About Small Pixel Pitch LED

April 14, 2023

1.The Concept of Small Pixel Pitch LED

(1) Small Pixel Pitch LED is a high-resolution, high-brightness LED display technology. Compared with traditional LED displays, small pixel pitch LED can achieve higher pixel density in a smaller screen area, resulting in clearer and more delicate display effects.

(2) Small pixel pitch LED is usually below 2 mm, and can even reach below 0.2 mm. This kind of display screen with high pixel density is usually used in indoor large-scale display systems, such as conference rooms, TV stations, studios, stages and other places.

(3) The advantages of small pixel pitch LED technology include high brightness, high contrast, high gray scale, high refresh rate, and high color saturation. In addition,small pixel pitch LED display also has the characteristics of modular design and easy maintenance.

2. Types of Small Pixel Pitch LED

The types of small pixel pitch LED mainly include the following:

(1) SMD LED display: SMD is the abbreviation of surface mount technology. The pixels of the SMD LED display are packaged with SMD LED lamp beads, which can achieve higher brightness and wider viewing angles, and have a better plane degree and stability.

(2) COB LED display: COB is the abbreviation of chip packaging technology. The COB LED display adopts a new chip packaging technology, which can achieve higher brightness and higher resolution, and has better color performance and uniformity.

(3) Mini LED display: Mini LED is a new type of LED technology. Mini LED lamp beads are smaller in size, higher in brightness, brighter in color, and better in contrast, enabling higher resolution and better display effect.

(4) Micro LED display: Micro LED is a smaller size LED technology, its size is smaller than Mini LED, it has higher brightness, higher resolution, lower energy consumption and longer service life.In practical applications, different types of small pixel pitch LED displays have their own advantages and applicable scenarios, and the selection needs to be considered according to specific application requirements and budget.

3. Splicing of Small Pixel Pitch LED

(1) Pixel-level splicing: The pixel pitch of small pixel pitch LED is very small, so pixel-level alignment needs to be achieved during splicing. This can be achieved through precise mechanical structure design and precise image processing algorithms.

(2) Color correction: Due to certain color deviations in the manufacture and use of LED lamp beads, it is necessary to perform color correction on each LED module to ensure the color consistency of the entire display.

(3) Brightness balance: In the splicing of small pixel pitch LED, the brightness of the entire screen will be uneven due to factors such as the position of each module and the ambient light. Therefore, uniform brightness of the entire display screen needs to be achieved through a brightness equalization algorithm.

(4) Frame processing: In the splicing of small pixel pitch LED, there is a certain frame width between each module, and frame processing technology is required to reduce the impact of the frame on the display effect..

(5) Signal transmission: Small pixel pitch LED usually require a large amount of data transmission, so high-speed and stable signal transmission technologies, such as high-speed network cables and optical fibers etc. are required.

4. Application of Small Pixel Pitch LED

Small Pixel Pitch LED is a special LED display technology with a very high pixel density, which can achieve more delicate and clearer image and video display effects. Usually used in occasions that require high resolution, high brightness, high contrast and high definition, such as:

(1) Commercial advertisements: Small pixel pitch LED is usually used for commercial advertisements and promotions, such as advertisements and new product releases in shopping malls, supermarkets, squares and other public places.

(2) Conference display: The advantages of high definition and super large size of the small pixel pitch LED make it an ideal choice for displaying large pictures, videos, PPT, etc., especially suitable for conference rooms, exhibition halls, stadiums and other places.

(3) Stage performance: Small pixel pitch LED can achieve high-definition, high-brightness, and high-contrast picture effects, so that the audience can see the details of the performance more clearly and increase the viewing experience of the audience. It is very suitable for concerts and evening parties , large-scale events and other stage performances.

(4) Control center: Small pixel pitch LED can be used in monitoring and management centers, such as traffic command centers, security monitoring centers, energy monitoring centers, etc., to display images, videos and other information to improve monitoring efficiency and accuracy.

(5) TV production: Small pixel pitch LED can be used for shooting and production of TV programs, improving the resolution and clarity of the picture, and increasing the viewing experience of TV viewers.

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