led display! We will install the LED screen on the roof, make a suspended installation, mount it in the wall or hang it near the wall, place it on the showcase and windows.

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