How to choose indoor and outdoor p3.91 for successful advertising?

May 16, 2021

Full color, professional LED indoor and outdoor p3.91displays are quite common in advertising today. They help to give the brand recognition and attract new customers, work as a stylish design solution that can revive any interior design and make any event more interesting and dynamic. 

Professional LED indoor and outdoor p3.91 displays: features, advantages and key characteristics

Today LED screens are used everywhere – in commercial and social advertising, decoration of premises and events. Displays are purchased for conference halls, exhibition pavilions, airports, railway, auto stations, etc.

Their main advantages are as follows:

  • brightness and the ability to attract the attention of a large potential audience;
  • versatility – can be used as an informational or LED screen on stage;
  • Similarly, ease of maintenance and maintainability;
  • economical consumption of power consumption;
  • long service life.

Leading manufacturers offer the consumer a wide variety of models that differ:

  • pixel pitch – the smaller this parameter, the clearer the image on the screen;
  • field of application – Ice screens for indoor or outdoor use;
  • shape – even or curved;
  • diagonal, etc.

How to choose a LED display screen for indoor and outdoor?

In order not to get confused in all the diversity and quickly decide on the choice of indoor and outdoor p3.91 suitable for all parameters, it is important to consider the following:

Field of application

 Indoors or outdoors. In addition, you need to think in advance whether the display will constantly hang on the wall or be moved from place to place. In the catalog of our company you can find models both in wall and floor versions, as well as mobile LED displays for meeting rooms, conference rooms, information zones, classrooms;

Dimensions – selected based on the size of the room in which the panel will be used most often. Moreover, everyone in the room should be comfortable watching what is happening on the screen;

  • pixel pitch;
  • resolution;
  • brightness;
  • contrast of the image.


The choice of a led screen indoor and outdoor p3.91 to a person who has never faced the purchase of complex equipment may seem like a difficult task. Therefore, some buyers prefer to immediately seek professional advice instead of trying to understand the features of this equipment on their own. But you can try to choose the LED screen yourself. This is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.



The first thing to do is understand why you need an LED screen. Furthermore, it is good for various purposes:

  • showing ads;
  • broadcasting information;
  • use as a media facade;
  • Video broadcasting of the course of mass events.

From how, where the led equipment is good to use, the technical parameters of the device we select: dimensions, resolution, and brightness level.

Determining the target indoor and outdoor p3.91audience

You need to think about who will view the information broadcast by the screen – visitors to a nightclub, shop buyers, street passers-by. The technical parameters of the selected electronic device depend on the type of target audience.

Place of installation of led equipment

LED screens are available and easy to install everywhere – outdoors, indoors. The view of the indoor and outdoor p3.91 will be different in different places. In addition, you also need to immediately decide whether the screen is installed for permanent, temporary use. 

Moreover, it depends on what its design will be – mobile or stationary. In addition, it is important to understand how engineering communications will be supplied to ensure the operation of ice equipment.

Operation and maintenance of the device

At this stage, the buyer will have to decide how the LED screen will work – at certain hours of the day, around the clock, what will be the frequency of changing the broadcast content. It is important under what conditions the led display will be be good to use. Its equipment and further maintenance depend on it.

Cost of indoor and outdoor p3.91equipment

How much the purchase of an ice panel will cost depends on its technical and operational characteristics. If you have any difficulties with choosing an LED screen, our company’s specialists are ready to help. Please contact us. Employees of the company will listen to your wishes, after which they will select a led display that is optimal for solving your problems.

indoor and outdoor p3.91 2021
  • quick installation of equipment;
  • content replacement takes seconds;
  • Inexpensive device maintenance.

The listed advantages have made the indoor and outdoor p3.91 LED screen an effective option for placing outdoor advertising. But is it really a bargain to buy an ice display?


To find out which is more convenient – billboards or LED screens, it is worth considering a few illustrative examples.

Example No. 1

On high-speed roads, cars go very fast. As a result, the advertising structure installed along the highway will flash almost instantly. Unless for some reason people will have to go slowly. As a result, a person will not be able to view the entire commercial, but at the same time a bright and colorful static picture will be imprinted in his brain. 

But there is one fact: the installed LED screen is visible from afar and can show constantly changing information. The display can show the air temperature, time and date, speed limit on a given road section. Therefore, the LED screen is perfect for broadcasting information on highways.

Example No. 2

One way to attract a customer and stand out from the competition is through advertising signs. They may not play a significant role in small cities, as there is not strong competition in them. If there is only one restaurant or beauty salon in a village or its area, there is no one to compete with. But in megacities the situation is different. 

To stand out from the competition, you need to be able to draw the attention of consumers to the business. In this case, an LED sign with bright lights will attract the eyes of passers-by.

Which way to advertise products and services to choose, everyone decides for himself. But the use of indoor and outdoor p3.91 LED screens allows you to make the store, the entrance to the office more visible to others. 


After watching a movie, visitors to the cinema leave the hall charged with positive emotions. But visiting such places of entertainment is not always possible. For example, during the quarantine period, restrictions on visiting entertainment places have been introduced. 

To enjoy high-quality display of films at home, without strangers interfering with enjoying the action on the screen, you can use the LED equipment offered by our company.


Generally, the use of led screens as a TV for home theaters is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the quality of the equipment, the viewer receives a clear picture with bright, saturated colors, which is not inferior to what can be seen when watching a movie in a cinema hall.

 The dimensions of the ice panel may vary. By contacting our company, you will order equipment that is suitable in size for the room in your house or apartment. LED screens come by our company are capable of recognizing files of different formats – video, audio. The operation of the equipment is simple, in order to operate it, no special skills are required.


  • for watching movies at home;
  • Similarly, for presentations in the office;
  • for lectures, seminars, conferences.

Allow yourself to watch your favorite movies in high quality at home. Buy indoor and outdoor p3.91 LED screen to install in your apartment. To do this, contact our company by calling our office by phone.

 The manager will accept the application, give advice, and advise what characteristics to order an LED screen with so that its dimensions, brightness, pixel pitch and resolution are sufficient for your premises. Also, an employee of the company will agree with you the terms of delivery and installation of equipment

Indoor and outdoor p3.91 led screen for exhibition

Each participant of the exhibition does his best to attract the attention of visitors to his pavilion. An LED display is an easy way to achieve your goal. Furthermore, one or more screens can turn an exhibition stand into a media space. It will become a source of inspiration and an explosion of emotions for the audience.


  • The ability to quickly draw the audience’s attention to the product.
  • Ability to disclose complete information about products in the form of videos, static, dynamic images.
  • Due to the fact that you can create a led panel of any size, it will be possible to place it in any pavilion in terms of area.


Our company is a manufacturer of indoor and outdoor p3.91 LED screens. Upon the client’s request, we will make a panel of the required size, with the required technical characteristics. We offer indoor displays. After all, exhibitions come not only indoors, but also outdoors. Outdoor models of screens are secure from precipitation and dust.

An important parameter in the choice of ice equipment is the pixel pitch. It determines how detailed, clear the picture will be. The external models have a pixel pitch of 4-10 mm, and the internal ones – 1.5 – 5 mm. The closer the audience is to the screen, the smaller the step should be.

Final Wording

If you want to purchase an indoor and outdoor p3.91 LED display screen for an exhibition, please contact us. Employees of the company will help you in the selection of equipment, they will advise you on the screen that is best suited to your tasks and location.

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