In the peak season of the showdown | full fire,The MPLED factory continues to explode orders

October 21, 2022

The customer’s enthusiasm is high and orders are sold continuously

In the past days, we have made new breakthroughs one by one. We know that every progress and success made by MPLED is inseparable from your trust and support.

MPLED has 20 years of R&D electronic engineers and more than 10 years of structural engineers

IT background: Senior software engineer, fully customized supply chain, providing one-stop solutions.

Shenzhen MP LED Technology Co.,Ltd focus on integrated led display solution with self-standard. Our business rule is honesty, responsibility and win-win. Cooperation with MPLED means share the development opportunities together. MPLED self-standard for the production by automatic advanced machines. The dust-free and static production lines with Panasonic SMT machines work as our design and components test standard.

In the future, we will change the development mode, promote strategic transformation, strengthen independent innovation, actively promote structural adjustment, build a customer-oriented agile enterprise, and become a world-class, globally competitive LED display company.

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