Advertising with P2.5 indoor led display: Pros and Cons

July 21, 2021

Benefits of LED Display

Firstly, we can say that the P2.5 indoor led display is a great option for those looking for highlight and innovation. But many people still don’t know how powerful this technology is for advertising a business.

The LED screen can be used for example in:

  • Speaker Stages;
  • Corporate events;
  • Sports event;
  • Supermarkets;
  • Malls;
  • Churches;
  • Shows;
  • Shops.

Top 5 Benefits of LED Display:

  1. First, ensure your business’s innovation;
  2. Attract customers as well as potential consumers;
  3. Advertising of various campaigns in images, videos and music;
  4. Decrease in Offline Advertising costs;
  5. Disclosure 24 hours a day.

Innovation of your business with P2.5 indoor led display

Competition has been increasingly fierce and companies are also looking for innovative solutions.

The P2.5 indoor led display is a great ally in this type of business, as it has the ability to make your business take off with creativity and transforming your business into a modern place.

The LED screen attracts customers and potential consumers

For your business to stand out in the market and attract customers and potential consumers is a task that the LED screens will fulfill with excellence?

With the LED screen your company will stand out among the competition, in this sense, through your creative advertising campaigns, you will be able to gain the attention your business deserves.

Advertising with P2.5 indoor led display

On the LED screen you can display different products and types of advertising, such as:

  • Product information;
  • Event announcements;
  • Institutional videos;
  • Promotions;
  • Offers;
  • and much more.

Cutting Costs with Offline Advertising

It has been possible to notice for a long time that advertisements with pamphlets have lost their effectiveness, that is, with the emergence of new possibilities for advertisements and technologies, this type of advertising has lost its strength.

Therefore, the P2.5 indoor led display came to be a great partner when it comes to Advertising, as in addition to allowing a more effective communication with your audience, your company will reduce the expenses that leafleting can have.

Not to mention the reduction of pollution in the city, as you cannot have control over the correct disposal of flyers.

Advertising Transmission on the LED Display 24 hours a day

p10 indoor led display 2021

You can ensure that your advertisements are displayed 24 hours a day and have control over the LED screen wherever you are.

However, the P2.5 indoor led display brings new possibilities to win over customers all the time!

Amazing, isn’t it?

With the growth spurt in the use of LED panels around the world, including in Brazil, investing in store digitalization is one of the dreams of many. But this product requires an investment that requires considerable strategic planning and security to ensure there are no future regrets. So, we’ve separated 5 points of reflection so you don’t go wrong when buying an LED panel.

Technical quality of P2.5 indoor led display

With the growth in the use of LED panels in Brazilian capitals, whether in street panels, shop windows, or inside points of sale, many small companies join the wave and start investing in this market, selling products, almost always, with quality dubious technique.

A good P2.5 indoor led display requires an investment that is based primarily on technical quality. It’s no use paying for a Ferrari and taking a Volkswagen Beetle. It’s not like you’re going to be able to see it again.

Ideal product

LED panels are highly democratic and, due to its flexibility of options, it is a product that, according to your specifications, is perfectly suited to various creative projects. That’s why thinking about the ideal product for every need is essential. Identifying the type of application desired, installation environment and location are essential factors to make a good choice.

How to choose the ideal LED panel?

Specialized commercial support

To identify the characteristics of each LED project, the consulting of a team of LED and planning specialists is ideal for presenting good product suggestions, media plans and usage ideas, always aiming to make each client’s plans real.

 In addition, the specialist consultant has extensive technological and market knowledge and therefore the know-how to identify and indicate the best ways to ensure the return on investment.

Qualified technical assistance

Normally, on a daily basis, the panel suffers from the aggressions of the weather, such as dust, wind and rain, or from misuse, whether indoors or outdoors. In the long term, this combination of factors compromises the performance and integrity of the P2.5 indoor led display panel.

That’s why a highly qualified technical assistance team on hand is essential to preserve the equipment’s operation and correct any failures.

Why preventive technical assistance is indispensable on P2.5 indoor led display?

Specialist Company

Last (but not least), choosing a company with extensive market experience, with qualified teams and offering the best products at fair prices is the most important decision when setting up your digital signage project.

 By following these tips you will not go wrong when buying the perfect LED display for your business. Do you have questions, suggestions or want to know more?

That P2.5 indoor led display is here to stay in the audiovisual market is no secret. Not only on televisions, but in large projections and panels at events, technology has proven to be a great ally for the quality and high definition of images.

Its size also ended up becoming unlimited, being a small monitor inside a room, or a gigantic panel on the side of a building.

As if that wasn’t enough, LED panels have also proved versatile at the time of installation, fleeing only from square and rectangular screens, with a flat surface. The curved LED is already a reality and has created a world of new possibilities.

The beauty and advantages behind the P2.5 indoor led display

Inevitably, who doesn’t drop their jaws when they see a curved panel? It’s like it’s different from anything we’ve ever known. So it’s impossible to deny that theP2.5 indoor led display beautifies anywhere.

But what are the other benefits of this technology for events?

Sense of depth

Unlike panels and flat screens, the curved LED has the ability to create a sense of depth.

Imagine a concave panel. It’s like people can enter the display. They are surrounded by video walls, which increase their peripheral vision and create a more immersive and sensory experience.

The curved LED also encourages the audience to walk around the projection to enjoy all the images.

Adaptation to any environment

No matter where you install it, the P2.5 indoor led display adapts to any one of them: columns, tables, corners. There are no limitations on flat and straight surfaces.

This versatility also depends on a specialized team, who know what they are doing and who know the best solutions. Therefore, when renting equipment, it is very important to look for specialized and qualified suppliers, attentive to the latest technologies.

Increased field of view

There are things that we want the audience of our event to see from afar, exactly as we imagine, without changes or distortions. The curved LED allows for a much larger field of view. In other words, more people see the projections from more places.

High image quality with P2.5 indoor led display

No matter the curvature or how many oscillations the LED panel will have, the image remains with the same – very high – quality and high definition. Which further improves the audience’s experience.

LED technology allows for drastic installation changes without damaging the image at all.

In short, no matter the type of event, the curved LED is another technology that is here to stay and beautify. Just find companies that allow your lease and have the best professionals and the best solutions.

How to rent equipment for your event with peace of mind and without problems?

As much as it is a great cost-effective option, many companies feel insecure when looking for a supplier to rent equipment.

So how do you find the best supplier and be assured of quality and peace of mind? Here are some tips:


It’s no use; experience makes a big difference when choosing a specialized company. Check how long it has been in the market, the types of events that have already taken place, if they are of great magnitude, if they were successful.

Today, the internet can be a great ally when checking the experience of a p2.5 indoor led display supplier. In addition to having access to an online portfolio, you can also search for customer comments and testimonials on social media.

If a company doesn’t offer its portfolio and doesn’t even have good recommendations, it’s probably not a good option.

Hire Professional p2.5 indoor led display team

It’s no use having the best equipment, but not having a team that knows how to install and remove them. Therefore, look for companies that provide professionals to attend your event in the best way possible.

This way, you can be assured that everything will be installed correctly and will work well.


Specialized suppliers offer advice when renting your equipment. Thinking about the type of event and the impact you want to have on the public, they offer the best equipment solutions, ensuring a good cost-benefit ratio.


Pay attention to the types of p2.5 indoor led display equipment offered by the company and demand the best. It’s no use renting projectors, for example, which are outdated and don’t have all the quality and technology of the new ones.

Therefore, it is important to know the types of equipment provided.

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