7 Secrets to Install P10 Outdoor Full Color led Display

September 14, 2021

P20 Outdoor Full Color led Display

When you decide to buy p10 outdoor full color led display, you are faced with the problem of choosing it. But most buyers don’t even think about where and how it will be installed. And in vain, there are a dozen ways to install screens, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

P10 outdoor full color led display: On a pillar or support column

This is the type of installation that is most often used. It is considered outdoor, because it is used when placing outdoor screens. The main advantage of this type of mounting is easy access to the back of the display. To make it convenient for workers to service the screen, the structure can be equipped with a ladder.

The option for attaching the display to a post or column is selected taking into account the weight of the p10 outdoor full color led display structure. Lightweight and small-sized screens are fixed on the sides of the support using special “bandages”. Heavy displays and displays with large dimensions are mounted on 2 poles (masts).

On the frame structure

In cases where the screen is large, it may not be safe to install it on poles. If other installation options are not considered, preference is given to the frame structure. It acts as the base that holds the displays and minimizes the risk of damage from gusty winds. The frame-type design makes the installation process easier. This solution looks aesthetically pleasing; therefore it is actively used on the central streets of cities.

P10 outdoor full color led display On a load-bearing wall

Both inside and outside the building, the screen can be attached to the wall. This mounting method is preferred because it guarantees a secure fit. When placed on a wall, neither the size nor the weight of the display matters.

When it comes to fixing p10 outdoor full color led display, it is extremely important to choose a load-bearing wall. Curtain walls are, in fact, partitions between rooms, so they are not able to withstand heavy loads.

Ways to install media facades

On the roof

Before installing the p10 outdoor full color led display on the roof of a building, you must obtain permission from the city administration. Refusal to place the structure can be due to the dilapidated state of the roof, and due to the deterioration of the appearance of the street.

If the installation is allowed, it is worth taking care of protecting the screen from the wind. Even strong gusts of wind should not rock the display; otherwise there is a great risk of it falling.

Most often, when placing the display on the roof, it is fixed on a wall or in a frame structure. Both options are reliable, and therefore allow you to ensure the safety of bystanders.

Install p10 outdoor full color led display on the building

This type of installation is in demand among business and shopping center owners. In most cases, it makes sense to refuse such an installation. The overhangs of buildings are not designed for multi-ton loads, so they may not support the weight of the screen. For safety reasons, installers are advised to prefer a different installation option for the display.

On the curbstone

Small p10 outdoor full color led display can be placed on brick or concrete pedestals. This installation method is not in demand, but it is very convenient and safe. With this mount, the display is not afraid of strong gusts of wind. If the screen is placed high, the risk of mechanical damage by passers-by is reduced to zero.

To the ceiling

This screen fixing method is most often used in sports stadiums. It allows the displays to be placed in the center of the room so that they do not interfere with the players. Both conventional LED screens and video cubes can be mounted to the ceiling. The height of the display placement is calculated on an individual basis and depends on many factors.

Installing p10 outdoor full color led display To the floor

A special frame must be installed to secure the screen to the floor. It will protect it from falling and detaching modules. To ensure that workers have access to the back of the display, it is worth installing it at a distance from the wall.

P20 Outdoor Full Color led Display 2021

Secrets of Correct Screen Installation

Installation of any p10 outdoor full color led display is a difficult job that requires special skills from its performers and compliance with safety requirements. And as in any work, the installation of the display has its secrets. In this article, we will share the most important ones.

Consider the weight

Unlike billboards, LED screens are quite heavy, so more reliable mounts are used for their installation. The requirements for the scaffold, supports and other elements involved in fixing the display are higher, making the finished structure more stable and durable.

Entrust the connection to the professional led display company

In order to save money, many refuse the services of electronics specialists and are engaged in the initial setup of the screen on their own, and they attract non-professionals to service. You should not trust modern equipment to inexperienced workers and those who have only a general idea of ​​its design. Inexperienced hands can damage the screen, resulting in costly repairs or complete replacement of the structure.

