How to protect p10 outdoor full color led display in severe weather?

August 27, 2021

p10 outdoor full color led display in severe weather

When deciding to buy p10 outdoor full color led display, one of the most important factors is its size. It will determine not only the cost of the screen itself, but also its physical load on the supporting structure.

Before considering the main dimensions of an LED screen, you need to give a few basic concepts about what units it consists of. In the last article we looked at LEDs as an imaging unit, but here we turn to the definitions of “module” and “cabinet”.

LED Screen Module

This is a printed circuit board on which a certain number of LEDs are assembled. On its back side resistors are placed and a conductive circuit is printed. Often the PCB is reinforced with a plastic mounting frame for added strength.

P10 outdoor full color led display sizes may vary, manufacturers do not limit to typical values. However, the most common modules are 16 * 32 cm, 19.2 * 19.2 cm, 12.8 * 25.6 cm. Usually; the board size correlates with the density of the diodes. Modern LED modules are made sealed, sometimes a mask is applied – a special coating that sets a certain shade to the displayed image.

What is a p10 outdoor full color led display?

This is a metal case, inside which LED modules are located, as well as all the necessary components for power supply, video signal supply and cooling. Each cabinet can function as a finished outdoor screen or as part of a larger display.

This allows the implementation of a special system of locks, designed so that the boundaries between the individual LED cabinets are not visible from the outside. An important characteristic of the cabinet, which affects how much diode screens cost, is the ability to access for maintenance. It can be organized both from the front side and from the back.

Led display is better than many other options

In the first case, the device of such a screen will be technically more complicated and therefore more expensive, but it can be mounted on a wall. In the second case, the LED screen come on specific on the structure. This will provide access to it from the back. Finally, in the last article, we touched on the protection classes of p10 outdoor full color led display.

Recall that this parameter is designated as IP, where two numbers are indicated next to it – protection against solid objects and water. The protection class of electrical equipment is common in the description of the characteristics of the cabinets. So, to place the screen outside, the protection class must be IP65.

How to choose the size of the p10 outdoor full color led display?


The production of screens for advertising and other needs relies heavily on data. First of all, these are the dimensions of the screen itself, its distance from the viewing point and the characteristics of the supporting structure.

The p10 outdoor full color led display supplier selects suitable solutions.  And, as a rule, offers options with typical modules with one or another pixel pitch.

For example, for the installation of a cabinet 1 sq. m. the most optimal in terms of price and quantity will be the use of modules with a size of 32 * 16 cm. 18 pieces of them we require. And together the working surface area will be equal to 0.96 * 0.96 m.

Using modules of other sizes, it is possible to compose screens of various areas. This includes irregularly shaped, of several cabinets. One way or another, the configuration of the screen does not affect the choice of its control system,

What you need to know before you buy an LED display: LED technology

The facades of the building, turned into giant televisions, multi-meter screens instead of ordinary billboards.  Today they are not a picture from a science fiction film, but a part of the cityscape. The market for media facades and LED screens is constantly growing. Similarly, more and more manufacturers, models, characteristics.

Therefore, now we need to help buyers navigate among many different parameters. This is what we dedicate the first article in our blog to. After reading it, you will understand what the different abbreviations are talking about, such as p10 outdoor full color led display.

Pixel pitch of p10 outdoor full color led display

The screen consists of light-emitting diodes – semiconductors that can glow when connected to electricity. Thus, one screen LED represents a pixel. One of the main parameters is the pixel pitch – the distance between adjacent diodes.

p10 outdoor full color led display in severe weather 2021

It comes by the Latin letter “p”, which is adjacent to the value in millimeters. For example, having come across the value “p15” in the online store of diode screens, you can understand that the distance between the diodes is 15 mm.

Production technology of p10 outdoor full color led display

For the commercial production of advertising video screens, and we are talking about them. Two technologies are common:

  1. DIP and
  2.  SMD.

 In both cases, diodes are common in three basic RGB colors (red, green, blue), the combination of which creates millions of shades. The same color scheme is common for televisions, computer monitors, smartphones, etc. DIP and SMD technologies differ in the way they are made of LEDs.

DIP-based screens are widely common outdoors, be it a façade, a wall or a free-standing structure. At the same time, SMD, as a more expensive and miniaturized technology, allows for large indoor video walls.

What is the function of full color led display DIP?

The fact is that DIP does not allow making screens with a high pixel density.  Now the p10 outdoor full color led display limit is a step of 6.7 mm. This is uncomfortable for viewing the screen up close. And if you place the screen higher and at a distance, then the diodes with a step p10 or p20 will form an integral picture from a distance.

 But due to the large value of “p”, you can make fewer diodes per unit area and significantly reduce the mass of the screen. The most advanced SMD screens today have a pixel pitch of only 0.5mm. But these are super-miniature and hyper-expensive devices, while the average value demanded on the market is in the p2 – p10 range.

Brightness of LED screens

This parameter is measured in candelas (cd) – standard units of luminous intensity. The name comes from the word candela – candle that is, 1 candle emits light with a power of 1 cd, and, for example. A 100 watt light bulb emits 100 cd.

 The brightness of advertising p10 outdoor full color led display depends on the way they appear. DIP LEDs are brighter, from 6,000 to 14,000 candelas. They show the picture well even on a sunny day. Using SMD technology, LEDs are less powerful; today, the brightness of advanced models does not exceed 7,500 cd. Therefore, if they are placed on the street, it is better from the north side.

Protection class of p10 outdoor full color led display

Like any semiconductor technology, p10 outdoor full color led display is vulnerable to moisture and dust. Therefore, to protect them, the diodes come in sealed lenses, and the joints between them come with special sealants.

 The protection class indicates by the letters IP and a couple of numbers next to them. The first number denotes protection against solid objects and materials, the second – against water. For outdoor placement, LED screens with a protection class from IP65 are suitable. 6 is full protection against dust and contact, 5 is protection against low-pressure water jets, up to IP67. Moreover, 7 is protection against short-term immersion to a depth of 1 meter.

What is ideal temperature of p10 outdoor full color led display?

To temperature extremes, LED screens, fortunately, are less whimsical. The operating temperature range is from -40 to +50 degrees. Therefore, this parameter is usually not specified.

Are you a restaurant, cafe or bar owner? Then you know very well how difficult it is to stay afloat in this business segment! Continuous competition and the segment’s own costs make themselves felt constantly. But aside from the question of segment costs, the question of competition remains. How to stand out from the crowd of your competitors? Moreover, how to draw the visitor’s attention to your establishment?

How to use led screens in better way?

You can make your establishment unique and trendy with LED signs and LED screens. And now we are not talking about the standard use as screens with the broadcast of football matches (relevant for pubs). This is more about creating a unique atmosphere of interactive reality.

 In Europe, more and more places of p10 outdoor full color led display began to appear. For example, visiting a fish restaurant, you find yourself immersed in the underwater world of corals and other inhabitants of the underwater fauna. This is definitely something unique and unusual for Ukraine! Just think that visiting some Italian restaurant, you can find yourself in a cozy courtyard, somewhere on the outskirts of Naples – isn’t that great?

Conclusion Color Led display advantages

– Uniqueness. In USA, such establishments have not yet acquired a wide scale. Due to what, this niche is free. Many will want to visit business with p10 outdoor full color led display. It is interesting, non-standard, and most importantly – unique! Visitors who have visited you once will definitely come back to you, unless, of course,

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