America Stadium Score 50.4feetx 25.2feet P10 LED Display

April 29, 2022

Project: Outdoor Court

Size: 50.4feet x 25.2feet/15.36m x7.68m

Installation: multi-column method

Lamp beads: Nationstar 3535

High brightness for outdoor ,brightness ≥8000nit,Low power consumption and apply to P10

Cabinet: 960x960mm


1.Magal materials is more resistant to corrosion and no rusting for 5-8 years

2.3 times strength that of iron/steel cabinet

3.The cabinet body is processed by CNC, with only ±0.1mm tolerance, and 3 times precision that of the iron/steel cabinet body

4.Ultra-high heat dissipation performance, self-cooling system

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