How to set up full color led display shop window?

June 16, 2021

How to set up a shop led window?

full color led display shop window

In our country, many businesses have understood how important it is to communicate in the place, at the time and above all in the right way with potential consumers. The full color led display store represents a tool that must act as a channel. It is to acquire new customers and not simply as a reference point for consumers. They are already aware of the existence of the brand.

We are the leader in LED display and in this article we will cover what you need to know to buy your LED display.

full color led display Delivers Modernization

The LED display is something that is here to stay. Synonymous with modernity, it is a sales device that not only enhances the brand, but also offers economy, safety and attractiveness.

In addition, the LED display is ecological, versatile and outstanding. For all these reasons, you need to know where the best place to buy the product is.

We know that setting up a business is a difficult task. Publicizing it can be even more complicated. A simple way to solve this is to use full color led display

How does led display work?

The LED screen is a flat screen that can display images in high resolution. For this, it counts on the help of LED lamps, which contain a special technology for this purpose.

For this reason, in recent years, it has become more and more a great ally in the task of making efficient communication. 

This is just one of the reasons that result in the reason for its wide acceptance in the market.

Basically, the showcase must represent a real marketing tool. In this regard, therefore, let’s see what are the most appropriate measures to make your showcase a formidable magnet for passing consumers.

Shop window ideas for full color led display

At this point, we move from theory to practice. Below we list 3 advertising devices that came to the fore with technological development and during the digital age.

  1. LED Wall
  2. LED light panels
  3. Cascade monitor
  4. Video Wall
  5. LED Wall

A product that has now become a leader in the digital communication sector is the full color led display. It is a device that boasts unique characteristics that cannot be emulated by other products of its kind.

First of all, it is appropriate to distinguish indoor LED screens from those for outdoor environments. In the first case, in fact, these devices will have purposes more related to pure information, with the aim of entertaining customers in the waiting room.

LED Wall outdoor

From the term LED Wall, in fact, we want to indicate a screen capable of reaching even very large dimensions. It covers entire walls of shops or buildings. These two components, size and brightness level of the screen, are the ones that will most be able to affect the price of an LED Wall.

Let’s go, therefore, to the long-awaited reasons. This waiting, of course, happens because they can be decisive. So check it out and don’t miss a thing about the LED Display!

The screen is a communication device that has complete sympathy with the environment. 

For this, its composition does not have any chemical elements or any other type of material that can harm nature.

1) Totem LED: full color led display

Obviously when we talk about full color led display we refer to an entire family of products. With regard to the setting up of shop windows, beauty salons, hairdressers, pharmacies, real estate agencies and so on, LED luminous totems are usually set up.

full color led display shop window 2021

Basically, these are LED screens, with or without floor support, totally customizable.

2) LED light signs

Another device belonging to the LED Wall category is video signs. Unlike classic box signs, these advertising devices are able to generate two concrete advantages for shops and commercial activities:

  • Brightness;
  • Video communication.

Even these LED screens, most of the times of horizontal shape, will be customized according to the space available to the customer.

LED light panels

Another ideal product in case the question is “how to set up a showcase in an engaging way” is the LED light panel. They are very popular among real estate and travel agencies. In this case we are talking about light panels, with aluminum profile. They get positioned behind the showcase in order to fill the spaces and show images printed on backlight paper, a special fabric designed for LED lighting.

The peculiarity of full color led display is the brightness, together with the extreme elegance. It can also represent refined design elements. Having now become the reference product for real estate agencies intent on organizing their showcase in an engaging way, the LED backlit panel is also a valid solution for other types of commercial activities.

Full color led display Cascade monitor

It is still on the subject of real estate agencies and methods for setting up shop windows in a futuristic way. The cascade monitors represent the technological evolution of the aforementioned light panels. Unlike the former, in fact, monitors define the definitive transition from a type of static communication (images printed on backlight paper) to a dynamic type (scrolling real estate ads).

Moreover, the captivating design, also due to the characteristic cascade power supply system, gives this type of product a considerable competitive advantage over light panels.

Video Wall

Last, but certainly not for importance and effectiveness, we include the Video Wall. Unlike a LED Wall, in this case we are talking about full color led display assembled with each other in order to be able to obtain a large LCD screen of any size.

Summary: full color led display

This kind of product, unlike the others mentioned above, does not have a level of brightness.  It has low contrast direct sunlight so it is not particularly suitable for outdoor environments or for installation on shop windows constantly stressed by sunlight. The advantage, however, consists in the possibility of facing a kind of investment that is certainly lower than that necessary for a full color led display.

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