Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Board Display

November 27, 2020

What are the Merits and Demerits of LED Board Display?

Modern-day advertisement, commonly known as digital signage, is now replacing the traditional way of advertising using Led board display.

Led board display has revolutionized the digital era of advertisement. The advertisement industry is going through an age of advertisement in recent years. The modern form of advertisement is label as digital signage. This means that the age where advertising signs use the digitally powered display. This new medium of the digital display is now Led board display.

From shops to the highway signboard, indoor branding and outdoor advertisements, led boards are bringing drastic changes. The display boards are slowly replacing the traditional methods and ways of advertising in the marketing industry.

The method around the world is becoming popular because of the advantages it holds. The led board display is not only a tool for advertisement but it is also an effective medium of communication. The primary goal of an advertisement is the power to attract the attention of the audience.

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Branding and advertisement work on the principle of persuasive marketing strategies. In the marketing industry, marketing experts largely acknowledge the role of visuals in an advertisement. Led boards thus help in hitting and getting a large number of the target audience. This huge flux, by any means of traditional static posters, is not possible.

LED board display

Advantages of LED Board Display:

For marketing, whether local or global, the light-emitting diodes display proves to be the best adverting solution. The more complex form of led signboard is the led video wall rental screen. The screen display usually sets up at a higher position.

This position aims to grab more focused attention. The height grabs the attention and attracts the desired audience. Let’s look at some of the distinct ways led board display can help in;

LED Board Display is Bright and Radiant:

The most striking advantage of a signboard is its ability to grab the attention of the customers and passersby. That is why the most prominent places and sights possess these led board display and digital signboards. Important events and venues usually have such led signboards.

The led sign board displays a more vivid and attractive visual which is hard to ignore by the viewers. If any brand and organization want to promote its product, now it must opt for a led board display sign. This is to attract and grab more attention.

LED Board Display is Remote Control:

The traditional method of the advertisement using billboards lacks such characteristics. These are the perks of the use of digital technology. The one advantage that digital signage possesses is to handle and control the display from a remote location.

This feature is something that is missing in earlier methods. The controller can handle the visuals on multiple led boards display from any location. The led board display can help in controlling the advertisement content using multiple tech tools. This allows the user to control led signboards using a Wi-Fi internet connection. Such display and run using mobile applications or software.

Thus, to change the content of the led board, therefore it is mandatory to update the content on application or software. Once the data or content gets upload to software, it easily starts running on the led board display.

Advertising Company for Led Board Display:

To target a new audience, the large-high-quality light-emitting diodes display is a promising medium. It’s a wide range of methods to reach a new and targeted audience through a diverse process. For a brand itself or a business, installing its system may not be an advantageous source.

There are many risks and huge financial costs associated with advertising one brand in a country or globe. Therefore, hiring an advertisement company is an easier and result-oriented process. Hiring an LED rental screen company is beneficial to get a more professional way of advertisement.

The rental company uses signboards, large Screen led hoarding, etc. in public places and important venues. The high traffic places are highways, public transport platforms, and vehicles and road traffic signs. There is a wide range of information that displays on such boards. This includes statistics, public service messages, live match scores, and timer clocks.

Mobile light-emitting diodes Display:

The more recent led board display phenomenon is the mobile vans using led signboards. Many companies and brands own their mobile vans to advertise. This means that led signboards are not just a static visual phenomenon. Rather, it is a mobile method to advertise while moving across the city or town. For this purpose, led mobile vans and trucks operate to fulfill advertising goals.

Such mobile-led vans showcase advertisement in a whole city in multiple ways. The mobile vans and trucks are multipurpose vehicles. The more recent vehicle is Led Destination Bus Screens. The led bus shows bright, clear, and vivid imagery to attract customer’s attention.


Led board display is low maintenance or maintenance-friendly advertising service. The digital LED billboards and display boards are reliable in terms of financial cost. Contrary, the traditional method of advertisement is high-cost services. They are not feasible for hard and rough weather.

The traditional billboards are prone to destruction by fast winds and climate change. The rust can destruct the billboard base structure. The led board display thus provides more efficient and reliable display boards for your advertisements.

Disadvantages of LED Board Display:

Though with an increase in demand and high sustainability, light-emitting diodes display to possess more advantages. With more efficiency, the disadvantages are very less and thus no one can usually ignore them. Some disadvantages of light-emitting diodes display are;

Uncertainty in Return on investment:

The return on investment in the led board display is not a promising feature. It takes time and therefore is hard to calculate. For a large advertising agency, the initial cost of installing a led board display is high. The installment of digital signage and return on investment at the same is a complex matter.

The sale increase in the advertisement complicates the matter. This happen when keeping in mind the unfortunate events as damage and repair. However, the screen damage in led boards remains minimum when the led screen owners use led enclosure panels as a cover.

Improvement in Led Display Board Technology:

The technology of the led display board is still new and is in a process of improvement. The initial cost of led board display for large advertisement is high. Therefore, as by precedent, there is always something cheaper, better, and more effective. New technology and products are coming to market and are more competitive. The price of the technology is already falling with each day.

Many potential advertisers are waiting in the market to get the product at the right time. Those who have bought the product at a high rate may not be in a competitive mode. There are those, on the other hand, playing the waiting game when the price and technology are just perfect.

Large Advertisements Need Multiple Advertising Partners:

Light-emitting diodes display for a high rise and big digital boards are high-cost installation. Large advertising campaigns thus require a large sum of finances to afford such a product. Not only the display board but hardware products are also expensive for huge campaigns. LED panels, led large enclosures, big digital panels and display boards and media players are all the requirements.

Therefore, for a large product campaign, one advertising company is not enough to bear huge finances. Therefore, normally to run huge product campaigns, an advertisement needs four to five companies to run a single project.

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Lack of knowledge

The operation and installation of large led billboards, signs, and displays are not easy. For a layman and a beginner in the industry, there involves a high chance of mistakes. Due to the lack of understanding of technology, operation, and repairing the beginners may lag.

Also, the lack of sharp techniques like choosing an appropriate location may prove to a disadvantage. The choice of the wrong location and wrong screen also causes disadvantages.

LED board display

Final words 

As one walks by the road, one may realize and notice a large number of led board display. These boards are the application of digital signage. The prominent areas and locations where led boards operate are public areas and locations of hustle-bustle.

The retails stores, grocery shops, and shopping malls, hospitals, business firms, and educational institutions, etc. use led boards. The use of this product doesn’t come without disadvantages. Every product comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Before getting to know about the advantage and disadvantages, let’s see how the led board display works.

A light-emitting diodes board display is a digital screen that shows visual by using light-emitting diodes. The picture and video screens using a light-emitting diodes board are uses in its operation in a variety of places, for multiple purposes. For large advertisements, a small led display board is a constituent of a large board display. Light-emitting diodes board comes in two different forms of display; conventional Led VS SMD panels. Most of the display boards across the globe, both indoor and outdoor, comprise conventional led boards/panels. The largest conventional led display board is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is 1500 feet high.

Many advertising agencies and manufacturers to boost the led board display technology and its uses. They tell the companies and brands about the benefits of the product at a greater length. After hearing a huge number of benefits, one may think of this technology as a Zeus in advertising.

However, the discussion shows that there are several drawbacks that the product possesses. With the debate going on can we say that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Despite several drawbacks, the companies still rely on led board displays. This is because it helps in reaching the right target and increasing sales as well.


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