German outdoor P3.91mm waterproof grade IP65 LED transparent screen

October 29, 2021

Most parts of Germany are affected by humid westerly winds and have a temperate maritime climate. According to the climate, the customer’s project requirements and the installation location, the outdoor P3.91 LED transparent screen is recommended to the customer, with a waterproof level of IP65 and a high-brightness design of 4500-5500nits. The traditional conventional screens are opaque, just like a wall. However, the transparent LED screen has a transmittance of up to 65%-90, and does not shield light or objects. The LED transparent screen has good heat dissipation performance and does not require an independent air conditioning system, but this heat dissipation system is indispensable in the conventional screen. After testing, the LED transparent screen saves more than 30% of energy and is more environmentally friendly than the conventional screen.

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