Dubai P10 Outdoor Curved LED Display

June 05, 2021

Floor-mounted arc-shaped LED outdoor displays on the roof of Dubai building.

Project product: W14xH4m P10 Outdoor Curved LED Display 

Project requirement:

1.Screen size W14xH4m

2.Government Electronic limit: Full project need within 28.5kw

3.High temperature: 50-60℃

4.Directly facing the sun,need high brightness solution

5.Curved shape

MPLED solution:

1.Curved solution:

Adopt FT iron cabinet do curved shape

2.Energy save solution:

Adopt 2.5V+3.5 power supply seperate support R,G&B,screen max power consumption is 550w/m2,average is 100w/m2

3.High brightness:

Nationstar RS 3535 with Goldline LED

4.High temperatue solution:

high quality electronic material+ energy save solution + air conditioner

For product upgrades, we have a better solution, using MG Series magnesium aluminum alloy, without the need to install air conditioners, and equipped with energy-saving solutions.

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