How to start window indoor led display board ad campaign?

July 21, 2021

indoor led display board

Companies are beginning to understand the importance of investing in communication and also how to apply the famous word of mouth in the digital universe. Good indoor led display board advertising directly impacts the consumer. And it makes him become a loyal follower of that brand.

Social networks are becoming important means of indicating products and/or services. Before, when the consumer wanted honest information about a certain brand, he would look for someone he knew so that she could recommend it to him. With the advancement of the internet and especially social networks, this has become easier.

How to buy indoor led display board?

If you’re looking to buy a product, your first step might be to throw its name on the internet and look for recommendations. Whether they are comments on the company’s website or social media, videos of people talking about that product on YouTube or posting to a Facebook group.

After a more detailed research, the consumer will decide whether they want to buy that product or not. And this path that the customer takes to reach their purchase decision directly impacts: how is your company seen in the digital universe?

A good Media Image is Compulsory

Having a good digital image is essential. It is delivering quality products to your final consumer. And today, entrepreneurs understand the importance of indoor led display board. How do you want to be seen? Moreover, how do you want your company to be seen? How much do you invest in your business communication? How does your company stand out?

The digital universe of indoor led display board

Having a digital presence is important, as I said above, it’s just as important as delivering an excellent product. It’s the famous, who isn’t seen, isn’t remembered. And if you are viewed digitally, you will be remembered for a long time. Small businesses are betting on social networks, especially Instagram and Facebook, to get closer to their audience.

But in addition to social media standing out is important and also attracting new audiences, people are on the street, they are on the move and digital communication is always active. DOOH, digital out-of-home media is an excellent example of how communication is moving from static to movement.

Indoor led display board is perfect street communication

A perfect combination of street communication, out-of-home, and digital technology is the Mobile LED. You can rent two LED screens, one on each side, with Full HD quality. The other has a LED screen, also Full HD, but with an elevation system of up to 2 meters above the screen and 180º rotation of the screen. Now, let’s talk about why investing in indoor led display board:

1 – Indoor led display board Versatility

Perhaps this is one of the main factors to bet on this type of media. We offer the possibility to display the campaign of your customers on the move, and also parked as a fixed panel. One of the vehicles also has an interesting attribute which is the fact that its screen can rotate up to an angle of 180°, offering the customer several viewing possibilities.


When thinking about a strategy to be carried out in an external environment, it is essential to think about all the factors, and the most important one is time. The Mobile Led is prepared for any kind of unforeseen event, the panels are water resistant, and so they work normally in the rain.

They also have excellent daytime and night visibility; with the indoor led display board it is possible to adapt the image contrast. So that we can display it in the best way according to the external light you are receiving. In addition to having its own energy source, thanks to a generator that can keep it running for up to 14 continuous hours.


Unlike Outdoor Digital media, where we only have an image with indoor led display board, it is possible to offer videos with audio. It increases the impact of the ad. The Mobile Led has a digital audio system with wireless microphone, increasing the impact of the ad.


An interesting advantage is that the advertiser has the opportunity to present a variety of different videos, according to their audience or even location. With Mobile Led the company goes where the target audience is, it means surprising the customer with innovation while he is on his way.


An attribute that can be considered the flagship of Weis certainly the freedom to be able to distribute your ad in several different points. It is possible to create a planned itinerary according to your needs, contemplating the biggest and busiest streets in the city.

In this way, the Mobile indoor led display board can perform mixed routes. It alternates steps with the vehicle parked and in motion. He can take any other route suggested by the client, throughout the national territory.


Led Mobile is a product with a high level of customization, so much so that the vehicle itself can have its visual identity changed according to your needs. It is possible to plot the truck with the desired color or add magnetized stickers according to the chosen strategy.

5 Basic Steps to Start Your Window indoor led display board Project

Stores with traditional and standardized windows are giving way to more modern windows, where it is possible to go beyond a simple display. Shop windows currently use digitized forms of interaction in order to attract more and more eyes to the store. This is very important, as customers are increasingly demanding and your store also needs to adapt to these new trends.

And that’s what we’ll talk about in this article, what these trends are and how to start your shop window design using these benefits. Get to know the basic steps to start your indoor led display board project now.

1. Attraction and conversion with indoor led display board

The amount of information these days is unusual. In order to communicate, in a tangle of information and dispersion, it is increasingly present in high-flow environments such as commercial streets or shopping malls. The need to do things differently has plagued designers and architects in the retail segment.

indoor led display board 2021

The need to communicate and attract public attention today inevitably involves digitization. The invitation by face-to-face or online conversion is increasingly present in people’s daily lives. The ease of logistics, installments and credit offered by the market does not go alone!

2. Creativity in the exhibition

Through indoor led display board, stores have found an important tool to communicate their extensive product catalog.

Regardless of your area: institutional, retail or thematic. This is something you should also use in your establishment.

3. Invest in disruptive technologies that impact your customers

We know that it is not easy for a small store to compete with the market giants.

However, through disruptive technology, stores have gained more and more space, becoming more competitive.

4. Focus on experience

Thinking about the customer experience is an essential part for you to leave good impressions and start your window design correctly.

It is exactly in the physical space of the store that the customer must feel a certain intimacy and comfort.

Choose Good indoor led display board

Your design and architecture was not thought to maximize your customer’s pleasure at your POS, during your next renovation. Abuse of this technology in any external and internal environment, in an organized way thinking about the trajectory. This is, literally, the gateway to improve the experience, retention and conversion in your customer’s purchase journey.

5. Closing the deal and loyalty

After-sales strategies are great for retaining customers. What is very important for your business, as a happy customer leaves good reviews on social networks and also indicates your service to other people.

And you can already start using the after-sales strategy when checking out, bringing news, promotions and relevant information to it. You can also create a form to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your store.

And so work on each of them. Also, don’t forget the important dates, and get in touch with customers, bringing special discounts or even offering coupons with differentiated services depending on the date. These steps cannot be missing in your showcase project. Follow the tips that were given and you will be very successful in your business.

indoor led display board is fundamental part of marketing

You can see indoor led display board in visual communication end up becoming a fundamental part of the strategy. It is an extra attraction for the customer to enter the store, adding value to the products.

Questions, suggestions or want to know more? Get in touch with one of our experts to try to co-create with you an assertive strategy for your business.

Attract Customers with indoor led display board

Regardless of the field in which the business operates, attracting attention is one of the main attitudes to practice.

After all, this is how customers attach to the establishment, even creating the possibility of loyalty and, consequently, a constant income.


One of the best ways to do this is to adopt an indoor led display board. That’s because it consists of a flat screen that uses light-emitting diodes, just like pixels do.

Thus, the screen has a brightness that allows its use even outdoors.

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