How to order rental outdoor led display at affordable price?

September 29, 2021

Rental outdoor led display and the digital technology

Digital technology has taken over the world. They are literally everywhere. It now uses rental outdoor led display. It is enough to have a computer and Internet access at hand. Instead of banners and billboards, bright rental outdoor led display, instead of dull showcases, modern and unusual displays.

rental outdoor led display

Technology is also penetrating art. Museums and private galleries use media facades, video walls, and screens to display the work of various artists. So, the Museum of Contemporary Art, located in Bolzano (Italy), decided to draw public attention to art in a non-standard way.

 Rental outdoor led display; location

A rental outdoor led display came above the entrance to the building, on which exhibits of the museum are displayed. This approach not only allowed to increase the number of visitors to the museum but also had a positive effect on the appearance of the city.

Taking an example from Italian colleagues, the administration of the Cyber Art Museum, located in Boston, launched the Art on Screens project.

Rental outdoor led display essence boils down to the display of digitized paintings and exhibitions, as well as up-to-date information about the events of the museum. The project was also supported in Canada. Pattison One stop regularly holds art shows, thanks to which interest in painting and art, in general, is growing.

Working of rental outdoor led display

LED screens find their place not only on facades. In recent years, they have been installed inside art galleries, theaters, and museums. Information previously communicated by posters is now broadcast through displays. They allow you to display not only text data but also images and videos.

Hundreds of pictures and text fragments are easy to place on one screen. If the data is difficult to read, the screen may sound it. LED displays are also irreplaceable in the hall. Here they inform about upcoming events and show images that make the interior of the room more interesting.


Russia is not lagging, rental outdoor led display

Inspired by the example of Europeans, rental outdoor led display. The inhabitants of our country began to use LED screens not only for advertising. Both in the capital and in other cities of China, paper posters are becoming a thing of the past. Instead, LED displays are now reporting cultural events.

The reasonable price of the LED screen allows even museums and theaters with little funding to keep up with modern technologies. The organizers of private exhibitions also do not stand aside. This summer, for the first time, the facade of the Manege gets decoration not with static posters, but with LED screens. 

rental outdoor led display 2021

Applications of LED Screens

LED screens are electronic devices that allow you to transmit any visual information to many viewers. The main difference of such rental outdoor led display that one or more LEDs are a single pixel in it. A characteristic feature of such screens is that, if it is necessary to cover a large audience, usually on streets, stadiums, or shopping centers.

Manufacturing technology; rental outdoor led display

All LED screens are based on semiconductor LEDs, which fix on a substrate and connec by an electronic board. From above, the rental outdoor led display fills with a sealing compound that protects them from moisture and damage. This composition is called a compound.

There are two main types of LED screens: cluster and matrix. Cluster screens consist of separate elements – clusters, which contain from three to several dozen LEDs, and a separate board connecting them. Matrix screens are one-piece, each screen or module consists of a single matrix, which combines LEDs, a substrate, and a control board, embedded in an insulating layer.

LED display manufacturers

Matrix screens are the most modern and technologically advanced, they are gradually replacing cluster screens. The market of LED screens is quite saturated, many world-famous companies are engaged in their production. Renting an LED screen is not that popular. So, the largest and most famous for rental outdoor led display of them include:

First, Barco, a Belgian corporation that manufactures a variety of display products for business

Second, American corporation Daktronics, specializes in the production of LED products

Moreover, Philips


Lastly, LG.

Products of rental outdoor led display

The products of these well-known brands claim the high quality and reliability that is so important in the case of outdoor use of such screens. However, the prices for their products are also quite high. You can get quality outdoor led display at better price. These companies include the following:

• First, nichia is a large Japanese company that manufactures LEDs and LED products

•Cree is an American corporation, of rental outdoor led display for

> LED products

> Screens

 >Information solutions

•Cotco is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer that is one of the leaders in the Asian market.

Products of Nichia, Cree, Coto overview

The products of these companies are also of high quality, but it is not very convenient to purchase them, since they mainly work through distributors who, in addition to the markup directly from the brand, also add their own, very considerable.

Moreover, it is inconvenient for ordinary entrepreneurs to order ready-made modular screens from abroad since there are many difficulties with delivery and transportation. And most importantly, to install and assemble the screen in rental outdoor led display. You must look for third-party specialists who often do not have the necessary experience or are simply not familiar with the specifics of the products of a particular company.

Rental outdoor led display LED screens in China

China, LED screens come by several companies. Among the most famous and respectable are two: the company “LEDs of China” and the company “mpled168”. Both companies have strong customer and market reputation

Both companies have been on the china market for a long time, while the quality of their products is very high. In addition, the price of LED screens from these companies is very democratic, since both work on the principle of the so-called modular assembly when all components are ordered from foreign suppliers and are assembled and serviced in China.

How to get rental outdoor led display optimal balance?

It is possible to achieve the most optimal balance between price and quality in rental outdoor led display. If you have your own electronics production, the company “LEDs of China” has in its assortment all the necessary components for assembly: LED modules, controllers, power supplies, consumables.

 In addition, she is always ready to provide qualified assistance and support for the assembly and installation.

Screen software; rental outdoor led display

One of the most important elements when installing an LED screen is the software. It includes programs that convert the video signal for transmission from the computer to the controller, as well as the program code of the controller itself. Controller – a device that controls the operation of the entire LED screen and receives an incoming video signal.

Standard programs in LED display

Computer software can be standard, and third parties can sell them easily, of rental outdoor led display. And its own, original for each manufacturer of LED screens. The most popular standard programs are:

• LED Show is a comprehensive program for controlling and programming an LED screen from a computer. It allows you to select the required type of information (video, picture, or text), and then transfer it to the LED screen controller

Led MPlayer is a simple program for creating an LED screen, but it only allows you to control screens based on BLD-Q1 controllers.
LedArt – a program for LED screens with HD-C1, C3, K1, K3 controllers

HD Player – a program for screens on controllers D1, D3, HD A601, A602, A603

LED Studio is a utility for screens based on LINSN chips, etc.

How to select the software?

The software must be selected for your type of screen and controller. When ordering screens from reliable companies, you are guaranteed to also receive high-quality software, as well as assistance in setting up and installing it. Thus, it is most convenient and profitable to order rental outdoor led display from China manufacturers.

In our imagination, the image of a modern city is closely connected with color screens, LED panels, and ice displays that address us from the facades of houses, the walls of shopping centers, and billboards.

A modern color screen is an advertising tool that showcases any static or dynamic advertisement – be it text or video.

Why manufactures of rental outdoor led display make panels resistant?

Manufacturers of such panels are aware of what street panels must deal with, so they make them super resistant to any damage. A special protective film: rental outdoor led display on the surface of the display protects it from scratches and other minor mechanical damage.

The components of the color screen select in such a way as to

  1. Firstly, withstand temperature extremes
  2. Secondly, scorching sunlight
  3. Moreover, piercing winds
  4. Furthermore, rain
  5. In addition, unpleasant weather phenomena
  6. That can cause significant damage and less complex structures.

An outdoor color screen is the best way to convey information about your business and whether your product to a potential consumer, while not discouraging him with excessive persistence.

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