How to get super image quality with p3 91 indoor led display?

July 21, 2021

Great allies of corporate events, p3 91 indoor led display have increasingly proven to be a great option. They are to create the impact of spectacular and very high quality images. Allow sharing words, texts, images, animations and videos.

And now, with the novelty of curved screens, its use is even better, creating displays that are always sharp and full of brightness from any angle. In addition to causing a great visual impact and endless possibilities for customizing sizes and formats.

Here are some reasons for you to invest in LED panels for your next event:

Great image quality day and night with p3 91 indoor led display

p3 91 indoor led display can be common in dark environments and at night. But they also work very well during the day, unlike other displays and panels.

Even in bright spaces – whether natural or artificial – images remain clear, crisp and easy to see, which is perfect for use in daytime displays, even outdoors.

Advanced technology

LED technology is one of the most advanced on the market. It offers the sharpest images in the most diverse circumstances and is extremely easy to use and find.

It is available in P1 and P10 resolutions, the first for use indoors, such as presentations and conferences, and the second for outdoor environments. Here the audience is at a greater distance from the screens.

Either way, the images are always of high quality and well-viewed from anywhere.

Easy customization of p3 91 indoor led display models and sizes

Depending on the need, p3 91 indoor led display can be built to customer specifications, being as large as possible. It doesn’t matter if you need a small screen for a conference or workshop, for example, or a screen with maximum visibility, for congresses or conventions; LED panels are always a great option.

It is possible to build a large screen by joining several small screens, which allows for different formats and adaptations.

In this regard, the curved screens also gain an extra point. They allow even bolder assemblies that adapt to any scenario, without losing image quality or sharpness.

More savings with p3 91 indoor led display

LED panels consume less energy than conventional screens. They represent greater savings. As they heat up less, they also end up being advantageous, as they do not require the use of refrigeration systems and do not suffer from energy loss.

For all these reasons, LED panels are an extremely advantageous option for holding events. Although they are a little more expensive, they make up for the image quality they offer and the ease. They already need less space and allow the audience to be closer without losing clarity and message.

If you want an audiovisual tool that will make an impact on your event, consider using LED, especially for curved panels and screens. They will make a difference and deliver spectacular visuals and clear, concise and crisp visual information for your audience.

Outdoor vs p3 91 indoor led display

Outdoor led panels are undoubtedly the best way to draw attention to your business façade or outdoor advertising. With high definition images and vivid colors, the p3 91 indoor led display is a revolution in high-impact visual media.

With the advancement of LED technology, major brands and advertisers have gained a new ally to establish a visual identity with a lot of sophistication and interactivity.

To take advantage of this great opportunity in development, P1LED has separated some very important usage tips about the outdoor led panel. You should know to further impact your audience.


There is an ideal model for each type of environment, so choosing your LED display according to the climate where it will be installed is very important. If you live in a city where temperatures are very low, for example, this should be taken into account when choosing the right panel for your project.

 The LED panels waterproof, for example, are a great option for places where there are extreme temperature changes. It guarantees image quality even in the rain or in bright sunlight.


To function properly at full capacity, p3 91 indoor led display requires an ideal internal temperature. Since they are always on, taking care that it doesn’t overheat is essential to avoid problems like dead pixels and faded image.

P3 91 indoor led display 2021

To protect your display we recommend that you make sure it has an internal temperature regulation system installed.

Brightness setting for p3 91 indoor led display

Setting the brightness of the outdoor LED display is one of the most important aspects to get the audience’s attention. Because of direct sunlight, image quality needs to be highly sharp and visible.

Choosing a model with high brightness and contrast is crucial for having eye-catching images. As a rule, panels with less than 2,000nits have their visibility affected by sunlight. So if your panel has less than 2000 nits, it should be installed in a covered structure or with some kind of block so that the sun doesn’t interfere with the brightness of the image.


Although it sounds obvious, this is a very important tip. Each type of panel is made to withstand the conditions to which they are designed. Using an indoor LED panel model outdoors not only reduces the quality of the exposed content, it is also a dangerous way to save money. If your dashboard is not equipped to withstand rain, just a drop of water can make it a risk to your event.

And not only can that, but the whole purpose of keeping your brand in evidence go down the drain – literally. The p3 91 indoor led display will most likely be damaged by misuse. Therefore, for outdoor installations, only use appliances designated for this function.


Outdoor LED panels are made of robust materials and are very resistant. They can withstand extreme climates delivering hassle-free, high-resolution images. But for it to continue to function well, routine maintenance is required.

To ensure the proper functioning of your outdoor led panel, p3 91 indoor led display offers full technical support. It comes with a spare parts warranty for up to 6 years after purchase, in addition to having an exclusive warranty for up to 100,000 hours or 6 years of use.

Choose the best location to install p3 91 indoor led display

The location of your outdoor LED panel is very important when it comes to attracting the attention of the target audience to your content, as well as ensuring the integrity of your device in the long term.

Although very resistant and made to withstand the outdoor climate, LED panels with direct contact to the sun require greater care. Therefore, we recommend that your outdoor interactive LED panel be installed in a place that offers some type of protection against the weather, such as under awnings or in spaces that offer shade for a longer time.


Remote access to the outdoor led panel is a very important tool for you to monitor the health of your display from a distance. Our p3 91 indoor led display have WIFI connection and can be configured in real time. With remote access, you can make any changes to any problems and monitor the temperature and performance of your screen at any time.

Still have questions about how to use the outdoor led panel? Get in touch with us and our team will solve this for you.


Check out 4 tips below that will improve the way you use your outdoor led panel for advertising:

Quick Read

With the convenience of configuring the p3 91 indoor led display, you can change the panel’s audiovisual content at any time, simultaneously.

 This helps in getting information to the public quickly and effectively. You have seconds to communicate with the pedestrian or driver who passes in front of your billboard. Use short, easy-to-understand messages. Try not to overload the viewer with too much information. Summarize your content in fast-readable sentences in large print.

Visual Connection of p3 91 indoor led display

The digital content displayed on the outdoor LED panel must be in harmony with your brand’s visual identity and all the content on social networks. This creates a connection for the customer who will be able to remember your brand much more easily. Colors and fonts are very important; they stay in the audience’s memory more easily.

Impacting Slogan

Attractive image and short sentences of 4 to 5 words that generate effect. Remember, you have little time to make an impact on pedestrians and drivers in traffic passing in front of your p3 91 indoor led display. Use this time to generate a stir in the audience.

Direct the customer

Don’t forget to point out your complementary social media so that your potential customer can find you more easily. Phone number and website address are also very important. Sometimes the client doesn’t have time to store a lot of information, so make sure he can find you in other media.

The LED panels are here to stay and are one of the fastest growing digital media worldwide.

Digital outdoor media is an innovative way to expose brands and products to a large audience and is increasingly occupying large spaces in urban centers, directly competing with traditional media. Several aspects make the media on outdoor LED panels the best option to reach a large flow of people.

The advantages of advertising on LED panels

With dynamism in the ads, it is possible to work on innovative campaigns, which become very useful for various brand launches and product demonstrations. The disclosure of releases is essential and of great importance to achieve the expected result for the brand.

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