How to use outdoor led screen for video wall marketing?

September 25, 2021

outdoor led screen

With the development of technology, advertising forms are increasingly diverse and modern, bringing great efficiency in reaching and impressing users. In particular, outdoor led screen is one of the new and effective types of advertising, favored by many businesses to “choose to send gold” in important marketing campaigns.

So, what is video wall advertising? And is it really effective for your business image? Along with us learn offline.

Outdoor led screen Advertising – New and potential form

Main Contents of Articles

  • 1 What is Video Wall Advertising?
  • 2 Applications of Video Wall Advertising in Brand Communication
  • 3 Communication Effects of Video Wall Advertising
  • 4 Some Notes When Choosing Video Wall Ads

What is outdoor led screen Advertising?

Outdoor led screen is a type of digital display comes by many small LCD screens via IP, HDMI transmission technology. Therefore, these screens can flexibly display content either uniformly or individually.

Businesses can request to arrange and scale the content on the video wall to suit their advertising purposes. From those requirements, the ad unit will make appropriate adjustments on the control software.

The outstanding advantages of video wall advertising:

  • Extremely high resolution by being stitched together from multiple LCD screens.
  • Has a large size, bringing a special attraction to users.
  • Dynamic visibility: can be individual or uniform, dynamic or static or both; help reach and communicate messages more effectively to users.
  • Can connect to the Internet, helping to quickly deploy advertising campaigns with a few simple steps.
  • Deployment and maintenance costs are moderate, not too expensive compared to equivalent large digital screens.

Application of outdoor led screen advertising in Brand Communication

For outdoor led screen advertising – an advertising form with low weather resistance, businesses should use it for indoor locations such as:

  • Trade center: This is a suitable location to install video wall advertising because of the large and diverse customer base, long opening hours. In particular, for businesses that have a showroom right in the trade center, this is a quality “investment”.

Advertising video wall at the Trade Center

  • At the airport: The airport area is also very crowded, opening time 24/24 and large space. If installing prominent video wall ads in many locations in the airport, it will be very effective in promoting the brand.

Video wall advertising at the airport

  • At the cinema:  Although there are not too many customers, this location is very effective. Because if the advertising message is attractive, people will spend most of the time waiting outside to see.

Advertising video walls at cinemas

In addition, outdoor led screen advertising is also widely common in activation events or promotional activities. From there, advertising messages is easy to convey directly to the target customers at events in the most natural way.

Media Effect of outdoor led screen Advertising

With outstanding advantages, video wall advertising has become an effective tool to help brand image be promoted in a new way and to a new level.

best outdoor led display 2021
  • Video wall advertising comes in very prime locations in the foyer areas, in the middle/next to the aisles, in front of the sales showrooms… Therefore, this form can reach a lot of customers’ rows at different angles.
  • Moreover, video wall advertising is quite large in size, so distant objects can also observe the content easily.
  • Video wall ads can operate for a long time, equivalent to the opening hours of installation locations (average 16-17 hours/day), so they will reach the maximum users.
  • Similarly, video wall ads have extremely clear quality and can be flexible in advertising content. Not only is this not annoying, but it can also become a form of short-term entertainment, leaving a deep impression on viewers.

Some Notes When Choosing outdoor led screen Ads

Although outdoor led screen is a new type of advertising and has a lot of potential, video wall advertising has not yet appeared popular. Therefore, in order to create the most effective advertising campaign with video walls, businesses need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Understand and choose the appropriate placement of video wall ads to reach the most potential customers.
  • Capture ad placements.
  • Plan the advertising content (static part, dynamic part) and how to divide the display time, display layout accordingly.
  • Allocate the number of installations of video wall billboards to suit the campaign as well as the set budget.

And to do the above, you should choose a reputable and experienced advertising agency. This will help you get maximum support from creating content, choosing placements to implementing ads….

Video wall ads help brands stand out more

Promote Your Brand Effectively With outdoor led screen Advertising Service

We are one of the reputable outdoor led screen manufacturers in China. With many years of practical experience in the outdoor advertising market, we are always confident in providing quality and effective video wall advertising design and construction services to businesses.

Our commitments:

  • Always have a clear service contract, ensuring the interests of both parties.
  • Furthermore, professional, unique and creative design and implementation consulting support.
  • Public and transparent quotation with the most competitive price.
  • Similarly, fast, professional installation and regular supervision.
  • Committed to the quality of LCD monitors, ensuring clarity and stable operation.

3 Steps to Planning Effective Outdoor Advertising

1. Market Research (Marketing Research)

Outdoor advertising activities are aimed at customers and target markets. With understanding of the market, understanding of target customers, the new plan will ensure feasibility and effectiveness. Therefore, market research is the first step when starting outdoor led screen advertising plan.

Outdoor advertising is increasingly being chosen by many brands

Identify potential customers:

Potential customers are those who have needs, wants and can afford to buy products and services of the business. Depending on the characteristics and nature of each product or service, there will be different customer segments.

 For example, with the brand of washing powder, the customer segment that businesses often target is women. In addition, this is also understandable because women often take on the housework and take care of the family.

Only when the target audience is identified, the implementation of the plan is highly effective, the brand can reach potential customers most effectively.

Competitor analysis with outdoor led screen:

Businesses need to learn and analyze competitors via outdoor led screen in their field. This helps businesses perfect their strategies and be more proactive in dealing with competitors in different situations. In addition, businesses should also regularly monitor competitors’ communication projects to gain more lessons from experience.

– Review the marketing activities that the brand has implemented:

The review of marketing activities implemented helps businesses avoid previous mistakes, can form new and unique ideas and communication solutions, bringing higher efficiency.

Besides outdoor led screen advertising, businesses can coordinate with other media and advertising to increase diversity and attract more potential customers. 

These media, advertising can be advertising on television, radio, internet, or organizing events and experiential marketing, etc. However, make sure they all convey the same message, consistent and seamless with each other.

Advertising forms that present a consistent message

2. Building a Strategy (Strategy)

Define goals: goals are what the business wants to achieve after the communication campaign. This goal should be derived from previous market research.

 For products that have been on the market for a long time, businesses should choose the goal of outdoor led screen advertising to remind and remind customers to shop. As for new products, the advertising goal that businesses often aim at is brand awareness and persuading customers to choose the brand.

Make an estimated budget: making a budget in advance for outdoor advertising will help businesses allocate appropriate funds and optimize costs when deploying. As a result, the project will be fully completed, achieving the set goals.

Select communication messages: communication messages are things that the brand wants to send to customers. Through attractive and unique advertising content, images and messages, customers will love and trust the brand.

Communication messages through outdoor led screen

3. Detailed Planning (Plan)

Detailed outdoor advertising planning includes the following activities:

Select the form of advertising: on the basis of the set goals and the budget of the project, businesses proceed to select the appropriate forms of outdoor advertising.

1. Why is the form of led building advertising interested by brands?

  • Led covers the building from 3 sides to 4 sides of the building
  • Bright LED lights in the advertising area
  • Similarly, Visibility over 500m is easy to see by passers-by
  • Moreover, impressive and attractive advertising design

2. Advertising cost of led building screen

Advertising led building screen is very impressive attracting many audiences but the cost is quite expensive because the led area is very large and the operating cost is quite high. There are outdoor led screen that need a separate file design to show the most impressive and attractive.

3. When to advertise led building?

Due to the high cost, most brands choose this form when launching new products or special occasions such as, Christmas, big holidays or products with special features that need a lot of PR. The advertising campaign is more effective if the brand combines network PR

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