High-quality P3.9 Rental LED Display, in Stock

December 12, 2022

P3.9 Rental LED Display Real Customer Case 1

MPLED provide high-quality P3.9 rental LED display which have high visual performances, adjustable brightness, strong protection capability and fast delivery capability. This is a real customer case to Panama well received by the customers. We are always devoted to providing our customers with high-standard rental LED displays.

Installation Country: Panama

Product series:Rental display-Outdoor RB series

Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm

Display Size: 8*4.5m

Brightness: 4000-5000 cd/m2 (Nits)

Cabinet size:500mm*500mm and 500mm*1000mm

500mm*500mm Cabinet Weight: 7kg

500mm*1000mm Cabinet Weight:12.5kg

Waterproof Grade:IP65

Customer praise

Our one-stop service and professional pre-sales and after-sales personnel can bring you an excellent purchase and use experience.

P3.9 Rental LED Display Real Customer Case 2

Installation Country:Thailand

Product series:Rental display-outdoor RB series

Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm

Display Size: 3*2m

Brightness: 4000-5000 cd/m2 (Nits)

Cabinet size:500mm*1000mm

P3.9 Rental LED Display Real Customer Case 3

Hungary World Youth Weightlifting Championships

Installation Country:Hungary

Product series:Rental display-Outdoor RB series

Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm

Display Size: 3*2m

Brightness: 4000-5000 cd/m2 (Nits)

Cabinet size:500mm*1000mm

Customer praise

P3 The Most Popular Rental LED Screen

The MPLED P3 rental LED display can show the pictures vividly because of its high brightness, high contrast ratio, and wide grayscale. So it is widely used in indoor advertising, Exhibitions and conferences.


High brightness and low power consumption;

High contrast ratio allows you to enjoy every detail of the videos clearly;

High-standard visual performance with a Super high refresh rate up to 3840Hz, wide grayscale from 14-16bit, offering high-quality visuals;

The flat surface makes the seam invisible, allowing for seamless splicing;

With the use of low energy consumption products, you can save on power bills;

Other Advantages:

Fast Lock System

Intelligent fast Lock, one-handed operation, fast and stable


CE,RoHS,FCC Approved


2 Years Warranty

Lightweight Cabinet

MPLED P3.9 rental indoor LED display has thin and light cabinets which can be quickly installed. The high precise design makes the sturcture portable and durable.

High Protection Ability

The reliable chassis has a unique design that aimed at preventing damages from outside. You do not need to worry about problems caused by dust and moisture if you operate the display in a reasonable method.

Humanized Design

Anti-skid handle, perfect structural design offering great flexiblity to the indoor rental LED displays all allow them to becom easier, lighter and more humanized.


1. How to choose the most suitable LED display for my project? Can you give any help?

We can help you to choose the most suitable LED display for your project. For example, what is the application of the screen such as indoor or outdoor; the size of the screen; using senarios of the screen (exhibition, stage, events and so on) and your budget. Our professional team would like to make a mature plan for your project.

2.How about your delivery capacity?

Normally we deliver the stock led display to you in 3-7 working days.

3.How about your technical support?

MPLED  has a professional team to offer you the technical support for LED display, with our assistance you can solve all the problems about installation, configuration, and so on. Please contact our tech support center if there are any issues with installation or operation.


Our logistics can use ultra-light 6-in-1 flight case, with a common design, the weight is only 50% lighter than before, saving air freight costs.

Environmentally friendly plastic material, recyclable and reusable

And MPLED has a professional production workshop to ensure high-quality products for customers. High quality guarantees its good reputation in many markets. We always believe that in order to obtain first-class products, we must rely on first-class production equipment and perfect delivery mode.

Contact Us Now

Our P3.9 rental indoor LED displays are available for sale globally. They are carefully constructed with high-quality materials to ensure you the best viewing experience in a wide variety of event locations. Contact us to learn more about our LED display solutions and get more information on how we can help you save money while creating better LED displays.

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