July 13, 2021

In a traditional way, we need to assemble many cabinets into a screen. But Scenico’s FAST screen is a screen already. When we control the controller, the whole screen can raise up or drops down from the flight case, no more installation.

Principle: Build-in the receiving card to modules, power supply outside of the screen makes the screen very thin, so that the screen can be rolled into the flight case, plus a motor device to achieve screen one-key operati

Application:Perfect for rental market such as the show, events, mobile theater…

With the continuous improvement of products , LED fast screen is expected to replace die-casting cabinet at the rental market in the near future.

Standard dimension:

Display dimension: W 1.75 meter * H 4 meter

Device dimension: L 1.9 meter * W 0.65 meter * H 4.5 meter

Device Total Weight <150KG

Dimension customized acceptable

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