Indoor Advertising LED Poster

October 09, 2020

The poster banner screen began to make on July 12th, 2019.

One P2, and 2 sets of P2.5. One P2.5 poster banner screen was for sale, and the rest two were placed in the client’s showroom.

The screen size is W640mm x H1920mm, with a 3840hz refresh rate, front service.


The poster banner LED screen is very popular now. It is widely used for stores, shopping malls, airports, company reception, etc.

Instead of the painted poster, poster led screen can not only play text, but also video, graphic, animation, and so on. It can be controlled via USB disk, computer, laptop, and phone. Via 4G and WiFi, we can manage it very easily.

There are mainly two designs for the poster LED screen. One is shelf support, and another is base stand. It can also both together.

The poster banners can be also combined together to make a large screen. That’s why people like it more.

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