To avoid damaging the screen during installation, handle it with care. LED displays are much more expensive than billboards and are expensive to fix. If you are not planning to seriously spend money, hire a team of professionals for installation.

Install the screen in stages

First of all, installers should inspect the place of p10 outdoor full color led display. Then perform calculations, calculate which fasteners should be used. The workers then assemble the metal structure on which the display modules will be attached.

Only after that they start installing the modules. In parallel with this, additional equipment is connected. At the next stage, the installers “throw” cables through which the screen will receive power. And when all the installation work is completed, turn on the multimedia system and configure it.

Take care of safety

To prevent the screen from causing injury, select the most reliable type of installation. Outdoor displays must be protected from lightning strikes. They must be equipped with a lightning rod, a current conductor, an earthing loop and a lightning discharge counter.

 It makes sense to protect the structure from falling caused by strong gusts of wind. For this, the metal base on which the display is fixed is reinforced with additional elements.

What affects the price of p10 outdoor full color led display?

This question is asked by many buyers of p10 outdoor full color led display. Some are afraid of the too low price, others do not want to overpay for functionality they do not need. We will tell you what affects the cost of media facades, and you yourself can decide which parameters you can turn a blind eye to when buying.

Screen size matters

The dimensions of the p10 outdoor full color led display are the main reason for the increase in its price. The larger the display, the more you will have to pay for it. However, it is far from always necessary to purchase the most dimensional version.

It all depends on the distance from which passers-by will look at your display. If the media facade is located on the roof of a building and the advertising displayed on it should be visible to motorists passing next to it, you should pay attention to models with a large diameter.

If the display is placed on a building facade that is only visible to pedestrians, you can opt for a medium-sized screen.

Pixel pitch of p10 outdoor full color led display

The smaller the distance from one pixel to another, the clearer and better the picture, the more expensive the screen. The minimum pixel pitch is worth choosing if you are buying a display for showing diagrams, tables and images with small elements.

 If the screen will be placed in a small room, preference should be given to the option with a small pixel pitch. In all other cases, it is permissible to select a media facade with an average pixel pitch.

Pixel size

The smaller the LEDs used for the screen, the cheaper it will cost. Larger pixels cost an order of magnitude more. The size of the p10 outdoor full color led display does not affect the picture quality. Difficulties arise at the stage of repairing the structure. Replacing small LEDs is a dreary and time-consuming task, so think carefully before purchasing a screen with such pixels.

P10 outdoor full color led display Pixel brightness

If the media facade will work indoors and only during the day, you can safely refuse options with high brightness. For outdoor displays, brightness matters. During the day, the sun’s rays may fall on the screen, because of which the picture will be difficult to see and will lose the richness of colors.

 The lack of good lighting at night also negatively affects the visibility of the image. Therefore, experts recommend choosing screens with a brightness of 3500-5000 nits for outdoor placement, and displays with a brightness of 1500-2000 nits for indoor placement.

Degree of protection

Outdoor p10 outdoor full color led display must be protected from rain, dust, wind and lightning. If there is no such protection, the price of a media facade is low. However, it will not last long. It is not worth saving on protecting the screen from mechanical stress.

Installation conditions of led display

Media facades, which require individual metal structures, can be more expensive, because manufacturers often offer them along with all the fasteners. It is convenient to make such a purchase, since you immediately understand how many additional items will cost you.

Type of equipment

Non-standard displays are the most expensive. They are developed individually and therefore take a long time to produce. Transparent screens are not much cheaper. In these, the LEDs are attached to suspension cables or a rigid metal frame. The design turns out to be very heavy and reliable, and therefore expensive.

Mesh p10 outdoor full color led display is considered more economical. They have a lightweight base, which makes them suitable for both old buildings and temporary structures. Linear and pixel screens are also affordable.

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