Indoor LED DIsplay Manufacturer: Question to Ask Before Purchasing an LED Display

April 06, 2021

An indoor led display is good only if all the parts it consists of are of high quality. Just one part can affect the general visual appearance of the led display. Therefore, it is essential to know that the led display you buy is a worth buying product. A simple rule is to purchase led from a reputable indoor led display manufacturer. However, finding the correct indoor led display requires a little more effort. With technology touching new heights, we often see changing standards and enhanced product quality.

We have compiled a few questions that you must ask your led display manufacturer. This method will help you decide whether you should buy an indoor led display from a specific manufacturer. So, here are the questions you should ask the manufacturer before you buy.

 indoor led display manufacturer

Questions You Should Ask Your Indoor LED Display Manufacturer

Why is it important to ask the manufacturer about the led display you are planning to buy? Asking maximum questions will help you see what features are missing and the quality standards. This will help you know if it is a durable product and work flawlessly in the long run. Therefore, you must ask the following questions from your indoor led display manufacturer:

1. Maximum Screen Calibrated Brightness

It is essential to know the full screen calibrated brightness before you buy any led display. Ideally, the minimum calibrated brightness should be 5500 NIT. The calibrated brightness tells you the visibility quality under direct sunlight. If the screen brightness is low and the sunlight is intense, your led screen will not look visible. Some local dealers and suppliers of Chinese-led screens deliberately show significantly higher product brightness.

Furthermore, a few manufacturers don’t consider the calibration factor, which minimizes the overall screen brightness. A credible indoor led display manufacturer should always show the actual screen characteristics to the customers.

2. Automatic Screen Brightness Adaption System

Ask the manufacturer about the automatic screen brightness adaption system according to the outdoor lighting. A high-quality led screen should have an intelligent screen brightness adjustment system. This feature is called Auto-Brightness, and it automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen as per the surrounding light conditions.

Here are the several advantages that the Auto-Brightness feature offers:

  • 20 to 30% increase in the led display lifespan
  • Saves electricity cost
  • Comfortable picture perception in different weather conditions
  • Improved safety for road users – it doesn’t blind pedestrians and drivers

Auto-Brightness control doesn’t require human input. Therefore, you must ask this vital question to the indoor led display manufacturer before buying the product.

3. Color Temperature and Color Correction Adjustment

Built-in color temperature and correction system is a crucial feature of any high-quality indoor led display. Therefore, you must ensure that the led system you are about to buy has a built-in white balance and color correction feature. This system helps you adjust screen color temperature between the 2000K – 9000K ranges. So, you must ask the manufacturer whether or not their led display has this feature.

4. Number of Bits

Ask the manufacturer about the bits located for processing every single color in different display points. If the color processing is around 16-18 bit and the displayable colors are approximately 18000 trillion, this should be the suitable unit. Many modern-day led companies are using 15-16 bits/color that display around 280 trillion colors.

5. Refresh Rate

You also need to know the screen modules refresh rate before buying any led screen. A reliable video module with small pixels usually offers a 4800 – 9600Hz refresh rate. However, a larger pixel module provides up to a 32000HZ refresh rate. These are the indicators that provide a stable image perception. A cheaper screen often shows visual defects like distorted dynamic and vertical strips when you look at the screen. So, this is another significant question that your indoor led display manufacturer needs to answer.

6. Image Quality and Brightness Reduction

A cheap quality led screen would show a low-quality image when you reduce the screen brightness from 100% to 1%. Ensure that the led screen keeps showing a high-quality image even if you decrease the screen brightness to 0.4%. However, this is the quality that most led screens on the market lack.

7. Screen Management Functions

The screen management functions of the system define the overall worth of any led display. Make sure that the led display has built-in software to play video and audio content. There should also be different effects, such as window sizes and transparency, etc. It helps in the simultaneous playback of multiple images. Also, ask if the led system display information from different video sources. You should know the complete screen management functions available in the system before making your final decision.

8. Automatic Self-Monitoring

Is there a built-in automatic self-monitoring program in the led system for various operating conditions? It helps you check voltage supply, working temperatures, and other characteristics in real-time. This function is vital for screen operation safety. So, automatic operating conditions adjustments and protection system activation ensure led display working capacities. The ultimate result is preventing the led from unexpected breakdowns and also fire.

9.  Manufacturing Facilities

Know whether or not the supplier is willing to share information about their manufacturing facilities. Why is that important? It will help you understand what quality equipment and testing facilities they have. It also builds customer trust because they will feel that they are buying products from a reliable supplier or manufacturer. Make sure that they are following the ISO 9001:2008 standards and have a certified laboratory.

10.  Does the Product Meet European Standards?

It is also essential to know if the product can work in European countries according to their standards. Every indoor led display manufacturer designs a product that meets the criteria in foreign countries. Therefore, ask the manufacturer if their product can work well in countries like Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, etc. Also, inquire about the power consumption standards of the product. Answers to such questions will help you get an idea about the overall product quality.

11. Are the Screen Components Fire Resistant?

Usually, the screen components of every high-quality led screen are fire-resistant. You should also make sure that the power supply and electronic modules should not become the cause of ignition. So, ask the manufacturer what category of fire resistance they follow. Five Chinese-led screens burned in 2013, and spontaneous combustion was the cause behind that fire.

12. Display Size

Ask the company about the weight and thickness of their led products. Top companies manufacture the slimmest and lightest screens. The ideal weight of an indoor unit is around 26kg and 32kg for outdoor units. When it comes to the thickness, the led module should be about 8.5 centimeters thin. Finally, the depth needs to be approximately 10-12 centimeters.

13. After-Sale Service

At last, you should ask the supplier about the services that they offer. For example, if the manufacturer is producing the product in Ukraine, will their warranty be effective in other countries also? Do they have service centers in other countries? Especially in the country, you are living in. Some reputable companies offer up to 20 years of warranty service to their customers. These are the essential questions that you must ask the manufacturer.

Asking these questions will help you know if the indoor led display manufacturer is a reputable manufacturer or not. You should never buy your led display if you are not satisfied with their answers.

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