How can we use Led display p10 outdoor to speedup potential sales?

August 30, 2021

Led display p10 outdoor – How to choose?

During the years that have passed, the use of led display p10 outdoor has grown absurdly, including in USA. And investing in this advertising technology is a great differential to get ahead of competitors in the market, regardless of the niche. Since its creation, LED panels have been revolutionary for the visual communication and advertising market. 
Led display p10 outdoor

What is an led display p10 outdoor panel?

LED panels are advertising equipment created from LED lamps with a high illumination rate that work through electronic boards. Their objective is to create images with high resolution and reach.

For them, to be manufactured thousands of small LED bulbs. They are responsible for creating the images and videos displayed on the screen.

How to choose the right led display p10 outdoor panel for your business?

The led display p10 outdoor panels can perfectly suit your needs and projects that have disclosures. For this reason, it is necessary that you think about the ideal equipment for your needs.
In order for you to be able to identify the best option, it is necessary that you study the:

the application
3.and the environment in which it will be inserted.

Led display p10 outdoor Panels for external use

Outdoor use panels have rain protection and a resolution of 8 meters or more. These models of equipment are recommended for events that are exposed to the weather, such as:
concerts and
advertising at fixed points.
The panels that will be installed on the street, subject to sun and rain every day and need protection to make them work for much longer

Outdoor Media on led display p10 outdoor Panel

And don’t associate this invasion with something negative, this is a natural movement since digital and online are increasingly present in everything we do on a daily basis. 
The Outdoor Media in led display p10 outdoor Panel takes on new meaning. And static ads that ended up wasting resources and durability healing become more attractive and more connected to the public reality.
A proof of this is an outdoor media project on a LED panel that is quite impressive. The chosen point was a place of great flow and car stop. It is a smart way to make important messages for the population to observe. And most importantly, they are easy to do in real time and replaced at any time.

Led Panel Rental for all businesses

Led panel rental was for a long time restricted to large events, parties, fairs or entertainment. However, with all the evolution of the online universe, invading our lives, that’s why today the led display p10 outdoor Panel Rental for all businesses is a reality. And these devices are showing themselves increasingly convincing for visual communication!
If we think about how the Brazilian LED market was 10 years ago, we will find a scenario in which LED was something from “another world”, they were giant screens capable of reproducing images in high resolution, creating incredible sets or transforming concert stages in true parallel universes

How do I know if I can have an LED Panel for my business?

The first step is to look for a company specialized in leasing and selling LED panels and schedule a visit to your business. Among the procedures include the adaptation to the advertising laws of your city, the best viewing angle for installation, infrastructure, etc.
If you have questions about your business style, for example, can I led display p10 outdoor Panel for my bakery? My hotel? My store? Then watch the video below and see some of our projects for different businesses. The truth is that there are no limits, the only thing you need is the willingness to invest in this equipment.

The Evolution of the OOH Environment with the 3D LED Panel

Thinking about Out Of Home media is facing an increasingly competitive environment in the dispute for attention, today interventions are increasingly creative and innovative, and a new element has been gaining everyone’s attention for some time, so let’s understand about the Evolution of the OOH Environment with the 3D LED Panel.

New Innovative Media for Business

If you’re into Out Of Home Media and LED panels, you’ve probably come across some video of 3D LED panels running around, mostly in China and some places in Europe. Recently the Zara clothing brand was also successful with a 3d Led showcase, see the video: That’s why we are sure that Led 3D presents an evolution in the OOH! 

Advantages of led display p10 outdoor

The big advantage of led display p10 outdoor is the highly engaging content that simulates reality and still entertains, in addition to creating an experience for your potential customers and increasing audience retention. In addition, it also exponentially increases brand awareness, causing it to get noticed or go viral in a video around the world, as happened at Zara Europe.
The LED panels common in these projects have specific configurations, in general very similar to the 2D panels we’ve come across on a daily basis, but they feature new curvatures and even more perfect resolutions. The result is an immersive surreal that allows brands to absorb all the attention and interest of their audience, and gain more connection with customers.

Cost of the led display p10 outdoor

Well, when you see all these advantages and think about a bright sign, you must be thinking about the high cost of led display p10 outdoor, specialized people and much more. 

But calm down, an LED panel is not that big thing, quite the contrary; it’s a facility that only technology can bring to your establishment. 
So let’s talk about economy: 
The lights on an LED panel can last up to 40,000 hours
Almost 5 years straight on running
It means you don’t have to worry about maintenance for a long time. 
An LED panel saves 60% compared to other types of lighting for communication. 

How can you use the LED panel for commerce?

The benefits of the LED Display for Trade are many as you can see, but the most interesting part will come now: in addition to using your creativity in the contents, you can also use it in the chosen places where you will place your Panel of led display p10 outdoor. See some ideas here: 
Led display p10 outdoor 2021

Facade sign
Putting your customer inside your store when he’s still outside is what a front sign is for: to attract the public even more. But that’s not all, here you can post messages, wish good morning, show promotions, or even show your logo in a technological and modern way. 

Technology Showcase

Technology is in everything: whether in the clothes you sell, or even in the digital devices you sell. And to convey all this news to people, have you ever imagined mixing your mannequins with an LED Panel? Or even put your electronic products with an animation in the background, and the best, right in your window? With LED Panel technology, this is possible. 

Viewing Distance led display p10 outdoor

The viewing distance is one of the most important data to understand which led display p10 outdoor to use for your installation.
For example, if we have a viewing distance of around 7/8 meters, we can basically use an 8mm pitch.
If we want to reduce the distance we can propose a 6mm pitch.

So do I always choose the lowest step?

Absolutely not, the closest steps are the most expensive.
For example, if we look at a giant screen LED 4 x 3 meters by 8 meters away you do not need to use a Pitch 6mm, but you just needs to use a Pitch 8mm and the image will be the same.

We say this to make you understand that there is no need to use the smallest step if it is not necessary, so you will not spend your money unnecessarily!
Brightness of led display p10 outdoor
Led display p10 outdoor is professional products with brightness even 10/15 times higher than a TV or Monitor.
The brightness comes in nit / m² or Candle / m², the higher the number the greater the brightness of the product.
Below we will explain the differences in detail.

TV and Monitor

TVs and Monitors that are with LED, LCD or OLED technology create for non-professional use.
Their brightness is around 45xUdHPiFHQ7xbKh19G45saF1raB2ot5pag8p1Hnk4yrfXRJZskr8TMbFpVfC5tDk8eQQg63TqkW9gKhwagx6HePTaK2yXbvery strong lights.
Access to the maintenance of an LED Display
By maintenance access we mean from which side of the led display p10 outdoor we can access in case of replacement of electronic parts.
The screens with rear maintenance have the doors in the rear, thus necessitating an adequate space to ensure that they is easy to open completely.
They are suitable for installations on poles, roofs.


The led display p10 outdoor with front maintenance allow access to all the electronic parts from the front, but obviously are more expensive than products with doors in the rear , because they have appropriate mechanisms and structures to ensure that the access from the front is as simple as possible .

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