How to set & change information on p10 led display?

May 16, 2021

p10 led display

Do you want to buy p10 led display for outdoor advertising, but do not know what to choose from a huge number of offers on the Internet? This article will answer all sorts of questions regarding outdoor advertising screens. Rest assured that after reading, you will choose what you need!

Let’s start, perhaps, with a standard introduction and explain the concept of “street led screen”, its capabilities and applications.

What is p10 led display?

In simple words, an ice screen for outdoor advertising is a huge TV. The outdoor screen has additional environmental protection and can withstand a temperature range of -30 ° to + 50 ° such modern and trendy billboards.

And yes, the correct thought – despite the high price of p10 led display screens, you can earn good and stable income from advertising. The main thing is to have your own area for placing the screen or coordinate the placement with the owner or the authorities of the city in which you are.

On the topic of obtaining permission to place an ice screen, we will interview a lawyer who provides these services. Stay tuned for updates on our blog and social networks.

Areas of application of outdoor advertising p10 led display screens:

  • – Shopping and business centers;
  • – Billboards along roads and tracks;
  • – Organizers of concerts and other events;
  • – Organizers of sports competitions.

At the moment, these are the most popular areas that buy LED screens. And we are confident that this list will grow rapidly.

What does a led screen consist of?

At the very beginning, we indicated that the screen consists of dots (led pixels), but there is one correction. A led screen consists of a set of led modules, while a led module, in turn, consists of pixels.

Resolution and dimensions of p10 led display screens

The main criterion for high or low image quality is the concept of “pixel pitch” – this is the distance between the centers of neighboring pixels. It is designated by the letter “P” and has values ​​from 1.9 to 20 mm. 

For example, if, when choosing a screen, you see P10 or P8 in the name, this means that the pitch between the centers of the pixels is 10 or 8 mm. The smaller the step, the better the image quality on the screen and, accordingly, the higher the price.

Also, these figures come the minimum distance for a comfortable and understandable viewing of broadcast information. That is, for screens with a P10 step, a comfortable viewing distance will be 10 meters.

How to choose an advertising screen?

When choosing an advertising p10 led display screen, consider the distance between the screen and the stream of potential viewers.

For outdoor ice screens (Outdoor), modules with a pixel pitch of 10, 8 and 6 mm are usually purchased; similarly, smaller steps are already intended for indoor screens, which we will discuss in the next article.

How to display and change information on p10 led display screen?

To place, add or replace information on the ice screen, a special simple program is common that comes with the kit and easy to install on a computer or even a smartphone. Cool, yeah?

The standardly programmed content is transferred to the screen via an ordinary USB flash drive. But it is also possible to transfer information over a local area network LAN and even over WiFi. You need to choose the download method based on the placement, the way the screen is good to use and the banal convenience for you.

LED screen installation

If you have already decided which LED screen to buy, we have to upset you, because before buying you need to think about installing the screen. And this is a separate story and a separate project.

Before installation, an analysis of the location and calculations comes by for the possibility of placing this screen in this place. As well as a metal structure that will make an ice screen out of ice modules.


Business players who want to present their information to consumers in the most effective way should consider purchasing LED equipment. Its advantage is that it is suitable for advertising any business: a company, a catering establishment, a supermarket, a beauty salon. Types of LED equipment:

p10 led display 2021
  • media rack;
  • media screen;
  • led screen.


The media stand is small mobile equipment. It is suitable for showing information useful to the visitor of a cafe, organization or store: a price list for services, a menu, and current promotions. The owner can make changes in the footage; adjust the graininess of the picture.


It is a transparent screen on which the video is broadcast. The advantage of the equipment is its futuristic appearance. It looks impressive and attracts the attention of consumers. At the same time, the media screen does not interfere with the view from the room, creating the feeling of an open space.


LED screen is universal equipment. You can show various information on it – videos, information messages, broadcast TV. Another feature of led screens is the ability to install in rooms with “movable” walls.

By their type, p10 led display screens can be outdoor and indoor. Depending on the model, they have a different pixel pitch – a parameter that is responsible for the clarity and quality of the picture.

Summarizing the information about the led screen, this is equipment that is easy to operate and allows you to update and customize advertising at the request of the user.


For a long time, lcd displays were at the peak of popularity. But now their place has been taken by other equipment – based on led technology. What is the reason that led led devices have supplanted the LCD generation?


P10 led display screens display a picture using LEDs. Their features and advantages are uniform light distribution, high quality image transmission. Moreover, they use RGB LEDs.

Lcd screens come on on the basis of liquid crystals, their backlighting goes out by fluorescent lamps. How crystals work – they act as light filters. Crystals refract light at different angles, and also change position depending on the voltage of the electric field.


  • High definition and contrast of the picture.
  • Low electricity consumption.
  • Ability to plan and schedule impressions, customize the broadcast of text and videos.
  • LED screens can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
  • Easy repair of LED panels, as they are composed of independent modules. As a result of a malfunction, it is sufficient to replace one or more failed modules.
  • LED panels have a high flicker frequency, due to which the viewer looking at the screen does not strain his eyes.
  • LED screens can be of any size – both small and widescreen.
  • Moreover, LED screens are safe and environmentally friendly, no hazardous substances are used for their production. Whereas the backlighting of lcd displays involves the use of mercury.


The researchers carried an interesting research. They conducted a survey to determine how consumers are responding to online and offline advertising. The result was unexpected – traditional advertising turned out to be no less effective than on the Internet. Moreover, in some situations it showed even better results.


Mobile operator Google launched advertising on billboards, posters, and TV screens. None of the advertising media contained information about what Google is. Marketers who studied the interest of users found that people who saw the video or poster searched for information about the provider:

  • 67% of people looked for additional information about Google in search engines, this happened after watching a TV commercial;
  • 46% of those who saw the inscriptions on posters or street billboards immediately looked for information on the Internet;
  • 36% of people were interested in the provider after watching online advertisements or in print media.


According to the research, the number of people who logged into the social network “Facebook” after watching outdoor and TV advertisements is practically the same – 38% and 40%. This suggests that these two types of advertising media are leaders in terms of influencing user activity on the social network.


Instagram users showed interesting activity. 25% of those who saw outdoor advertising immediately after viewing published a post on the social network. After watching p10 led display ads, only 22% of users did it.

Other Internet media as well as print ads showed lower results. After viewing advertising on the Internet, only 19% of users publish a post on Instagram, after reading print media – 14%.

Outdoor p10 led display advertising is cheaper

In their research, marketers found out how effective advertising was from an economic point of view. They compared the ratio of its cost and effectiveness. What happened?

  • online advertising costs – 16%;
  • costs for street billboards – 17%;
  • TV advertising costs – 58%.


Safety and excellent performance and quality characteristics of p10 led display screens made them popular. They are especially in demand today in the advertising industry.

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