How to choose a concert outdoor full color led display?

August 26, 2021

Difference of concert LED screens from other types

outdoor full color led display

The peculiarities of outdoor full color led display for the stage include a small pixel pitch, since the distance to the viewer is not large. Stage LED screen is common for:

  • Showing individual plans for stage action;
  • Demonstration of various videos and even full-length films;
  • Creating dynamic decorations;
  • Periodic display of logos of sponsors who funded the performance.

One of the essential incentives for buying LED screens is the ability to quickly change backdrops during a show. Moreover, there is no limit to the flight of imagination of stage artists – the actors will play their roles both against the backdrop of the ocean shore and the factory workshop.

It all depends on which picture will be broadcast. Moreover, the video sequence can be stationary or dynamically changing. The use of such technology will leave the audience with vivid memories, and they will leave the concert with a lot of positive emotions.

Types of LED screens for scenes

Today there are 2 technologies for manufacturing LED screens. Below is a brief description of each of them.

DIP technology of outdoor full color led display

Outdoor full color led display are massively common in the production of models for placement on the streets. The pixel in this case is obtained by assembling 3 diodes according to the RGB scheme (red, green and blue).

 The brightness of each element is easy to adjust and a certain color is created by controlling it. If the luminous intensity of all three LEDs is maximum then the observer sees a white dot.

The disadvantage of DIP technology lies in the limitation on the resolution. Each LED takes up a certain amount of space. Therefore, it is impossible to arrange the LED elements extremely close to each other; there is always a small gap between them.

To get a picture of acceptable quality, the distance to the eyes must be decent. Therefore, DIP-screens in 90% of cases are mounted on the street and common as an excellent and effective tool for outdoor advertising of their services.

SMD technology for outdoor full color led display

The main difference from the approach described above is the pixel design. A diode of the SMD type is a picture point that is easy to paint in any color. As a result, discrete picture elements on the outdoor full color led display array are easy to locate even more densely to each other.

This ultimately leads to a significant improvement in picture quality. SMD LED screens can have a pixel pitch of 10 mm or less. The production of such panels is currently good. Another plus is the long service life – longer than the DIP counterparts.

Stage LED screens; How to choose?

In order not to commit any mistake with the choice when buying, in addition to the pixel pitch, it is necessary to take into account a number of technical characteristics.

Brightness – This is one of the fundamental parameters, especially for screens that mount on stage. By the way, before using the outdoor full color led display, you need to skillfully adjust its brightness, since it should not dazzle the people present in the hall.

Angle of view – The higher the angle of view, the larger the sides of the image.

You can purchase high-quality modular LED screens for the stage at the manufacturer’s price. Phones are listed on our website. Our experts will advise you on any questions related to the purchase. Contact us now!

Concert LED Screen Energy Consumption Calculator

To save time and find out an approximate calculation of the power consumption of electricity, Future-Vision has prepared a handy calculator. Enter the width, height and type of the screen in the calculator.


By now, most people have heard of LED signage. And this is not surprising, since they are considered the most popular advertising structures. It’s funny that the LED was invented in the distant 30s of the last century.

 For a long time it was common exclusively for domestic purposes: as decorations for holidays, in the headlights of cars. They learned about it only in the 70s, it was at this time that they began to use it for outdoor advertising. 

They did not forget about him anymore, all over the world people with the help of outdoor full color led display promote their business. The big plus of LED advertising is that it attracts potential customers even at night. So what is the secret of her popularity?

Energy Consumption of outdoor full color led display

One of the most important advantages of an LED display is that it consumes little power. It also works at low mains voltage. Does not heat up or overheat. The scoreboard is much more efficient and more economical, especially when compared to neon signs, which consume 3-4 times more energy.


Advertising outdoor full color led display well in that it can transmit and communicate information in absolutely any form – text, video, animations, sound effects, images. In general, whatever you want. In LED screens have a lot of things that are not in other types of outdoor advertising (billboards, banners).

 They have special settings with which you can set the broadcast time, its speed, change the text, add brightness to the image, and add time and temperature in a given region and much more. Doing all this is very simple; you don’t even need the help of specialists.

Brightness Level of outdoor full color led display

LED signs look much brighter than any standard advertisement and even illuminated ones. In addition, they retain their color and brightness for a long time. It will shine brightly for 10 years.


When an image appears on an LED screen, it is sure to be noticeable, vibrant and alluring. After all, it’s not a secret for anyone that photos, videos, music and animation will definitely attract the attention of passers-by. 

This type of outdoor full color led display advertising is more effective than static signs. Plus, a one-time installation of ice products will be much cheaper than a constant change of conventional advertising structures.


outdoor full color led display 2021

Ice signs consist of LEDs and are durable plastic elements. This is why they last longer than standard promotional items. They are the most durable, with a service life of 100,000 hours.


The choice of an LED screen may seem a difficult task to a person who is far from technology, and someone even considers it to be the work of exclusively specialists. In principle, this is the case, for these there specialists to help the client make the right choice!

However, you can make it easier for yourself and significantly speed up the process of choosing a media screen. It’s not as difficult as it might seem at first glance!

Step 1. Appointment:

First of all, you need to decide what you need an LED screen for. It can be an advertising medium and video accompaniment of public events, and an information board, and a media facade. Based on the purpose, the technical parameters of the outdoor full color led display we select- brightness, resolution, sharpness, dimensions, etc.

Step 2. Target audience:

Who is the screen for? It is for passers-by on the street or station dispatchers? Moreover, this is for those attending a big music festival or for the regulars at a nightclub? The target audience is also an important factor in determining the technical characteristics of the screen.

Step 3: Location of outdoor full color led display

Where do you plan to install the screen? What should be the visibility? Is it a stationary or mobile structure?

 At this stage, the issue of design, installation, supply of power communications for the operation of the equipment is resolved, in other words – all the nuances, starting from the departure to the object and ending with the features of installation.

Step 4: Equipment and service

Having decided on the purpose, target audience and location of the screen, you should decide on a set of additional equipment. Does your outdoor full color led display have to work around the clock or at certain hours? How often are content changes planned? In what conditions will the screen be common? The equipment and service depend on all this.

Step 5: Timing.

So, you have decided on all the details! How long does it take to make and install the screen?

Step 6. Project cost.

The financial component directly depends on all the previous stages and determines individually for each customer.

The specialists of “Aperture” will help you at each stage of the selection of the LED screen. Furthermore, we will select for you the best option that suits you in terms of cost and technical capabilities!

Summary outdoor full color led display

LED screens as advertising media no longer surprise residents of the countries of the European, Asian and American continents.

Advertising on LED media is gradually entering the daily life of large cities, and this is not surprising. The screen is quickly assembled, content comes within seconds, and once self-sustaining, the LED structure is relatively inexpensive to maintain. Moreover, these and other advantages make outdoor full color led display a very profitable option for outdoor advertising. But is this option always justified?

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