Importance of HD TV Big Outdoor LED Screen

January 23, 2021

Why Do You Need the HD TV Big Outdoor LED Screen

The Light-emitting diode screen (LEDs) is a type of flat panel monitor that protects itself using light-emitting diodes. These LEDs come in various sizes, ranging from biggest to smallest. The HD TV big outdoor LED screen is usually used for commercial usage, explicitly advertising, traffic information, cultural propagating, etc. The other applications could be event spaces, corporate and educational settings, and digital signage and retail.

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These outdoor screens are an attraction and are made up of many singles LED display units. The pixel pitch of these screens is comparatively significant, and the visual distance is also long.

These LEDs are installed in high places as apart of the big LED screen. They also have a big visual angle and big picture display

The reason for installing such screens is to target a wide range of audiences.

HD TV’s big outdoor LED screen needs more back maintenance in comparison to front maintenance.

explore some benefits of the HD TV big outdoor LED screen:

1.      Eye-Catching:

The high definition visuals, bright colors, and wide visual range make the big outdoor screens eye-catching in comparison to other billboards, they leave a long-lasting effect on your mind.

2.      Dynamic:

The most dynamic form of marketing available in today’s world is advertising. You can place the big outdoor screens in high-traffic areas and attract the right kind of audience. What more is that these screens are customizable.

3.      Energy Conserving:

This digital era has made it possible for large screens to come with an energy-rating guarantee that guard conversation initiatives.

4.      Easy-to-Update:

The LED screens enable the advertisers to make quick and efficient updates whenever they want to. The additional benefit is that it does not require any extra labor, cost, or material.

5.      High Impact:

The Outdoor LED screens are big and leave a high impact on the audience. The strong innervations, bright colors, and huge picture aids the impact.

6.      Better Visibility:

The huge size of the outdoor LEDs makes them visible to a large audience.

7.      Better Targeting:

The HD TV big outdoor screens aid in better targeting of the audience. You get 6-8 seconds of the viewer’s gaze, and your message gets registered in their minds. It is advisable to use fewer words to get better and quick registration.

8.      Scalability:

The outdoor LEDs enable the advertiser to scale up or down the campaign depending upon the client’s requirement.

9.      Flexibility:

The flexibility in outdoor LED screens allows the smooth change in the scheduled campaign according to the client’s budget and requirements.

10.  Lower Time to Market:

Big LED outdoor screens are best when you don’t want to spend on printing cost or have limited marketing time. It will let you grasp the targeted audience.

Salient Features of HD TV Big Outdoor LED Screen:

Besides these benefits, the other features that make the  Big outdoor LED screen worth, include

  • The high-quality next-generation technology is used to manufacture LED screens, resulting in extreme brightness, contrast, and color production. Hence these LEDs are suitable for bright environments.
  • The initial cost of LED advertising is low in comparison to other advertising units/tools.
  • HD TV big outdoor screens are seamless as no joints are visible. They are a pleasure for sight.
  • The Big screen leaves a big impact on the mind of people.
  • The TV units are fully sealed for use in wet, damp, dusty, and dirty conditions, unlike banners and steamers that tear up in extreme weathers.
  • Thermostatically controlled TV interior for use in extreme weather is another worth mentioning feature of LED screens.
  • A client gets anti-glare and reflective screens to cope up with bright sunlight.
  • The better value and reduced initial cost allow clients to go for the LED outdoor advertisements.

How LED Technology Works?

Thousands of LED modules come together in a rectangular grid with relatively less power and form an eye-catching image. The technology uses the red, blue, and green colors to produce other colors.

The large modules need more LEDs to form a pixel.

Things you need to run a big Jumbo screen:

To control a jumbo LED screen, you need:

  • You need a Computer System to look at the incoming TV signals. It also decides which LED to turn on and how bright it should be. The computer samples the intensity and color signals, further translating them into intensity information for the three different LED colors.
  • Apart from the computer system, a jumbo screen also requires a power system. The purpose of this power system is to provide power to all the modules of LED. This system modulates the power so that every LED has the right brightness. The big screens require a lot of power for the full display.
  • There are lots of wires running behind these big outdoor screens. You need to wires to run each LED module.

Tips to Install Outdoor Screens:

If you plan to place a big LED screen to promote your business, the first thing you should consider while buying an outdoor LED is its warranty.

Secondly, your LED should be efficient enough to withstand extreme weather, and the cables should have UV protection.

Ask experienced people about the perfect size of the LED screen that will suit your location. Don’t forget to leave a wiggling room for maintenance. Moreover, check the electrical power in advance where you want to install the LED screen, as the additional costs are never pleasant during the installation process.

Take time to plan and place the LED screens as it is an outdoor placement and is technical.

5 Largest HDTV Big Outdoor LED Screens:

The world has cosseted in the race of giant outdoor LED screens, and every business is heading toward taking maximum benefits from the gigantic screens. Let’s have a look at where the largest HDTV outdoor screens are placed:

  1. Dallas: Cow Boy Stadium

This 90 feet screen belongs to Jerry Jones, the owner of Dallas Cowboys. There is no denying that it is a mesmerizing screen. Its big size, vibrant colors enhance the viewer experience. There is no denying that the screen is one of a kind.

HD TV Big Outdoor LED Screen


  1. Las Vegas(USA):

The Viva Vision Canopy at the Freemont street pedestrian walkway is the largest projection screen in the world. It is 27 meters above the ground, 457m in length, and 27m wide.

HD TV Big Outdoor LED Screen


  1. Beijing(China):

HD TV Big Outdoor LED Screen

Above is the biggest HDTV screen in Asia. The screen is something that would leave you breathless. Imagine, watching an ad on this screen. It is highly less likely that you will forget the ad. An entire canopy is made up of LEDs at a high-end shopping mall located in Chaoyang District of Beijing. It is 250m long and 25m wide.


  1. New York (USA):

HD TV Big Outdoor LED Screen

Another biggest screen is 23 meters high and 100m long with 24 million pixels located on the façade of Marriot Marquis Hotel in New York City.


  1. Piccadilly, London:

This 790 sq. m curved shape screen rotate between six full motion pictures.

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Take Away on HD TV Big Outdoor LED Screen

HDTV Big LED Screens have become incredibly popular in the world of advertising. These screens are the advancements in technology that combine colour-rich visuals, energy-saving properties, and wide visual ranges to bring high captivating messages for audiences.

The big screens provide a better target audience, more visibility, high impact, easy-to-maintain, flexibility, stability, and are the best solution for lower time marketing.

Additionally, these HD TV Big LED Screens are very attractive and an advanced advertising strategy. Different big companies of the world have adopted the culture of big screens. Which is the big screen that left a mark on your mind and heart?

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