Difference Between P4 Indoor Full Color LED DIsplay and Other Technologies

April 23, 2021

P4 Indoor Full Color LED Display and Other Technologies

This article will discuss the difference between the p4 indoor full color led display and other technologies. You will also know the most significant led screen benefits.

Earlier, buying a particular led display was mainly connected to the buyer’s budget. There was hardly a concept of buying these displays according to the specific product use. In the early ages, the prices of LEDs were high, and the price difference between the different models was so huge. This price difference was because of the led display pixel pitch. Usually, a led display with a larger pixel pitch was considered a low-budget-led display due to its low resolution. But today, the costs of LEDs have drastically gone down. Today, people choose LEDs according to their characteristics and requirements instead of the only budget.

p4 indoor full color led display

P4 Indoor Full Color Led Display and Other Technologies

A p4 indoor full color led display comes with an advanced tube core production and offers several unique advantages. These displays are known for providing wide viewing angles and uniform colors. The failure rate of a p4 led is also so low, and it is hard to die compared to other technologies. Another prominent advantage of these displays is that their maintenance is effortless. Take a look at the following benefits of a p4 indoor led display.

  • High resolution
  • Integrated encapsulation with enhanced reliability
  • A perfect color combination from a near or far distance
  • Reliable color consistency
  • Excellent picture uniformity
  • Wide-angle viewing
  • Energy-efficient

The p4 indoor full color led display technology is currently the most rational and economical solution for 3-in-1 full-color display technology. Due to the energy efficiency and high resolution, these LEDs are extensively used in cinemas, hotels, hospitals, stations, halls, stages, and shopping malls, etc. You can also find these LEDs in conference halls, media centers, airports, and commercial streets.

Comparing Technologies: P4 vs. P3, P2.5, P2, and P5

Led manufacturing companies define LEDs according to display resolution and pixel pitch. For this, they use terms like P2, P2.5, P3, P4, and P5. The alphabet P identifies pixel pitch (also known as dot pitch). The number next to P represents the distance measurement in millimeters. The pixel dot shows the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels. If a pixel dot is large, the distance between these pixels will increase, which determines both display resolution and pixel density.

To make sure you get the best p4 indoor full color led display, choose smaller pixel dot displays that offer better resolution and density. For instance, a led display with a smaller pixel dot would be expensive, but it will provide better visual quality from near and far. Take a look at the following table for a better understanding.

Name Pixel Dot Pixel Density
P 2.5 2.5 mm 160000
P 3 3 mm 111111
P 4 4 mm 62500
P 5 5 mm 40000


Now you know the pixel pitch and pixel density of each technology. Before you buy a led display for your indoor use, you can inquire about the pixel dot and density to know the better option.

Price of Full-Color LED Screen

Today, we see various classifications of these full-color LEDs. Therefore, the price varies from one brand to another according to different factors. As there is massive competition among many led display brands, it favors the customers in a lot of ways. In a race of selling more and more products, the brands produce LEDs with unique features and offer them at competitive prices. Therefore, you now have the choice to pick a perfect p4 indoor full color led display according to display characteristics and overall quality.

Here are the different factors that impact the price of led displays:

1. Specifications

Here we are talking about the conventional displays only. Color-wise, manufacturers classify led displays into full color, double color, and single color. From the environment perspective, they categorize LEDs into outdoor, indoor, and semi-outdoor. The cost of every led display specification is different.

2. Display Size

Another essential factor that impacts the price of the led display is the display size. Do you need a bigger size led display? Then you will need to pay more for it. Larger displays cost more, while the smaller led displays are budget-friendly options.

3. Resolution

The resolution of a led is significant if you want a high-quality display. Pixel pitches or pixel dots determine the resolution of a led. Remember that image is clearer when the led display has a smaller pixel pitch. However, it also depends on the processor of the led. LEDs require top-notch processors to support high-resolution images. A higher resolution led is always expensive than a low resolution led display.

4. Configuration

Configuration of the video tile also impacts the price of a led display. You will have to pay more for a p4 indoor full color led display with a more complex configuration. However, it will provide more crisp and solid images for a fantastic video experience.

5. Mounting

You may also need to buy custom mounts for the led to meet specific configuration requirements. Remember that purchasing custom mounts instead of using standard mounts is always expensive.

Outdoor displays are usually more expensive than indoor units. Why? It is because an outdoor led display needs an improved design to resist the harsh outdoor environments. Therefore, their price is always higher than the indoor led units.

Several smaller units can also be expensive than the large size LEDs. For instance, a high-resolution small led would be costly than a large size led display with significantly low resolution. Therefore, you need to understand that quality is vital.

p4 indoor full color led display


A p4 indoor full color led display is one of the finest led display technologies currently available on the market. These displays are known for high resolution, perfect color combination, wide-angle viewing, energy efficiency, and exceptional picture uniformity. The price of these LEDs depends on several factors, including resolution, configuration, display size, and overall specifications. It is always best to invest a little more in high-quality LEDs than saving money on the low-quality product. Remember that a high-quality led display will perform flawlessly in the long run, making it a cost-effective investment.

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