How to buy rental indoor hd led display in 2021?

July 21, 2021

indoor hd led display

Indoor hd led display are video screens. They use LEDs like dots or pixels. The LED panel is the main part of such a screen.

They are common as street shop signs, large billboards. Not so long ago, it was introduced in public transport. Such panels and displays glow in the dark and advertising information is visible far away.

Risks of indoor hd led display

You can independently figure out how the LED panel works and make it yourself. Be careful if you buy the wrong parts, then you can sell them over the Internet for a long time. Try to buy the right ones right away.

If you entrust the assembly of the screen to non-specialists, they may assemble it incorrectly and after turning it on, a short circuit will occur and expensive parts will burn. Despite these risks, step by step you will figure out how the technique works and do it yourself. If possible, entrust the assembly to an experienced electrician who previously made such screens, and if not, proceed on your own.

Materials and assembly of indoor hd led display

The panel requires frosted glass. If you are concerned about safety, buy plexiglass. There are LED chips behind such a screen.

They are evenly spaced across the entire screen. They work from an independent power source. You will connect it later.

Before starting work, you must submit the panel you want to make. It is best to draw it by hand or on a computer. Need to know what its approximate area is?

Round any size to 1 square decimeter. Knowing the area, we will find out what power our screen will be. You will understand how brightly it will glow.

Which hd led display you should buy?

If you need indoor hd led display from which a dim light will come, then no more than 1 Watt per sq. decimeter.  Did you take the stained glass? It requires more power to illuminate it than transparent or matte.

If you plan to use the screen as a source for street lighting, then remember that 1 Watt LED is the same as a 10 Watt incandescent lamp. For example, in the hallway you have a 200 Watt chandelier power, and then you need diode chips for a 20 Watt panel.

Start assembling. The main thing is to safely install all the necessary chips. To turn them on, you need power supplies operating on a voltage of 220 W, but you must be careful and follow safety rules.

Which is ideal voltage for indoor hd led display?

The voltage under which the indoor hd led display is located is not dangerous for you, but if a short circuit occurs, rather expensive elements will fail and you will have to purchase new components from a special store . Most often, LED chips are evenly spaced in any sequence across the screen area.

We fasten the screen and the finished board with randomly located chips. To make the panel come alive, you need a power supply or driver. It is small and can be positioned during assembly, both in the body and in a separate unit behind the screen.

You will also need a screwdriver, screws for fastening, a centimeter and other materials. For a complete understanding of the assembly, watch the videos on YouTube. There they tell you step by step how to make the assembly optimally quickly and efficiently.

Where to buy spare parts?

Buy drivers and LED chips at a store that sells equipment and accessories. You can view the assortment in online stores, select the parts you need and order home delivery. Now there are a lot of opportunities and accessories for any wallet.

Some craftsmen assemble a structure from parts at a minimal cost. Someone orders more expensive components. If you are going to make such a screen with your own hands, do not rush, fold the components carefully. In the store, a sales assistant will tell you which parts are more reliable, durable and better suited for the screen of your area.

Collect it yourself or buy it ready-made?

Any indoor hd led display consists of modules. Thanks to this, you can make it any size you want. Do it yourself or buy it ready-made? Factory assembled is quite expensive. And it has its drawbacks:

Manufacturers often overestimate its performance, in advertising they say that it can work uninterruptedly from 50 to 100 thousand hours. In fact, over time, it can lose the brightness of the image in places. LEDs sometimes go down to 50% and colored spots appear on the image.

What is indoor hd led display manufacturing process?

The production of screens is carried out in batches and in each there is a share of marriage. If you come across one, then pretty soon you will notice flaws in its work.

indoor hd led display 2021

Of course, it will be under warranty for several years and it will be possible to repair non-mechanical breakdowns for free, but if you assemble the screen yourself, you will be sure of the quality of the components. It happens that the manufacturer knows about a defective batch, but in order not to lose profit, he hands it over for sale in stores or immediately sells it at full cost.

If you decide to buy a factory-assembled product, you should be aware of which brands of goods are of higher quality. You can buy well-known brands. The Chinese have learned to produce inexpensive products with excellent performance.

How to assemble led display screens?

On the other hand, you do not need a separate room to assemble screens or lines with your own hands. You can do this at home and save a lot. The main thing is to follow the recommendations, not to confuse anything.

If you doubt that you are able to competently assemble an indoor hd led display, for example, as part of a media facade , then you can still buy a ready-made one from the manufacturer at an affordable price with delivery. Or rent a LED screen.

What kinds of screens are there?

By location:


LED screens designed for use in buildings are much lighter than outdoor models. They are not protected from dirt and precipitation; therefore they cannot be common outdoors.

By the degree of mobility:


These models cannot be disassembled, so they are most often installed in one place and are no longer transported. Renting a fixed-type LED screen is convenient, because the organizers of the event do not have to worry about setting up and transporting the device.


They can be transported from place to place using an auto chassis. They are lightweight.

Who needs an LED screen?

First of all, to the organizers of exhibitions, shows, concerts, sporting events, promotions, conferences, presentations, congresses. The device can both broadcast what is happening on the stage and display information that visitors should remember.

Renting indoor hd led display may also be necessary for those who are engaged in the design of space. The device will display an image or video that creates the desired atmosphere.

For businessmen, LED screens are real helpers. Thanks to them, advertisements can be seen both by visitors to business centers, train stations, hospitals and other institutions, and by passers-by.

Advantages and disadvantages of LED structures

1. Consist of modules that can be positioned as needed in a specific situation.

2. Gives a clear, bright and contrasting picture.

3. Can be common both in the dark and in the sunlight.

4. Consume relatively little energy.

5. Serves up to 15 years.

6. Protected from precipitation and temperature drop to minus marks.

7. Automatically control image brightness, white balance and other parameters.

8. A personal computer is sufficient to control the screen.

Buying or renting an LED screen?

If you decide that you cannot do without an indoor hd led display, you need to decide whether you will buy or rent it. Both options have their advantages.

To purchase a device, you will need a large amount and personnel who can interact with it. Periodically, the screen will have to be serviced, which will also require spending. If you plan to move it frequently, you will have to take care of special transport.

It is profitable to rent a device, because the owner of the equipment reimburses all expenses for its maintenance. The issues of transportation and assembly of the screen also fall on the shoulders of the lessor.

LED screen rental

The company’s specialists will help you navigate the range and find a device whose characteristics correspond to the objectives of the event. In addition to consulting our staff

  • leaves for the venue of the holiday / concert / show;
  • delivers the screen;
  • assembles and connects the structure;
  • manages the device throughout the project;
  • promptly serves it if necessary;
  • dismantles the structure at the end of the event.

All of the above is included in the rental price.

The final price is formed taking into account the following factors:

  • screen size or number of modules;
  • the duration of the lease;
  • image quality;
  • installation method.

Renting indoor hd led display with dimensions of 3 * 2 meters for one day will cost on average 20,0 usd. Devices with larger dimensions will cost more. If you need a compact screen, you can rent an LED cabinet.

What to consider when choosing?

First of all, the place of its installation. The type of screen depends on where the screen is located. For an outdoor event, you can rent a device that is not afraid of weather surprises.


When choosing it is important to pay attention to the resolution of the indoor hd led display. The higher the indicator, the clearer and better the image. If you are on a budget and do not know which option to start from, take a 256×192 pixel screen as a starting point.

This is the minimum that will give a good picture. If you plan to use your device for live streaming, go for the higher resolution model.

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