Basic knowledge of LED display

July 26, 2021

As for the led display screen, most people only know: Oh, it can play video like a TV. For its type, say: Ah, isn’t it called the led display screen. But it is not.
Today, I will give you some basic knowledge about LED display.
The main components of the led display: LED unit board, power supply, cabinet, card and wiring.
The first component: LED unit board
It is one of the core components of LED display. The quality of the unit board directly affects the display effect of the display. The unit board is composed of an LED module, a driver chip and a PCB circuit board. The LED module is actually made up of a lot of LED light-emitting points with resin or plastic packaging dot matrix.
The second component: power supply
The power supply generally uses a switching power supply, 220V input, 5V DC output. Since the LED display screen is a precision electronic device, it is necessary to use a switching power supply instead of a transformer.
The third element: cabinet
There are two types of cabinets, die-cast aluminum cabinets and waterproof iron cabinets. The former is mostly used indoors, and the latter is mostly used outdoors.

Fourth element: card
There are various cards in the display: sending card, receiving card, control card. Used to receive and send signals, so that the LED display can work, play videos and pictures, etc.

Fifth component: connection
It can be divided into data lines, transmission lines and power lines. The data cable is used to connect the control card and the LED unit board. The transmission line is used to connect the control card and the computer. The power cord is used to connect the power supply and the control card and the LED unit board, and the copper core diameter of the power cord connecting the unit board is not less than 1mm.

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