Led screen for church: Rent LED Panel or Buy – Which is the best option?

June 16, 2021


led screen for church

The led screen for church that pays off, it has versatility and ease of use for churches from the most varied religious segments.

The product comes in excellent resolution options. Moreover, it ensures that the entire final audience can follow the display of the content.

To achieve better performance, it is very important that the product comes from specialized companies. They can provide the necessary consultancy in the acquisition or rental of high quality and cost-effective panels.


The price- led screen for church is very useful for the product. Moreover, it has several applications. The image comes from different angles and positions within the venue. So that the audience can follow the message being conveyed, such as song lyrics. For this, the product must have an excellent image resolution.

We sell the church LED panel at a very affordable price. Similarly, in the indoor model with a resolution from 1.9mm to 4.9mm. But this depends on the size and the needs of the environment.

Led screen for church is easy to purchase Online

For churches that want to buy the panel, the big difference is the warranty that the product has. Moreover, it goes from 3 to 5 years.

Have you been looking for LED solutions and are unsure whether to buy LED display or rent LED display? So you came to the right place. In this article we will tell you the benefits of each type of investment of LED panels and at the end of it you should have the answer to your problem!

Buy led screen for church


Led screen for church is extremely resistant. They can be exposed to sun and rain, without harming the reproduced image. These features make it a product with high durability and perfect for you who want to ensure that your investment pays off for a long time.

Cost benefit

The LED display is a cost-effective product that can increase your business’ return on investment. You can increase your average ticket, displaying clear images, with promotions and other advertising text inducing the customer to promotions with product mix.


Maintenance of the led screen for church is very easy. As they are modular, maintenance comes out individually by module. Similarly, it happens without the need to turn off the panel completely or interrupt the content reproduction.


LED panels are extremely versatile products and we can plan according to the customer’s needs, fitting perfectly to the needs of your project. There are countless possibilities with LED technology, let your creativity flow!

Rent led screen for church Benefits


One of the benefits of renting the LED display is the ease. Furthermore, you get the same benefits of buying an LED panel, but with a lower price and pre-set availability.

Rent LED Panel – Cost-effective

Depending on your project, you won’t need an LED display for long, so the alternative is to rent. Therefore, it ends up being a much cheaper and more cost-effective alternative for these cases.

Buy from someone who understands LED

Analyzing the reasons for renting or buying the LED panel, it is clear that having one. Your results will be boosted, besides, of an even more beautiful appearance, important for the image of your establishment.

In addition to LED panels, we have in our stock several other products that involve LED and can help your company!

Learn why more churches are investing in led screen for church

In recent years, more and more churches have been opting for more current and technological solutions to improve their visual communication. These solutions bring different benefits and have different costs and, in this text, we will show you the 5 main proven benefits that the led screen for church bring.

1. Versatile content

LED display content is usually managed through digital signage platforms . These platforms allow a multitude of content and advertisements that will be served through the panel, allowing the exchange of content quickly and instantly.

2. Increased ROI with Retail LED Display

The LED display can increase the return on investment of your point of sale. Its usage should impact the total number of transactions and the average ticket, but how to do that? We can use it to display clear messages. Moreover, that communicates promotions or advantages to potential customers.

 And it also promotes promotions with a mix of products and the “Take 3 pay 2” type, which will help to increase the average ticket.

3. Use inside or outside the store

There are two categories of panels, indoor (for indoors) and outdoor (for outdoors). They can be used in many different types of applications, resulting in an increased range of content that can be played.

4. Versatility and customization with led screen for church

As they are modular, we can mold led screen for church according to the needs of your store, making it fit perfectly to the needs of your project. Let your creativity flow, with endless possibilities for indoor, outdoor, flexible, totem poles, among others.

5. Impact and customer generation

By reproducing images with more brightness and resolution, resulting in more striking content, LED panel solutions help generate customers at the point of sale, making advertising and information more interactive.

What did you think of the 5 benefits of the Retail LED Display?

Analyzing the reasons for having an LED panel for your LED spot, it is clear that having one, your results will be boosted, and of course, an even more beautiful appearance, which is important for the image of your establishment,

led screen for church 2021

Gas station LED display

Discover how the Gas Station LED Display can increase your customer base and make you sell more

What are the advantages of a gas station LED display?

You already know what an LED panel is and now we’re going to tell you what it can bring to your station!

Brightness and resolution

The panels have a sharp, bright, high-resolution image, no glare from the sun. This ensures outstanding placement of your advertising and brand positioning.

Easy and fast advertising

Content and prices displayed can be exchanged easily, instantly and remotely, in addition to facilitating remote content management for those who have 1 or more gas stations.

Strength and Durability

In addition to withstanding the heat and glare from the sun, led screen for church also have a range of 100,000 hours of reproduction, in addition to being resistant to the sun and rain.

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