How to Make LED Screen Panel Last Long?

November 25, 2020

How to Ensure the Longevity of LED Screen Panel? 

The lifetime of the LED screen panel depends upon the conditions of use, the less is expected when is used harsher, the more is expected when used in optimum conditions.

We may remember the first TV came into our home when we are kids. That TV set was the first display device that shows ads and branding. The initial models at that time used a tube on the TV. The TV tube uses a cathode ray tube to display pictures.

The design of such TVs is gigantic and enormous, both in size and weight. They were the bulk model because the weight of the tube is so heavy. At that time the idea of flat and slim TV screens seems an unrealistic idea and imagination. It seems science fiction to all of us. Also, many do not think that the product possesses an expiry date.

However, now things and ideas are different. From our experience, we learn that this is not the case. Every single electronic product or digital appliance at home lasts long depends upon the type of technology it uses. The led screens are expensive and not easy to buy for anyone.

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Not everyone can afford the repairing or purchasing of a new led screen panel. Though the lifespan of the led panel depends upon the quality of the material and manufacturer. But some precautionary measures help in increasing the lifespan of the led screen display.

The recommendations and tips are useful for advertisers and professional agencies. This because the professional businesses aim at displaying large led screen panels for outdoor advertisement. The indoor and outdoor display of led panels is the marketing strategy of the organizations.

Led Screen Panel

The advertisement uses number led screen panels as Large led billboards, digital signboards using LEDs, LED smart panels, etc. these recommendations are integral to the lifespan of led screen panels. Therefore, the small guidelines thus make the initial decision of investment a more profitable opportunity. However, the recommendation also implies the visible improvement in the technical aspects and quality of the advertisement campaign. Further, with this aim, the brand image of the advertising company also improves.


But talking about the lifespan of the led screen panel is too early for discussion. This is because the technology is more of a recent phenomenon. But even so, the expectations of the product expect it to span between 80,000 hours to 120,000 hours.

This lifespan, however, proves to be effective when the product owners operate it in optimum conditions and operations. Therefore, the best-case scenario is the use of led screen panels six hours a day for around 45 years. One more important point is the aspect in which we talk about lifespan.

Usually, we talk about the lifespan of the led screen in terms of the led screen panel. But there are other parts and components in led screens that affect the led panel performance. The expert criteria are to look at the matter in steps.

Before going into details any further, there may be a chance that the circuit inside a display panel is not working. This thus also saves the repairing cost and helps in finding the exact issues. This doesn’t involve the legit breakdown of the panel due to longer use and dead pixels.

The led screen panel and its replacement is another critical issue. This means that replacing the led panel is not a compulsion as it is not working. The led screen still works but the problem is the performance doesn’t remain optimum. This negligence for an advertising firm can depreciate the organizational goals of the agency. Therefore, in the end, affecting the market position and competitiveness of the firm.

Below are the tips that can help to increase the lifespan of led screen panels;

Avoid Led Screen Panel to Direct Sunlight And Moisture:

As we all know that the most persuasive place for advertisement is the outdoor setting. The more passersby and people moving outside, the more attention a brand gets. However, outdoor ads are always as per the expectations of the firm. the led board display sometimes shows ads in the worst and harsh climatic zones.

There are a few digitals Led display units that are located in the ideal and best atmospheric environment. For this purpose, the company needs to put and place rain protection cases on the led panels. Because a long lifespan of led panels happens only in dry places.

Because optimum sunlight and rain flow, with moderate working hours, ensures longevity. Rather than a constant running time with a much rainier sunnier day. Furthermore, a recommendation for an indoor led screen is to avoid placing panels in rooms possessing high humidity and dust.

Effects of Direct Sunlight 

The installation of led screens in an indoor setting makes the issue s more problematic. Here comes a technical issue. This is the issue that people largely ignore. If you install a led screen in an indoor setting, avoid placing it in direct sunlight.

Led Screen Panel

What happens most of the time is that the management ignores this point and places the screen in direct sunlight. The sunlight, therefore, reduces the actual brightness of the display, This, thus, makes the display less bright. To meet the need, the management thus forcefully adjusts the contrast and brightness of the display manually.

The manual setting at a high level forces the machine to consume high electric energy. The high consumption of energy means high heat dissipation. This ultimately reduces, the lifespan of the led screen panels.

Placing Led Screen Panel On/With Flat Surface:

Led screens are placed and attached with surfaces that display pictures from a relatively high position. The aim, therefore, is to attract attention from a high level. The high-level position makes the low position to focus more on. One reason that led screen panels lives a short lifespan is the placement of panels and screen on a rough and rigid surface.

This recommendation is an important tip to maximize the lifespan of led screen panels. The led screen needs to be placed on a flat surface or straight hung with a flat wall. The place should not be on an uneven surface. The uneven surface again displays an uneven picture, which allows the user to change the setting.

The change in setting causes an increase in power consumption, ultimately leading to a low lifespan. Also, the led screen at the user eye level shows the best result.

Surge Suppressor and Voltage Regulator 

There is no confusion about the two products. Both are different from the difference in the function of each product. Usually, the user gets confused with these two products. A surge suppressor on one side is a device that helps in counteracting the short voltage surges.

These devices in common terms are equivalent to the network cycle. Besides, the two elements are not the only protection elements. The other items are filters against electromagnetic interference and electric noise. The surges happen to be longer when the suppressor in the led stops working. The damage or broken suppressor is an emblem of frequent surges.

This therefore doesn’t make it a suitable advice or method to regulate the voltage.

Voltage Regulators

On the other hand, are the Voltage regulators. The device in led screens helps in counteracting the fluctuation and variation of voltage. This fluctuation happens within a time frame of one network cycle. One network cycle for general information is over 16.6 milliseconds.

Voltage regulator thus helps in achieving the more sustainable and stable voltage even if the back supplies increases or decreases. The voltage regulators thus help in providing the optimum level of voltage that saves the lifespan of led panels. So, the surge suppressor and voltage regulator play a critical role in increasing the lifespan of the led panel. Both are equally important and necessary. Some companies sell both as one in electronic regulators.

Avoid using Abrasive liquid to clean

Led screen panels are sensitive electronic parts. They are prone to circuit breakdown and malfunction. The cleaning part of the led panels requires more attention and carefulness. To extend the lifespan of the led screen panel, it is essential to use products with suitable formulas.

The formula must be moderate to the external parts of the display panel. This doesn’t mean to boost some products and to disregard other brands. This applies to all the products; whether branded or homemade. The most common led screen cleaner is vinegar.

When a user buys a screen, the led user manual tells that which products are effective for cleaning or not. The user guides help the owners how to clean the led screen panel from dirt and oily fingerprints. The user guide also recommends a standard soft cloth. These branded clothes help in cleaning the led screen just like a glass.

Avoid Touching Led Screen Panels with Naked Finger:

The most common yet neglected mistake is the use of a naked finger in touching the screen display. The companies as well as the individuals confidently go and touch the screen panels. This happens most of the time when the shop owner or individuals want to shift the location.

In shifting the location, in shops, malls, and, the workers casually hold the panel. Therefore, it is recommended to them to handle the screen panel from the very end.

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Final Thought 

As with any other object, the led screens face a lot of issues that reduce the lifespan of the screen panels and displays. The above discussion helps in getting the point that many factors help in affecting the lifespan of led panels. It comprises, manufacturers, models, locations of setting, and external weather and environment. These factors play a huge role in increasing the lifespan of led screen panels.

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