How to Choose the Best LED Screen Outdoor for Fan zones?

December 20, 2020

Choosing an LED Screen Outdoor for Fan Zones?

For a large number of audiences that cannot attend the live events at the stadiums and arenas, the LED screen outdoor for fan zones serves the purpose. The importance of LED screen outdoor is because of Sports. You may hear of FIFA and ICC world cup tournaments. These events are the famous sporting events in the world. Such sporting events normally attracts a large number of audiences from across the globe. Usually, a majority of the audience can attend the live events on the located stadiums and arenas.

Hence, the issue solves by gathering a large number of audiences in the surrounding areas. To entertain the fans outside the stadiums, the LED screen outdoor comes into play. The large LED screen outdoor shines the best the provides the best entertainment alternatives.

The devices are easy to transport and hence are deploy on-site material. The LED screen is an integral solution when reliability is a constant factor. The outdoor fan zones LED Screens to eliminate the need for rigging LED screens for every single event.

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Why Fan Zones are Important?

For large sporting events, there sure is the probability of a large audience as well. The crowd either gathers at the stadium or the fan zones. These fan zones are the places where the audience gather to entertain themselves by watching the sporting event.

led screen outdoor

An example of these fan zones is the FIFA worlds cup events. Even the matches commence in a certain territory yet there is a great demand for fan zones across the globe. Fan zones are the large open areas where large LED screen outdoor display for broadcasting. The foremost reason for these fan zones is that people will gather around and enjoy the match.

The fan zones ensure safety and entertainment in a controlled environment. The LED screen displays usually in fan zones that are located in the center of the major cities. This hence creates a thrilling and electric environment during events’ streaming.

LED Screens Outdoor at Fan Zones:

The events like FIFA and the recent Euro 2020 increase the demand for fan zones across the globe. Of course, where is a need there is a fan zone? Also, where there are fan zones, it demands LED screen outdoor. This, therefore, demands the LED screen to large enough for the audience to watch it.

The size of the LED screen outdoor depends upon the size of the audience. There are a variety of sizes available for outdoor LED screens at fan zones. This adds to the feeling of the audience and provides them with nearly a live experience. Therefore, the LED should be bright and adjustable enough to accommodate the setting and after demands.

Also, it must tough enough to handle the angry fans in the arena. Therefore, mobile LED screens are best for this type of event. They are easy to transport and requires easy setup.

How to Choose Best LED Screen Display for Fan Zones Outdoor?

LED screen stands for light-emitting diodes. An American engineer Nick Holon yak comes with the idea of making LEDs in 1962. However, the initial inventions were not as promising as the technology now guarantees. Initially, the LEDs were red, which prevents the light to display multiple colors.

It happens in the 1980s that the first LED came that paved way for the creation of video walls. Therefore, there are many qualities and characteristics that a good LED screen outdoor possess. Some of which are:

Characteristics of Reliable LED screens:

The foremost factor while choosing the LED screen outdoor for fan zones is the screen quality. It is one of the most important specifications of the LED screens. Hence, specific applications for installing the outdoor LED screen must be kept in mind.

This is because many screen types are specific for a specific audience. For indoor fan zones like basketball games, there are bucket screens which are an idea for this case. These bucket screens are small vertical portable panels that can be adjustable into one large bucket screen.

One can connect these panels into one large screen. This thus fulfills the purpose of various indoor events like badminton and basketball halls. Similarly, for outdoor events, certain types of LEDs are productive and long-lasting. This LED screen displays the brightest image and is hence adjustable to daylight settings.

LED screen Protection (IPS65-rating)/ (Wire V0 flame):

Heat dissipation, whether for indoor or outdoor events, becomes the major concern for LED screen outdoor. It is the most major issue that arises in big sports events. This is the most important point of consideration while choosing the LED screen for outdoor changeable weather events. In such events, it is pertinent to install and have LED screens which possess high flame heat retardation level.

Similarly, for outdoor sports events at fan zones, the high flames protection level is another integral factor to keep in mind. For that reason, IPS65 level and Wire V0 flame grade are the latest choices for protecting LED screens. Also, now large LED screens possess built-in cooling fans to dissipate the heat. For outdoor events, fan zones Led screens must consider the changeable external harsh environment. As plateau areas are cold-resistant, coastal areas are heat resistant and deserts are resistant to heat dissipation.

Overall Brightness Contrast for LED Screens for Fan Zones:

The brightness level for outdoor events is much higher than the indoor events. However, the case is not something like bigger vs smaller. This is not a compulsion that the bigger screen must be brighter and hence are better.

However, the effects of brightness, contrast, and energy-saving level for LED must be important factors to consider. This, therefore, requires a comprehensive analysis according to the requirement. The high energy efficient LED screen outdoor hence requires safety, stability, and service for a lifetime.

led screen outdoor

Installation Method for LED Outdoor Screens at Fan Zones:

The position of LED in fan zones determines the installation type and mode of the LED screen outdoor. This means that the type of LED outdoor screen depends upon the location of the venue. For a large LED display screen in open ground areas, installation position must be kept in mind.

For this, it means whether a user must place the screen on the ground or hang it to the wall. The other options are the permanent embedment of LED screens in the wall. Also, the position of the outdoor LED screen depends upon the maintenance position. This means that whether the screen requires front or back maintenance operation. Difficulty and installation of LED screen is another factor the plays its role while choosing the outdoor LED.

Viewing Distance of LED Screen at Fan Zones:

A large LED display offers a large brightest view for a larger audience. This means that the purpose is to cover the maximum amount of audience in the given size. The product must, therefore, offer an equally satisfy the audience standing in the last row.

Thus, the long-distance viewing characteristic is the most important factor to consider. The large size of LED screen outdoor is not a conclusive factor. However, for a larger display angle, brightness and contrast are the factors that play their role. For this reason, there are two basic factors for choosing a large LED outdoor screen display. P6 and P8 are the two common sizes for outdoor events for covering large distance viewing.

Refresh Rate of Outdoor LED Screen at Fan Zones:

The refresh rate of the LED screen display and informs you about the display rate of your data. This means that it is the rate and value of your screen that display data per second. However, this refresh rate is different from the frame rate. This means that for a frame rate of 24fps the refresh rate for your LED screen stands at 48Hz. This means for every second your frame will display twice.

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Final Thought:

Led Screen outdoor is the modern solution for Fan Zones. This is because the product is convenient and protective. It possesses a future-proof technology that its the potential for replacing the module large screens. LED screen outdoor is a simple mechanism that is flexible for those looking for an Outdoor Fan Zone display business.

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