How Can Led Panel Display Make An Impact During Covid-19?

December 24, 2020

Global Pandemic Effects On Led Panel Display Market-Year 2020 Situation:

Covid-19 has changed the outlook of the world. It has affected the market of several products, led panel display is one of them. Just as research suggests that the global Led panel display market should grow from USD 107.0 to 152.0 billion in 2020. However, the scenario is not good because the 2020 estimation is down by 26% after the pandemic hits the world.

If you want to find about the situation of the Led panel display market after the covid-19 pandemic so scroll down immediately without further ado.

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What is Led panel display?

Before reaching out to the market let us discuss something valuable about the led panel display.

A Led panel display known as a light-emitting diode display is a flat-screen. It is made up of light diodes that work as the video display.

Led panel display

Advantages of Led panel display:

Led panel displays steal the show with their sleek and slim design. Moreover Led panel display has an advantage over the LCD because it does not use fluorescent bulbs and that is why it weighs less. Furthermore, a led display is a power saver device that requires less energy.

And how can we forget the bright quality image of the led panel with enhancing contrast and rich colors? Led panels are better for human eyes because they reduce eye strain. Lastly, it is durable than an LCD.

Type of Led panel displays:

Outdoor and indoor environment display:

The indoor and outdoor environment led displays are different. The indoor led display requires moderate brightness as people will view these displays at a close range and a wide-angle.

On the contrary, require high density. Also, the display cabinet should be environmental conditions resistant.

Single, double, and three primary color displays:

These types of displays may offer single colors based on lightning material. For instance, the most popular ones are single red color or yellow /green. Whereas the double color display offers primary colors like red and green in double quantity. Similarly, the three-color display offers primary colors like red, blue, and green.

Conventional displays:

A steel structure is made to install conventional led displays when placed outside. Steel structure includes single or double led displays. The application of conventional display is to display traffic information at the bus stand.

Industrial displays:

This type of Led display is usually installed in malls to display speed, flow, temperature, and pressure using industrial settings. The industrial display connects with the distributed control system.

Shape varieties in led displays:

Led displays are available in different shapes and sizes. Some of the outdoor led display shapes are:

Pillar led display:

This type of led display is divided into three main parts. First, the base constructor presents underground, second the column is made up of steel and third is the led display on a framework. Moreover, the strength of the pillar is important here to support the led display.

 Building Roof fixed led displays:

This type of led display is covered with an aluminum composite panel surrounding the perimeter of the water-resistant cabinet. If message coverage is wide these led displays are placed at the top of the building.

Curved led displays:

It usually covers the building. On the other hand, the curved shape provides a better viewing quality. Because of its wide-angle view that can be seen from two to three directions.

Dual-sided led display:

These displays are usually placed on streets and highways. Dual-side displays are popular because it advertises to the people approaching from two directions.

Types based on performance:

The video led display:

Made up of many LEDs and can show videos and animations.

Text led display:

Consists of a single led display screen to display text.

Image led display:

Consists of a double display screen to display the image.

Synchronized displays:

This type of led display consists of synchronization working mode likewise computer monitor. Synchronized led displays show many greyscale colors to provide a multimedia advertisement effect.

Now we will discuss the comparison to make a clear picture regarding led importance.

OLED vs LED display:

The key difference between OLED and LED display is that: The standard led display uses backlighting to illuminate pixels whereas OLED doesn’t.

Moreover, OLEDs are the costly version of LED displays because it offers thinner screens by neglecting the need of backlight array.

LED vs LCD Displays:

Many people have a lot of confusion regarding LED and LCDs. Does the question always arise which one is better? But here the key fact between these two is LED displays are a more efficient version of the LCD.

LCD stands for liquid crystal display. The LCD panel uses liquid crystals to control the direction of light on the screen. Moreover many led displays on TV screens and computer monitors use liquid crystal technology. So basically they are LCD screens by definition. Due to the fact that LCD uses LEDs backlight pixels phenomenon, we can say that LED is a subset of LCD.

So in the end we can say that if you are going to purchase an LCD it is much likely a LED version.

Analysis of Led panel display market before and after Covid-19:

Low production will affect the demand for led panel display:

Due to the prolonged lockdown period, many factories are temporarily shutting down and this will affect the production and shipment of goods. Whereas display panel industry owners anticipate shipments delay by 8 weeks. However, the utilization rate reduces because of factory closure. Capacity utilization reduction is a short term COVID impact.

Shifting the production units to the less affected region:

Many manufacturing industries are shifting to lesser affected regions as a short term strategy. For instance, many big names like Samsung Electronics and LG are shifting their factories to low-cost regions like Mexico and Korea.

Mainly 2000 US companies are planning to move their assembling unit from china. For Instance, Apple is moving its manufacturing unit from china for uninterrupted production.

Lockdown affects the supply of display components:

Due to lockdown and worst economic conditions, many factories are shutting down and logistics are also taking time. It becomes harder day by day in this situation to regularize the supply of components. Be that as it may, some processing plants are open yet not running at their full limit; neither one of the industries have enough assets.

This would take another 3 to 4 months to normalize the situation. Therefore by considering the factors some display manufactures are relocating to Vietnam for importing display parts. Moreover display panel manufacturers are planning about the future after Covid-19.

The most important plan is to localize the production of panel components. Samsung Display is cooperating with neighborhood players giving digital signage solutions to keep up its position and procure better income in this serious market situation.

Some key market players are:

BOE Technology Group co .ltd, Samsung display, Innolux Corp. Sharp Corp, LG Display,  Japan display Inc, Tianma Microelectronics, Truly International Holding Ltd are some major players in the global pandemic Led panel display impact. Some other companies are manufacturing panel display their names are: Hann Star Display Corporation, Chengdu panda, Varitronix limited, Kopin corporation, Apple, Sony, E Ink inc, JOLED Inc, Chunghwa Tubes Ltd,eMagin Corporation, and Universal Corporation.

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The economic condition of the people is affected:

Some people are getting half the salary and many people have lost their jobs during this pandemic period. This weakens the economic condition of many people and therefore people are focusing on basic needs. That is why the Led panel display market is facing decline because it is a luxury and people are focusing more on daily needs.

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