A Complete Introduction to Transparent LED Display

January 04, 2021

What You Need To Know About Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED displays are the new craze in the world of marketing. These exceptionally looking presentations are a treat for the eye and you can stop yourself from admiring the brand that has used these LED displays for marketing.

Research has shown that companies that use LED display for advertisement yield better results in terms of attracting consumers. The LED displays have the ability to not only grab attention but also makes a great first impression. It will compel the consumer to try your product at least once.

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After all, the attractive pictures, vibrant colors, and the beautiful combination would attract the consumer.


 Why Transparent LED Displays?

These transparent LED Displays are ideal for indoor and outdoor window displays. They don’t block the view or light. It dramatically transforms your windows and glass facades into a dynamic video advertising screen.

Transparent LED Display

An image is created on-screen by programming LEDs to work together. The light comes together to display the relevant pixel colors on the mapped LEDs. They are commonly used to reinforce brands.

Display Principle of Transparent LED Display:

The Transparent LED Display works on one core principle that covers three major areas mentioned below;

  • It targets the modification in the lamp bead package, its control system, and the patch manufacturing process.
  • To maintain the required permeability, it emphasizes on transparent screen micro-innovation of the LED display light bar.
  • The applicator use hollowed-out structures to minimize structural pieces.

Types of Transparent LED Displays:

The transparent displays vary according to shape and space. The desired product can be selected, according to the needs and priorities of buyers.

1.      Transparent LED Poster:

The transparent LED poster can be displayed in a shop window. They are supported 80% by sidelights and SMD technology.

2.      Transparent LED Wall:

Transparent LED Wall is a versatile system trusted by numerous leading brands. To generate this system clear LED Wall is used to create a high impression. It uses full daylight using P10 and smaller LEDs.

3.      Custom Transparent LED light:

It matches with glass perfectly and can be accustomed to any shape and size

4.      Transparent LED curtain:

Transparent LED Display

5. Transparent LED Board:

The permeability of the Transparent LED board is relatively high, but they are not water or moisture-proof.

Transparent LED Display

Features of Transparent LED Display:

Following are the features that set these LED displays apart and convince the customers to buy them.

Light Weight: It occupies a small space and is light weighted. The total weight of the screen is 12kg whereas the thickness of the main panel is 10mm.

High Transparency: The appearance of these Transparent LED displays are very fine and are easy to install. The visual experience of these transparent LED displays is like floating on the curtain wall. The transparency ratio is up to 80%.

Easy-to-Install: No heavy machinery is required to fix them. Quick-lock system assures quick installation and saves labor expenses.

Usually, it has a 40mm x 40mm steel tube which is fixed at a distance of 1m, and a horizontal steel tube is weld at the bottom to support the height and width of the display.

Easy-to-maintain: They are very easy to maintain and are also anti-aging.

Environment-Friendly: The LED displays are environment friendly and energy-saver. They save up to 40% more energy than regular displays.

Engaging: It is an innovative way to engage your audience and customers.

Wide Range:  They can cover the wide-area and thus solve the problem of typical displays.

Application Environment of Transparent LED Screens?

A Transparent LED display reduces light pollution. Moreover, the installation is convenient, and the performance is anti-aging. There are four application environments for LED displays;

1.      Building Curtain Walls;

The transparent LED display can be used in the large area of the glass curtain wall. It has a huge potential for outdoor media advertising. They solve the problem of not covering the huge curtain walls.

2.      Interior Design:

The Transparent LED display modifies the beautification of space as it can be customized according to space and shape.

3.      Exhibition:

The beautiful LED displays are also showcased in exhibitions and conferences to promote the products in all possible aspects.

4.      Display:

It fulfills the marketing propaganda of the brands efficiently.

Application Scenarios of Transparent LED Display:

The six common application scenarios of Transparent LED display include;

  1. Stage Dance Beauty:

The transparent LED display screen can be build and modified according to the diversity of the modeling stage. The depth of these LEDs is beyond perfection and it does not hinder any space on stage.

2.      Mall:

The transparent LED displays are effectively used in shopping malls on the windows and glass partitions of the shops.

3.      Chain Store:

Personalized images by Chain stores gather the traffic and what can display these personalized images better than the transparent LED Displays.

4.      Glass Window

The LED glass displays have brought a revolution in the market. Both retailers and consumers are equally excited to experience this revolution. They play a major role in interior design, glass window decoration, and other fields as well.

5.      Construction Media

The application of LED glass curtain is very popular in the construction media.

6.      Science Museums

The transparent LED display is best to give a high-tech display in science museums and give it a magical and mysterious look.

Transparent LED Cabinet Details:

The dimension of Transparent LED Cabinet; 500x1000mm

Nation star Gold Wire: 6000Nits.Front Service

Specs: Thin and lightweight. Energy-saving and simple operation

Thickness; 40mm (ultra-thin)

Transparent LED Screen Specification:

Typical Application Specification
Windows, Glass Walls & facades Module sizes-1000x500mm or 500x375mm
Corporate buildings & offices Pixel pitch-3.9×7.8mm or 7.8×7.8mm
Retail Stores & Shopping Centers Transparency up to 85%
Stadiums & Arenas Brightness- 5000 cd/m
Hotels & Airports Viewing angle 160
Car showrooms Software & control system included


Advantages of Transparent LED Display:

The attractive LED displays are a treat for vision and modification of technology. Let’s have a look at other advantages of these displays.

Unparalleled Transparency:

The transparency and clear vision of the transparent LED display is unparalleled. They vary from 53% to 93%. These displays are visible 24/7 from distance also. Hence they are a cost-effective way to enhance your brand marketing.

Modular Design:

You can modify the LED displays according to the need and requirements of the client.

Standard Size for Clear LED Poster is 42”, 55” and 63”.

Standard size for clear LED Wall is 1000mm x 500mm x 30mm/37.395” x 18.897” x 1.18”

960mm x 480mm x 30mm/ 37.395” x 18.897” x 1.18”

There is no size limitation in Wall displays and no matter how large the size is, the quality and resolution of the product remain intact.

Low Touch:

The clear LED displays require minimum maintenance. if needed, the LED stripes have a long life and can be replaced easily and quickly. The repairs are also very low cost and the digital LED signs last long.

Strong Control:

It is possible to control LED displays via computer, video cards, remote transceivers via a cable network, and wireless remote clusters. Moreover, you can change the display anytime.

Large Viewing Angle:

Generally, the LED displays are made from SMD 1921, SMD 2727, and other models of lamp beads. The brightness can reach 5000-6000cd/m2. The table pasted screen lamps efficiently mix colors, reduce colors, and have a large viewing angle.

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Wrap up:

The transparent LED light passes the light like glass. The easy to install set up and the beautiful display is cost-effective. They are light-weight, attractive, modern, easy-to-maintain, changeable, and can cover any area no matter how wide it is. The leading brands of the world are adopting Transparent LED displays and upgrading the marketing and advertising game.

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