Advantages & Disadvantages of Installing P10 Outdoor led Display Panel

August 26, 2021

P10 Outdoor led Display Panel

For many, the concept of p10 outdoor led display panel is not familiar at all, so in order for you to understand what is the difference between LCD and LED, we will consider each separately.

Main advantages of LCD video walls

  • Wide viewing angle
  • The lowest cost of LCD devices and video walls in general
  • Small thickness of video walls
  • Screen contrast higher than projection video cubes
  • No burn-in of screen areas in case of a static picture (compared to plasma panels)
  • Low power consumption (~ 200W / m2)

The main disadvantages of LCD video walls

  • Shorter life of LCD video wall panels (up to 50% decrease in panel brightness over time)
  • Sometimes insufficient initial brightness (~ 500cd / m2)
  • Frame seams between LCD panels distract the viewer

LED screens are built from rather small individual modules, but the resulting dimensions of the video wall can be quite large. LED modules are available both indoor and outdoor, which comes by the great popularity of this technology in the field of advertising.

Main advantages of p10 outdoor led display panel

Excellent brightness and color rendering

  • Long service life. Given the high initial brightness after 5 years, even after a slight burnout of the LEDs, there is a fairly large margin of brightness
  • Availability of options for outdoor use
  • Sufficient viewing angles
  • No seams between cabinets for any screen size

Features of p10 outdoor led display panel operation

In the past, installing single p10 outdoor led display panel and video walls was a more economical solution than purchasing an LED display. However, the price of LCD panels is growing every year, and prices for LED screens are falling rapidly. LED technology has taken a huge step forward in the past few years.

How important is it for you to see the deepest possible color seamless image, with an extended lifespan? Answer these questions for you to choose between LED and LCD. If you need to manufacture an LED screen, you can contact our company Future-Vision. All your questions ill answer by our specialists at the phone number indicated on the website.

What does p10 outdoor led display panel consist of?

The LED screen consists of basic elements – modules placed in a metal frame – a cabinet (one or more), a power supply system and a video transmission system. To install the screen, a metal structure or suspensions are common.

The screen comes by remotely from the control point where the computer with the transmitting card is installed.

Black and red wire from the power supply to the modules

The block accepts current from the 220V network. Through the 220V wire, it transmits current to the power supply. The power supply converts the AC current to the PC DC current and transmits 5V to each module through the red-black wire (red – plus, black – minus). Each module connects directly to the power supply.

Loops between p10 outdoor led display panel modules

At the control point, the computer directs the video signal to the transmitting card, treating it as an additional monitor. From the transmitting card over the twisted pair, the signal goes to the receiving card in the screen.

It converts the signal, divides it into modules and transmits them through the loops. From the receiving card, the loop goes to each initial module in the horizontal row.

 Further, the first modules sequentially transmit a signal to the next modules along the line through the loops that connect them.

P10 outdoor led display panel what are they made of?

Imagine … you are a small / medium / large business owner or his representative. You really want to have an p10 outdoor led display panel and need to find a hardware supplier, but you haven’t come across this before.

You go online, type in the coveted phrase in the search and … you see a huge number of offers. Call the first link and during a conversation you hear a lot of phrases such as: our cabinets are “fire”, modules – “candy”, cards – “super” and much like that.

Working p10 outdoor led display panel in the shopping and entertainment center

In this article we will try to prepare you a little for these terms and explain in simple words – which, to hell, cabinets, modules and maps. In other words, let’s consider the composition of the LED screen.


And so, one fine day installers come to you with a truck, a crane and a huge pile of metal.

They will install the display subsystem. Figuratively speaking, it’s like a TV bracket. 

 An example of a rented office for p10 outdoor led display panel

Rear-serviced cabinets have the ability to look inside from the rear side (by opening the door or removing the cover) and carry out repair or diagnostic work. Behind the screen from such offices there should be a place for the person who will do these works. 

Therefore, platforms for the movement of personnel appear on metal structures, which increase the thickness of the structure by half a meter.

Front service cabinets – allow for repairs and maintenance from the front of the equipment by removing some of the p10 outdoor led display panel.

A variant of the implementation of the method of organizing access to equipment items from the front side

Why p10 outdoor led display panel?

The mixed type of service allows you to work with equipment from the front side and from the rear.

Internal cabinets do not have special protection against precipitation, dust and do not tolerate negative temperatures poorly. They are easy to install indoors or in an additional protected case.

P10 outdoor led display panel protect from dust, dirt and precipitation, and in some cases come with additional heat-regulating elements. They are easy to install both outdoors and indoors.

Each type of cabinet has its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on the conditions of use and the purpose of the screen. The specialists of our company take into account all your wishes, requirements and conditions when selecting equipment.

Best p10 outdoor led display panel Modules

When purchasing p10 outdoor led display panel from us, modules for quick replacement in case of breakdown supplies in a set of spare materials (spare parts). Your equipment will continue to work for the duration of the warranty operations.

LED modules have a huge number of parameters. The main ones are:

  • pixel pitch (distance between LED groups).
  • pixel type (SMD or DIP, three in one or separate)
  • the size of the module (its width and height)
  • climatic version (indoor or outdoor)
  • electrical characteristics

A photo showing the difference in the image of several categories of equipment through video equipment

Now let’s look inside the office to install p10 outdoor led display panel

Inside the p10 outdoor led display panel there are power supplies, a receiving card, wires and possibly additional equipment.

View of the internal cabinet with the rear panel removed and the designation of the main internal components

Power supplies – are common to convert the primary network of 220 volts 50 Hz into a stabilized 5 V DC power supply. it is it (in most cases) that is required for the stable operation of controllers and LED modules. 

In screens with a small pixel pitch, several receiving cards is easy to install in one cabinet.

There are several types of wires in the cabinet:

  • signal loop – cable from controller to module, or between modules
  • 5 Volt wires – cables from the power supply to the controller, or to one of the modules (or to two modules).
  • 220 V wires – the cable that goes from the terminal / connector of the cabinet electrical connection to the power supplies
  •  twisted pair. In case there are external signal connectors in the cabinet, the signal from the receiving card via twisted pair will be connected to them

Optional equipment for p10 outdoor led display panel

Forced air exchange fans, heating elements, temperature relays for fans and heaters, forced power cut-off buttons, additional control system cards for monitoring parameters inside the cabinet (smoke, voltage, door opening sensor, external indication, module health monitoring) is easy to install inside the office. …

This is everything inside a standard p10 outdoor led display panel.

Move on.

The installers installed LED screens on the metal structure. Everything was leveled, corrected.

Electrical connection

Next, they install an electrical distribution box next to the screen. Its main task is to provide protection of equipment from fire and critical damage in the event of a breakdown or malfunction in the primary network of the building, as well as the ability to manually shutdown equipment in case of repair / maintenance.

The location of p10 outdoor led display, the possibility and method of its connection is agreed in advance with the engineering service of the customer / building.

At the request of the customer, it is possible to add an electricity meter, remote power control devices, additional protection elements, devices for registering the state of the primary network, and the like.

How to determine the size of display panel?

From the dashboard to the screen, there are several lines of force that feed equal groups of cabinets. The group size determines by the characteristics of the power supplies and the cable products common inside the cabinets. Inside the power group, the cabinets are connected by a loopback method – by a chain.

The connection to the p10 outdoor led display panel switchboard usually comes by the building’s electrician; the connections after the switchboard are carried out by the company that installs the equipment. Thus, the shield is a kind of border of responsibility.

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