How to protect best outdoor led display for advertising? (2021 Guide)

June 17, 2021

best outdoor led display

When it comes to outdoor signage and display advertising, there is no better way to promote your brand than best outdoor led display.

For those looking to take advantage of this new LED technology in areas where there is no traffic, here are some important things you need to know to ensure you are building a successful outdoor LED display.

1: choose the right hardware for your display

Some outdoor displays are only suitable for certain climates. If you are in a seasonal area with very high or very low temperatures, you should opt for an all-LED outdoor display screen that can withstand direct sunlight, extreme temperature fluctuations, heavy dust, extreme humidity and condensation. ,

Sometimes in extreme conditions, you can add a protective glass attached to the LED display surface to provide double protection. And when best outdoor led display cabinet is near the sea, make sure the materials protect from salt corrosion.

You will get peace of mind after building a successful outdoor weatherproof LED display, whether it’s hot or cold throughout the year.

2, ongoing maintenance of the entire best outdoor led display system

Outdoor LED video wall can affect by climate change, accidents and natural weather over time. Similarly, regular maintenance for the wiring, display seal, housing, power and support frame is necessary to ensure that the outdoor display does not evolve into big problems from minor problems. Moreover, keeping your screen healthy for years to come is the foundation for a successful investment.

3, the corresponding HVAC system inside the outdoor display case

For proper long term performance, best outdoor led display requires an optimal environment that maintains a stable indoor temperature. Furthermore, the operating temperature inside the case is -15 ° C to + 30 ° C.

Similarly, it is to avoid overheating problems such as inappropriate brightness, color distortion, pixel fading, and other component degradation. Moreover, it is imperative that an appropriate HVAC system (heating, ventilation, etc.) air conditioning) for a suitable indoor temperature.

4, Remote monitoring LED displays

If you can remotely control your LED displays from afar, even in another city, it will be very easy for you to publish content and manage your game schedule. What’s more, remote monitoring of the LED screen allows you to observe conditions, check for alerts, and quickly take action to fix any potential problem that occurred before the big problem was due to a worse condition. Hence, with this remote function, it will be a perfect outdoor LED display.

6, Best place for outdoor advertising screen

First, location is very important for advertising purposes in order to attract as many potential customers as possible.

Best outdoor led display is mostly placed in high traffic areas such as:

  • Highways
  •  road junctions
  • or in front of shopping malls
  • Similarly, entertainment venues, subway entrances, etc., and are ideal for attracting leads and incentivizing buyers.

Secondly, if under direct sunlight or under an awning, the minimum brightness for an external LED screen is decided. And if vandalism exists, there may be another problem for you to install your LED display outside the city.

7, the brightness of the outdoor LED display

Either way, your outdoor display should be clearly visible. High brightness and high contrast can be important aspects to grab the attention of passers-by, stimulate their interests and leave a memorable brand experience.

Need help with your LED display?

Without experience with best outdoor led display, it can be difficult to find the most suitable outdoor display. In addition, the bad screen cannot be TRUE IP65 and cannot automatically adjust the brightness.

LED Matrix

best outdoor led display 2021

The range of modules is expanding rapidly. The LED pitch is getting smaller. If at the beginning of the screen boom it was 10, 16, 25 mm, now it is 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.5, 2, 1.66 mm. This allows you to get “television” image quality. However, with such a density of LED installation, the issue of sealing street screens becomes more acute.

This issue has been resolved in modules for outdoor use. The LEDs come with a compound and covered with an anti-glare and water-drainage pad. Boards and microcircuits vanish, the module attaches to the carrier panel through a sealing gasket.

First, there are “broken” pixels.

Secondly, there are areas with rusty streaks near the best outdoor led display. This is the corrosion of the poorly sealed LED legs.

As you can see, the above measures to protect modules are insufficient.

Consider the factors of atmospheric and other effects on best outdoor led display:

  • precipitation in the form of rain and snow
  •  icing
  • Dirt
  •  jets of water when washing,
  • weak acids and alkalis formed when exhaust gases combine with water
  • high summer (plus heating of black surfaces in the sun) and low winter temperatures
  •  Vandalism.

Screens with open LEDs are poorly safe from many of them

There are always conditions near roads for increased dirtiness of the screen surface. The corrugated surface of the LED modules with protruding LEDs and visors contributes greatly to this. Therefore, periodic washing of the modules is an operational standard.

You can wash it with a stream of water, a brush. But the mechanical action of a jet of water on the elastic sealing compound through the slits in the mask can lead to its scuffing. In addition, water enters and stagnates through these slots into the gap between the mask and the LEDs. When water freezes, an additional factor of mechanical impact appears.

What is temperature resistance of best outdoor led display?

LED manufacturers usually give their products a temperature range of -40 … + 100 degrees. But there are other elements in the screen too. In particular, power supplies. For them, this range is much narrower. -25 … + 70.

While the power supply is on, it heats itself up. But after turning off in the cold, it may not start. It is no coincidence that best outdoor led display manufacturers strongly recommend not to turn off the display in winter.

When discussing the issue of extending the service life of products, one cannot but say about ensuring their maintainability. If a module fails, the most likely repair method will be to replace it.

The practice of compulsory delivery of spare parts with a product is now not popular. But it may be simply impossible to buy the same block in a few years.

Is led screen economical?

Outdoor screen is an economical and reliable advertising tool for your business. It is adapted for all conditions: rain, low and high temperatures. Fast and reliable installation, well thought-out design. Professional companies produces screens, carries out installation and commissioning. They provide warranty service. Calculate the size and price in our online calculator.

Outdoor screen characteristics

The installation of best outdoor led display involves two problems that are easy to solve with our product: First, the display must withstand any environmental conditions: rain, heat, snow, wind. And it must be bright enough to be clearly visible even during the day.

We will prepare a project 

Regardless of the place of installation of outdoor LED screens, an additional supporting metal structure is required during installation. You need a sketch of the project of the metal structure in order to obtain permission for installation. Therefore, the first stage is the development of the project: we define the conditions and calculate the parameters.

Provide the specialists with all the information provide the initial data of the metal and reinforced concrete structure of the building. Determine where the structure will be installed: building facade, roof, and room or suspended.

Professional best outdoor led display companies not only design standard and individual ones, but also take care of commissioning and installation. Our responsibilities include warranty service. In the calculator on our website, you can calculate the cost of an outdoor advertising LED screen

Sizes of best outdoor led display

Let’s dwell on the types of video screens that can be:

  • Outside. Mounted on the building façade or roof
  • Internal. Installed indoors
  • Stationary. To organize permanent broadcasts
  • Mobile. Portable. They are mounted on special moving frames that are quickly assembled and disassembled

The production technology comes on a modular system. Thus, the individual LED boards connect to each other and together form a display of the required size.

The sizes can be any. It all depends on the purpose of their use. For example, if it is necessary to organize the broadcast of an event, they assemble large outdoor LED screens. If it is necessary to organize a conference for 30-40 people, they are limited to an internal display.

How to control video screens?

Since most LED displays are located outdoors, in an elevated position or in hard-to-reach areas, you need to be able to access them from afar. This is done over a wireless connection.

Our outdoor screens come with dedicated and intuitive software. We can use it to program various functions. For example, scheduling on and off times, adjusting contrast and brightness, and more.

You can upload your content remotely. You can even program the display to show advertisements at specific times.


We can also provide our management system. It will allow you to control any number of best outdoor led display. This control system allows you to program and control all broadcasts through a single administration panel.

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