Do you know what XR is?

April 07, 2022

The xR virtual shooting LED control system solution, with the targeted functional design of shooting scenes and the picture quality improvement technology with unique industry advantages, can effectively solve the problems of the black field, scanning line and other LED display picture detail defects, and create a shooting scene that can be completely comparable to the real environment.

Hard-core technology, the shooting picture is flawless

Through shutter adaptation, phase shift technology and Genlock interface, the display screen can be accurately synchronized with the camera, and can adapt to the shooting parameters of the camera, thus effectively solving the problems of black lines, scan lines and screen tearing during the shooting process.

Precise display/immersive scene substitution in one second

With the support of the dual-engine technology of the screen, the brightness and color of each pixel are accurately presented, ensuring that the output picture of the rendering engine is delicate and true. The unique 4K@60Hz 10bit 4:4:4 comprehensive solution conforms to the PQ curve and accurately restores every brilliance of the HDR video source.

One shot / multi-camera output of different materials at the same time

Supports the pause function, inserting background materials from different angles of the same scene, can output multi-angle shooting images at the same time, and can also insert pure green background materials: to facilitate post-production and adjustment, thereby greatly improving shooting efficiency: reducing shooting costs.

Unleash your creativity and change with your heart

It supports flexible and rich color matching tools such as 3DLUT, curve color matching, color management, color replacement, color calibration, etc., which not only makes the color rendering of the LED display more accurate (4E<2), but also meets the needs of various professional color matching. Provide strong support for the creative presentation of shooting scenes.

Display effect presets

One-key switching of different tone styles According to the display needs of different shooting scenes, presets are made in advance, and when the official shooting is performed, one-key recall and flexible switching.

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