A Complete Guide on How to Buy LED Screen

January 13, 2021

With the rise in demand, the cost of LED screens drops dramatically in recent years, however, buying the wrong LED solution could be an expensive mistake

The real importance to buy LED screen is their use in outdoor locations. Public places, shopping malls, and sports arenas are the ideal spots for LED screens. These places attract a large number of audiences from across the nations. Therefore, these vicinities become the hotspot for choosing the best quality LED screens. Sports arenas and globally recognized shopping malls contain hundreds of these LEDs. LED screen attracts the audience more often than usual methods of display. Also, it comprises the most vivid and exciting way of displaying the message. The use of an LED screen is feasible in any environment.

In this way, LED screens are hence becoming the preferred solution. Their popularity is realized by the fact that LED screens are taking over the LCD panels and projectors. This is because an LED screen creates a long-lasting impression and simply a wow factor in visuals.

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What is An LED Screen?

Before you buy LED screen it is imperative to understand what an LED screen is. LED screen basically, in a simple term a light-emitting diode. By nature, a diode is a semi-conductor. LED emits light energy when we pass an electric current through it. The semi-conductor possesses this feature. In the periodic table, these semi-conductors hold a special position in group three and five.

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Therefore, they are famous as III-V materials. Amongst the most commonly used materials are gallium arsenide and gallium phosphide. The first-ever LED was developed in the year 1927. Russian Scientists were the first ones to developed LED. It was just after WWI. This is because there was a need for material that could detect light as well as microwaves. After working for long years, soon the scientists realize that LED not only detects however it also creates light.

Different Types of LED Screens

DIP LED Screen

DIP LED is also known as a dual in-line package LED screen. This is the most common type of LED screen that people buy. DIP is the reason when they buy LED screen, they are familiar with DIP technology. The DIP LED usually encases itself in a rounded plastic cover.

The cover thereby usually carries a specific color or a color shade. These shades or colors are attached with metal legs. These legs use to carry a specific charge or polarity by themselves. Now, to distinguish the relative polarity of the legs, the DIP system makes it easier for you to analyze. The positives polarity legs are by default large than negative polarity legs.

The plastic encapsulation is set in DIP LED for a specific reason. The encapsulation also acts as a lens by which the light can be set in a particular direction. This is exactly the opposite of how the conventional light bulb works. Unlike the traditional filament bulb, the DIP LED doesn’t require a reflection principle. It, therefore, doesn’t need to reflect the light towards the specific audience.

However, in a DIP LED screen the display of the screen is brightest. This thereby makes these DIP LEDs more reliable than their counterparts. This is the reason that DIP LED screens are even reliable for outdoor harsh weather environments.

SMD LED Screen

If you want to buy an LED screen that carries less energy consumption mechanism, SMD is the best choice. An SMD LED screen means surface mount device LEDs. They are becoming more popular because they require less energy. This is exactly the opposite of their predecessors as DIP that requires more energy. The less energy consumption thereby increases the lifespan of the LEDs as well.

This is because less energy means high heat dissipation. Surface mount in SMD means that devices are generally used to get mount directly on the circuit board. These SMD comes in different packages as Red Green Blue as 3 in 1. This RGB is a basic color that helps in making the other colors as well. This combination thus helps in making a single pixel.

Furthermore, a good quality SMD LED screen helps in increasing heat dissipation. This thereby allows less energy consumption and more lifespan. Additionally, SMDs are the cluster of small LEDs joint in a small space. The lifespan of SMD lies around 100 hours.  There is a wide variety of SMD available and hence comes in various sizes. We usually measure SMD in millimeters as width x height.

COB LED Screens

In order to buy LED screen that promises more protection and reliability, you are looking probably at COB LED. COB LED screen carries a chip on board mechanism. The basic structural mechanism of COB LED is that several LEDs are packed together and attached directly to the board.

Furthermore, after attachment, a coating of resin also applies to it. This thereby helps the COB LEDs to protect from dust, water, and any physical damage. Protection also allows the LEDs to dissipate more heat and hence the rate of pixel failure decreases. In the end, the product appears to be much reliable.

The resin that the COB LED carries helps in the more LED shinning. This hence helps in increasing the angle view of the screen. This increase in angle view ultimately is helpful in various applications. The resin also helps in increasing eventually the brightness, contrast as well as uniformity of the display. This reliability and protection by resin help in making the cleaning consequently an easy practice. Unlike conventional LEDs screen, the cleaning of COB LED helps just requires a simple wipe with an item of clean clothing.

Buying Guide

In order to buy LED screen that best matches your requirement, it is hence pertinent to look at certain factors.  Which ultimately helps in analyzing the difference between the best and the low-quality LED screens. The guide eventually helps in making a more informed decision.


The foremost important thing in deciding while buying an LED screen its construction mechanism. How an LED is built is more important than how it looks. The appropriate LED screen is the one that is stronger in its built. However, the low-quality LED screen is the one that carries a powder coating. Cheap construction means cheap LED modules in LED screens.

Power Supply

LED as we have discussed are the semi-conductors. This thereby means that these require a continuous supply of direct current. A low-quality LED screen hence carries a low-quality capacitor. This makes them low life conductors which not only last little but also happen to display an unreliable picture. Therefore, while buying an LED screen it is mandatory to look for a CE certificate. Low-quality LED screens do carry CE certification.


Though the consideration of weight while buying a led screen seems an odd phenomenon. Nevertheless, this is the true criteria. This means that the high-quality led screen carries a high weighted LED. Similarly, a low-quality LED screen is the one that holds lightweight LED screens. This is because the high-quality LED screen carries LEDs that are high in the amount of aluminum. Aluminum thereby helps in increasing the heat dissipation.

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LED Chips

LED chips make the most integral component of LED screens. In LEDs chips is major parts and there are many suppliers of chips across the globe. The criteria for determining the best LED are the size of its chip. This means that the larger the chips the higher the quality of LED would be. This furthermore, makes the screen and the LED more stable. Consequently, LEDs with large chips are more expensive than smaller

ship LEDs. That is why some LED screens of the same specifications are expensive than their counterparts.

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